Split and Dubrovnik airports see record September


The airports in Split and Dubrovnik have registered their strongest September on record. Split Airport was again the country's busiest, handling 421.053 passengers during the month, an increase of 23.3% on last year. As a result, during the first three quarters, the airport welcomed 2.544.262 travellers through its doors, up 23.6%. It anticipates handling 2.7 million travellers by year's end and has already surpassed 2016's end-of-year result which stood at 2.289.987 passengers.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN30.423 17.2
FEB23.932 0.4
MAR33.828Decrease 3.7
APR123.230 63.2
MAY257.445 25.9
JUN403.586 25.5
JUL657.056 20.7
AUG593.709 22.0
SEP421.053 23.3

Dubrovnik Airport saw 348.749 passengers last month, representing an increase of 14%. Overall, during the first three quarters, it welcomed 2.044.213 travellers through its doors, up 17.2%. Dubrovnik has already overtaken its 2016 end-of-year result when it saw 1.993.243 passengers pass through its doors.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN19.329 23.4
FEB22.813 0.9
MAR33.834Decrease 18.8
APR143.920 52.1
MAY253.928 19.0
JUN338.729 17.3
JUL442.122 15.4
AUG440.789 16.5
SEP348.749 14.0


  1. Anonymous13:11

    Impressive growth, especially at SPU. I wonder if next June and July it might overtake ZAG.

  2. Zagreb wont be back in front of Split this year until the end of November! It also looks like October will be another big month for Split.

    If Split manages to have a the same amount of success in terms of passenger growth (if trends continue you could argue that the increase will be larger) and Zagreb doesn't see growth closer to 20%in 2018, than Split will overtake Zagreb next year!

    1. Anonymous14:21

      I have been saying that since day 1 but people made fun of me. Some airlines are already announcing larger planes for next year since there is no more room.

      Split will boom next year again while ZAG will grow but it won't be nowhere as close as this.

    2. I didn't think it would happen but if it does than I think Zagreb would eventually take back top spot.
      If Split manages 20% increase this October and Zagreb drops to a 10% average or below during winter than I would be more convinced of Split taking top spot in 2018.
      If this growth at Split continues next year, 15% average is what Zagreb would need to keep its neck safely out in front.

    3. Anonymous16:07

      You know, SPU's numbers were weak last October so solid growth should not be that hard to accomplish. Winter in ZAG is always slow so having more than 10% growth will be difficult to achieve.

      Season in SPU is getting seriously extended. In the past second half of September would be dead, not anymore.

  3. Anonymous15:50

    False. Last month's 348.749 pax represent an increase of 12%, not 14%. SEP16 had 305.900 pax.

    1. Anonymous15:54

      Better improve your maths
      348749 is 14,0% more than 305900. The article is correct.

    2. Anonymous15:57

      No, it's correct. Just divide them and subtract 1.

    3. Anonymous17:30

      @Anon3:50 PM

      Impressive schooling you had there
      Could you perhaps go through all the other numbers, locate all the mistakes?

    4. It ain't false. What anon @ 3:57PM said. Divide them, subtract 1 and multiply with 100 - 14%.

  4. Split could end the year with over 2,7 million.

    1. Anonymous09:10

      not could, it will end over 2,8 million

    2. Da, if October is solid than over 2.8 is a real possibility.

    3. Yeah, after October already it'll have probably surpassed 2,7 mill.

  5. Anonymous18:45

    DBV had some 10 weekly Monarch flights scheduled in October. How much do you think Monarch's collapse will affect DBV's numbers?


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