Tuzla maintains growth momentum


Tuzla Airport has continued to post strong passenger growth by handling 52.816 travellers during the month of September, representing an impressive increase of 90% on last year when it saw 27.793 flyers. During the first three quarters, the airport registered a record 405.858 passengers, up 74.1% on 2016. Tuzla, which serves as a base for Wizz Air, anticipates welcoming over 480.000 travellers this year.


  1. Great job TZL! W6 need to base a 3rd aircraft inpar with BEG.

    1. That would be the wisest solution. Actually they could combine it with both BEG and INI.

    2. +1 Nemjee.
      TZL can also try with LX just like other aiports did.
      TZL-FRA or TZL-ZRH

  2. 2018 posible entry in Tuzla:

    FlyDubai 2pw, year round service
    Pegasus 3pw summer season, 2 pw winter season
    Germanwings 3 pw Stuttgart, year round service

    Posible take down 3rd plane in TUZ. Service destination: Hamburg, Baden Baden, Paris - Bueavious, Bergamo and Geneva


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