Belgrade Airport extends concession deadline


Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport has extended the deadline for the submission of binding bids for its 25-year concession for a third time. Initially, bids were to be submitted by September 3, which was later extended until September 23 and then November 23. The new deadline has now been set for December 8. The Public Body overseeing the concession process noted, "Upon the request of the majority of phase two qualified bidders, the Public Body has decided to extend the binding bid submission deadline. This extended deadline will allow phase two qualified bidders to finalise their due diligence process, take into account the final Draft Concession Agreement and submit competitive binding bid applications. The Serbian Prime Minister has said she expects for the future concessionaire to take over Belgrade Airport by March 2018. The five entities that qualified to take part in the second and final phase of the concession process include the Franco-Swiss consortium comprised of Zurich Airport, Meridiam and Eiffage, a consortium made up of India's GMR Infrastructure and Greece's GEK Terma, a consortium comprising of South Korea's Incheon International Airport Corporation, Turkey's Ic Ictas Altypi and Russia's VTB Capital, a stand-alone bid by Vinci, and a Chinese consortium made up of HNA Airport Group, AVIC International Holding Corporation and the China-Central and Eastern Europe Investment Cooperation Fund.


  1. Anonymous14:59

    What is going on?

    1. Anonymous15:00

      It's normal. Zagreb's concession deadline was extended exactly 3 times too.

  2. Anonymous15:05

    Dok ne sklope sve kockice....

  3. Anonymous16:34

    are offers so bad that no one wants to invest serious money !???

    I know the airport can make more than $60 million per year if it didn't rely on Air Serbia and LCCs, but still it is worth something.

    I think Serbian government asking for $400 million
    for a company that barely makes $60 million is bit too much. Perhaps that should lower their expectations?

    1. Anonymous16:44

      Since the Zagreb concession was extended three times, do you think the offers were bad there as well?

    2. Anonymous17:03

      @AnonymousNovember 14, 2017 at 4:44 PM


    3. 60mil? from where do you pull this numbers?

  4. we will just have to wait and see

  5. Anonymous18:35

    At this pace new terminal won't be built in 15 years ��

  6. Anonymous10:09

    That is 6th time including postponed of 1st phase.

  7. Prirodno je da ljudi imaju razlicita misljenja, informacije. Dobro namerne i one koji nìsu sa dobrom namerom... Sama produzenja zavrsetka tendera jeste nastojanje Vlade da maksimalizuje dobit od od ucesnika koji najvise ponudi.Jedno je izvesno. Aerodrom ce dobiti vlasnika za buducih 25 godina, i to od iduce godine. Licno sam sklon verovati da ce Kineska korporacija dobiti koncesiju. Koncept "pojas i Jedan Put" vidi da Beogradski aerodrom ima potencijal za kargo transport sto i luka u Pireju ima za pomorski saobracaj. Naravno to je od vidjenja.
    Ocekujmo docek nove godine sa novim buducim vlasnikom za iducih cetvrt veka za pocetak. Dobice onaj ko plati i pristane i podpise ugovor
    Rodney & Aviation Entusiast Group.

  8. Anonymous08:20

    Bidders are all probably trying to figure out how to structure a bid with ridiculous requirements like having to build a 2nd runway, for which there's absolutely no need.

    1. Anonymous11:37

      For pit's sake, why are you insisting on that point so persistently?
      Everyone gets that there are some airports that have high traffic with one or few runways. They usually have major difficulties to expand.
      There are also many many airports Europe with two or more runways with lower traffic.
      London Heathrow has more traffic and only two compared to Amsterdam six, for example.

      It is simply very convenient to have a second runaway if something, anything happens to the first one, god forbids. Particularly if there is no alternative in the 150km circle

    2. Anon 11:37 AM. Agree on yours oppinons.
      Two runways on Nikola Tesla solve demand to 21st centaury...


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