Banja Luka Airport gets new General Manager


Duško Kovačević has been named as the new acting General Manager of Banja Luka Airport with a mandate to attract foreign carriers and increase passenger numbers. Mr Kovačević has previously served as the Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Romania and Poland. In a statement, he said, "I have read about the state of Banja Luka Airport in the press. I will give my utmost to turn things around. It is simple really, we have to work on getting more flights and offering more connections to the world. That is my stepping stone towards achieving more than what we have now". Banja Luka Airport has struggled with attracting new carriers despite announcements from the previous management regarding "strong interest" from foreign airlines. During the January - October period, the airport handled a total of 18.727 passengers, representing a decrease of 2.2% on last year. Currently, Air Serbia is Banja Luka Airport's only customer, maintaining two to three weekly flights from Belgrade this winter.


  1. Anonymous14:45

    evo spas

  2. "I have read about the state of Banja Luka Airport in the press"

    to su ti kvalitetni kadrovi

    1. Anonymous18:05

      Suti, mozda cita sa ovdje pises.

  3. Anonymous10:37

    Kad krenu sada ULCC kompanije za Englesku i Irsku i Spaniju i razbiju zracnu luku Njofra.


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