Zagreb Airport terminal wins award


The American Architecture Prize in the field of transportation has been awarded for Zagreb Airport's new passenger terminal. A 36-member jury comprised of designers, architects, curators and academics made the decision, with the award to be presented in New York in late October. The new terminal in Zagreb, opened this March, was designed by Croatian architects Branko Kincl, Velimir Neidhardt and Jure Radić. The 236 million euro facility stretches over 65.860 square metres and three levels. Over 1.000 workers were involved in the project's construction each day. Earlier this year, Zagreb Airport's new terminal was also shortlisted for an award at the World Architecture Festival, however, the prize was ultimately won by Oslo Airport for its terminal expansion.


  1. Anonymous14:14

    Flew from ZAG this morning and saw it illuminated. Looks breathtaking! Congrats ZAGREB!

  2. Anonymous16:02

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  3. Anonymous16:10

    Not surprised, Beautiful brand new modern airport! As a passenger I truly enjoyed to use it! Modern airport for the capital of Croatia, for a member-state of European Union :)

  4. Anonymous17:21

    OT, just had a look at the latest Tourism numbers for first 9 months, they're impressive. 17 million visitors, 97 million nights, based on this projection, 17.7 million visitors for 2017 and 100 million nights secured.

    Zagreb is also doing fantastically, 975000 visitors in first 9 months, with an average growth of yoy 11.32%, 1.25 million visitors projected for this year, and 2.4 million nights. Zagreb has total of 50 hotels and 45 hostels, offering just under 10 000 beds, or 3.5 million nights per year.

    1. ZAGs yoy is actually +17,4% in artivals and +15,5% in overnights. 1,3 million arrivals more likely to happen rather than 1,25 mil ;)

    2. Anonymous19:22

      @PetarOctober 10, 2017 at 7:12 PM

      I am being conservative in my estimates, don't want to upset people I guess.

  5. Zagreb needs more hotels imo. Especially when it comes to 4 and 5* facilities. Hopefully that's being worked on.


  7. Anonymous13:58

    If only there was a petrol station nearby. There's nothing remotely near and I ended up taking the hire car back half full, which cost a fortune.

    1. Anonymous14:43

      There's a petrol station not far from the airport, also Bus link to Zagreb, Zagreb ZET - 10kuna and Croatian Airlines own bus - 30 kuna.

      By 2020, there should be tram connection to Zagreb, they just approved the route, hopefully the link is up by late 2020.

    2. Anonymous15:09

      We were on our way home to the UK from holiday in Banja Luke (and Zadar prior to that). The man at the car rental desk said that if you are coming to the airport on the motorway from east of Zagreb, there's no petrol station for miles.

      A good money making opportunity, so it won't be long before someone builds one.

    3. Anonymous17:35

      @ mile away from the old terminal there's a petrol station at the entrance to Velika Gorica. Another is mile away in the direction of Zagreb, along the carriageway. There are plans for new petrol station close to new terminal, well adjacent 4* hotel and offices are planned in near future.

      They just finished the terminal, and it'll take at least 3-4 years to get other stuff up.

  8. Question to the experts on the relative merits of Zagreb compared to, say, Sofia? What do you think? In the first place, I joined the crowds celebrating impressive growth of almost all HR airports including the main one. Now if you look at Sofia which allegedly has less touristic potential but still experiences double-digit growth with Wizzair and Ryanair having a share of 40% of passenger traffic, my understanding is that the situation of Sofia is much healthier than ZG....Legacies are still there but sound LCC policy has found its right place. What do the experts think at this bare observation?

  9. Anonymous05:23

    Zagreb literally has no LCCs, Vueling, Norwegian and German Wings are the only carriers that land and they serve in total 6 destinations among all 3 of them.

    Voltea, Transavia France, EasyJet plan to start Zagreb operations in 2018, we'll see how that goes.

    If Alitalia, TAP, Finnair, SAS, Aer Lingus and TAROM show up, Zagreb would have full stack of EU legacy carriers. Getting these I think is priority for Zagreb. Also Legacy carriers pay for landing, LCCs try not to. Zagreb Airport projected turnover this year is around €175 million for 3 million pax traffic that is decent income.

    @sofia, Wizz and Ryan air do more traffic than domestic operator Bulgaria air, in fact of 6 million projected pax @Sofia in 2017, 3.5 million will come from Ryan and Wizz alone.

    If Zagreb was to accept no fee and allow these two LCCs land, yeah Zagreb would also have skyrocketing numbers, perhaps not instantly, but give a take few years.

    However, Zagreb plans to add 6 above legacy carriers first before it opens up to LCCs, Zagreb plans to generate organic growth through natural expansion and growth. Revenue is far more important than pax numbers. Zagreb is aiming for €250 million revenue in 2020, €25-30 million NET profits.

    8 million pax by 2025 and €370-400 million revenue.

    Also what Zagreb priorities are, is getting intercontinental traffic, 17.7 million tourists projected to visit Croatia in 2017, 2,5 million are non-European.

    Priorty is to bring Korean Air, JAL or ANA, Chinese Carrier and ideally US based airline. Air Transat, Air Canada starts in 2018, Qatar and Emirates already land at Zagreb, Korean Air has 12-17 charters per year, JAL had 10-12 charters too, but they stopped.

    Number of non-EU visitors in 2017 (projected for 2017, [2018], {2019}

    USA - 424 000 (455 000), [505 000], {575 000}
    S. Korea - 374 000 (410 000), [470 000], {540 000}
    Japan - 112 000 (145 000), [175 000]. {210 000}
    China - 122 000 (160 000), [250 000], {320 000}
    Australia - 196 000 (210 000), [250 000], {300 000}
    Canada - 126 000 (150 000), [175 000], {200 000}
    Brazil - 57000 (65000), [80 000], {100 000}
    India - 50 000 (60 000), [80 000], {100 000}
    Taiwan - 87 000 (104 000), [125 000], {160 000}
    Hong Kong - 24 000 (30 000), [40 000], {50 000}
    Argentina - 39 000 (42 000), [55 000], {70 000}
    Thailand - 18 000 (20 000), [30 000], {40 000}
    Mexico - 12 000 (15 000), [20 000], {30 000}
    All other Asian nations - 87 000 (100 000)
    Chile - 11 000, (12 000), [20 000], {30 000}
    Remaining non-EU nations - ~1 000 000, (1150 000)

    1. Anonymous05:43

      Forgot to mention, Croatia is 8th most visited nation in the EU behind Greece, Austria, France, Germany, Italy, UK and Spain.

      Top 10 in EU.

      France - 87.5 million
      Spain - 65.6 million
      Italy - 51.1 million
      Germany - 35,6 million
      UK - 34.2 million
      Austria - 32.1 million
      Greece - 30.3 million
      Croatia - 17.7 million
      Poland - 16.9 million
      Netherlands - 16.5 million


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