AtlasGlobal to downgrade Sarajevo service


Turkey's AtlasGlobal will operate its last service from Istanbul Ataturk Airport to Sarajevo for 2017 on November 23 following a decision to downgrade the route to seasonal summer operations only. The flights, which were launched in June, were initially planned to run throughout the year. The airline now intends on returning to the Bosnian capital on March 25, 2018. The carrier competes on the route directly against Turkish Airlines, which maintains flights from Ataturk Airport, as well as Pegasus Airlines, which flies from Istanbul's Sabiha Gokcen Airport.


  1. Anonymous14:18

    There were just too many seats on offer.

  2. Well, who needs in winter up toi 4 daily flights from SJJ to Istanbul SAW and IST?

    Despite it: Sarajevo - Istanbul is the rout with highest number of passengers in Ex-Yu now. Am I right?

    1. Sarajevo, what's TK's schedule to SJJ during this winter season? Is it twice daily or 10 weekly as last season?

      Wrt busiest Ex-YU route, I would think BEG-TGD is up there. And, if you consider ZRH and BSL serving the same market (less than 100km apart) then PRN-ZRH/BSL would also be near the top with over 560,000 pax in 2016:
      1. ZRH with ~340,000 pax
      2. BSL/MLH with ~220,000 pax

      BSL/MLH is used as a low-cost alternative to ZRH by PRN passengers.

    2. On SJJ - Istanbul route there were 281.482 passengers in 2016, and more then 300.000 are expected in 2017 - this is for general aviation and no charters.

      Winter 2017:

      SJJ - IST: 11 weekly (all 737-800)
      SJJ - SAW: 6 weekly (all 737-800)

      Overall: 17 flights per week

      Summer 2018:
      SJJ - IST: 18 weekly TK (737-800 / A321)
      SJJ - IST: 4 weekly KK (A321)
      SJJ- SAW: 10 weekly (all 737-800)

      Overall: 32 flights per week

      And confirmed: Fly Dubai goes 21 times per week from SJJ to DXB in Summer 2018.

    3. Sarajevo, thanks for sharing the data. PRN-IST (both airports) is just under 220,000. So SJJ route is approx 23% busier, but has serious competition from FZ and now QR too.

      TK also flies 11 weekly flights to PRN this winter season, down from 2 daily during the summer. This year I had the opportunity to fly twice with them on J class to IST and back. Their J product is absolutely the best of any European airlines I've flown by a mile, let down on occasion being IST ground staff.

    4. Anonymous20:23

      In 2016 there were 284,329 passengers flying between Belgrade and Podgorica.

    5. Anonymous20:38

      Close to 600.000 if you count TIV as well. I think SJJ-IST comes right after that.

      I wonder what could be the third? ZAG-DBV/SPU?

    6. Anonymous20:38

      Lets not forget Dubrovnik - Londen (several airports) in 2016 278.492 passenger flew between these two cities. Can imagine that number might be close to or over 300.000 in 2017

    7. Anonymous06:49

      TIV-BEG is the busiest route in ex-yu area.FYI,FDB increase ops to TIV in summer 18: 2->3/per week(full IATA season) Days:1,3,5...STA/STD:1645/1745LT

  3. Anonymous20:37

    Lets not forget Dubrovnik - Londen (several airports) in 2016 278.492 passenger flew between these two cities. Can imagine that number might be close to or over 300.000 in 2017

  4. Anonymous21:12

    Expected, Atlasglobal against Turkish and Pegaus 3-4 daily services.


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