Korea's Jin Air plans Zagreb and Belgrade flights

Korean low cost carrier Jin Air has announced plans to launch flights to Zagreb and Belgrade as part of its expansion into Europe. Speaking at a press conference in Seoul, the airline's CEO, Jung-ho Choi , said services to Budapest and Zagreb will be introduced in 2019, with flights to Bucharest and Belgrade to follow in 2020. The budget airline, which launched long haul operations in December 2015, is a subsidiary of Hanjin, a holding company which also operates the national flag carrier Korean Air. "Jin Air is trying to secure an unparalleled competitive edge through an overhaul of its mid and long haul routes. We will fly high to become Asia's representative low cost carrier and ultimately the best industry player in the world", Mr Choi said. He added, "In 2020, Jin Air plans to operate 52 domestic and international routes. In particular, plans have been made to introduce Budapest and Zagreb in 2019, and Bucharest and Belgrade in 2020".

Jin Air is Korea's only low cost airline to operate wide-body aircraft, with four Boeing 777-200ERs in its fleet, featuring 48 economy plus seats and 345 standard economy seats. The airline utilises the aircraft on its medium and long haul network which includes Honolulu, Cairns in Australia, as well as Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia, with plans to launch operations in January to Johor Bahru, the second largest city in Malaysia, which will serve as an alternative to expensive Singapore. Such efforts have helped Jin Air post a 60.6 million euro profit during the first three quarters of the year. The carrier has codeshare agreements in place with Korean Air, JetStar and, starting this January, Etihad Airways. In addition to wide bodies, the airline also boasts 21 Boeing 737-800s in its fleet.

Last year, 377.779 Korean holidaymakers visited Croatia, which has become increasingly popular in the country after several reality shows were filmed in places such as Dubrovnik. Korea’s top travel agency, Hana Tour, said that Croatia is emerging as one of the most promising travel destinations for South Koreans who visit Europe. Korean Air, which operates between ten to a dozen summer charters from Seoul to Zagreb each year, previously said it was considering expanding on the Croatian market with the arrival of additional Dreamliner jets in 2019.

On the other hand, the Deputy Minister for Civil Aviation in the South Korean government, Suh Hoon-Taik, said earlier this year that flights between Seoul and Belgrade could be established in the near future, with the state-owned Incheon International Airport Corporation currently bidding for a 25-year concession of Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport. "There is interest on both sides to establish scheduled flights between Korea and Serbia and we will undertake a study to determine if there is sufficient demand. The prerequisite for these flights is an Air Service Agreement, which was concluded with Serbia last year. I will also assist in increasing cooperation between Air Serbia and Korean carriers", the Deputy Minister said at the time.


  1. Anonymous09:02

    wow :O

  2. 2019 is far away. So many things can change between then.

    1. Anonymous09:05

      Proper companies usually make plans in advance and don't start selling tickets for long haul routes 2 months before they start.

    2. Anonymous09:08

      Proper companies usually plan and evaluate internally in advance before going to the public with such statements. So they basically say that they are evaluating those destinations and have some two years time for that? Crazy!

    3. Anonymous09:09

      13 months is not that far away.

    4. Anonymous09:11

      It really isn't that far away. If they start ZAG in 2019 that means they will start selling tickets next year.

    5. Anonymous09:33

      Not odd. They have set a target to enter Europe in 2019 for their own reasons. They don't want to compete with Korean Air their sister company and will instead serve Eastern Europe which is better suited for a low cost business model.

    6. Anonymous10:31

      To me, the years they have mentioned seem like the most realistic.

    7. Anonymous11:09

      they have only 4 B777s, not sure they can add that many destinations, I presume they'll have Budapest and Prague, but not sure how likely other destinations are.

      I presume they'll add at least 4 brand new B777 in near future or these plans might not come to anything.

      Korean Air plans to start service to Zagreb in 2019, however the fleet shortages might postpone these plans for a year. I can see Jin air filling in until Korean Air starts to di regular service, sort of to test the waters, however with 427 000+ Korean Visitors to Croatia so far this year, 500 000 quite possibly ....

      2018, could see 570 000 Korean visitors in Croatia, 175000 in Zagreb, 2019, 700 000 Korean visitors, I think Korean air and Jin Air would be justified to establish direct link to Zagreb in 2019, even with both carriers have only two weekly flights each to Zagreb, it would provide direct link between the two countries and more visitors from S. Korea.

      Chinese carriers are next !

  3. Anonymous09:05

    "...377.779 Korean holidaymakers visited Croatia"


    1. Anonymous09:40

      That was last year.... this year add at least another 20%.

    2. Anonymous09:52

      The biggest increase is with Chinese, 60% more Chinese tourists to Croatia this year.

      That means there will be 76.000 more Chinese tourists in Croatia this year what is 200.000 all together.

    3. Anonymous10:15

      This route would be good for Croatian tourism. More direct lines are needed to attract people from long distance destinations.

    4. Anonymous11:20

      377 000 last year, this year so far 407 000, figures for November and December won't be out till the end of January 2018.

      However it is safe to assume nearly 500 000 S. Korean visitors to Croatia.

      Japanese visitor numbers are also up this year, we're looking at 170 000 in total this year, same number of Chinese visitors are expected this year as well.

      Asian visitors travel year round, so there's no real time not to travel, Winter is in particular popular with Japanese and Korean visitors. Zagreb expects 160 000 foreign visitors this year in December alone, due to the Advent.

      So far for November indications are that number of visitors is up by 17% on last year, or nearly 100 000 foreign visitors expected in Zagreb.

      I know these figures are nowhere near to what Prague (7.2 million expected) and Vienna (5.8 million expected this year), however Zagreb is growing fast as a city break destination, in 2020, 2 million foreign visitors are expected, this year, 1.2+ million are expected.

      If growth continues at this rate (11-17% yoy)Zagreb will have 3 million foreign visitors in 2025. That would only bring more airlines to Zagreb and Croatia and even more visitors.

      Only problem I see atm, is lack of accommodation, not enough hotels to cater for the needs of all the visitors that'll be visiting Zagreb. 50 hotels and 3.2 million beds is all Zagreb can offer atm, currently tourist generate 2.5 million nights in Zagreb.

      By 2025 that'll be 5.8 million nights. Zagreb will need to build at least 50 large hotels in next 7 years just to cope.

    5. Alen Šćuric Purger13:10

      Zagreb has

      62 hotels exactly
      12 pensions
      53 hostels (very popular with tourists)
      = 127

      Much more than 50, isn't it?

      +in Zagreb county (20 km from Zagreb) you have

      11 hotels
      7 hostels
      15 pensions
      = 32

    6. Anonymous13:41

      "If growth continues at this rate (11-17% yoy)Zagreb will have 3 million foreign visitors in 2025."

      Why would you expect growth to continue at this rate?

    7. Maybe it won't.
      Maybe it will be higher.

    8. Anonymous14:17

      That's unlikely, considering the annual hike in prices on the Croatian coast, making it less and less accessible, the stabilisation of the situation in the Middle East, and the GoT hype that's going to die down in a year or two.

      I just don't see the average growth at more than 6-7% over the next ten years.

    9. We were talking about Zagreb, not the coast.

    10. Anonymous15:23

      Even worse if we are only talking about Zagreb.Let's see if anyone jumps in to take Monarch's place. If not then it will mean the whole Zagreb adventure is overhyped here.

    11. Anonymous15:27

      'this year, 1.2+ million are expected. '

      That's actually not a lot if you take into consideration that Belgrade was visited by 652.177 tourists in the first nine months of the year, up from 546.838 last year. That's 23% more this year.

      In September alone Belgrade was visited by 89.339, up from 78.679 last year.

    12. Anonymous16:30

      @Alen Šćuric PurgerNovember 29, 2017 at 1:10 PM

      Do you have a link, I can see only around 45-50 hotels and 50 or so hostels, total beds around 9000...

      @AnonymousNovember 29, 2017 at 3:27 PM

      I am putting only foreign visitors, in first 9 months Zagreb had 1.1 million visitors. I am just being cautious. The likely 1.4 million visitors to Zagreb this year, not all will be foreign, I presume some 200 000 will be from rest of the country.

      Also large number of un-registered visitors who stay in airb-nb aren't included in these numbers or the friends who stay through CS or similar services. You can add another 100k to the overall number if you include these as well.

      Season in Zagreb last throughout the year, however, November, Mid-January to late March there's fewer tourist, mostly Asian tourists visit Zagreb, and few Germans, Slovenian and Italian visitors. These months normally register between 60 and 80 000 visitors, the rest of the year, is over 100k per month.

      2018 again will be even more, so far this year Zagreb numbers are up by ~20%, peter who works in tourism and travel and posts here, has the accurate figures.

      Also my post was more, what if, based on current trends and Zagreb is only now getting some due attention, offers of cheap city brake, in conjunction with Ljubljana and hiking tours or farm tourism. Also not forgetting, Zagreb hosts one of the most important events in ski racing calendar, the start of proper ski season, the Snow Queen and Snow King slalom and giant slalom races.

      During the two week event, almost all hotels and hostels are booked out, many Austrians, Slovenians, Germans and Italians in the city.

      However, most drive not fly. Canadians, Americans, French and Scandinavians fly in, but they're small minority, less than 15% of the overall 109000 visitors last January.

    13. Anonymous17:02

      My point is that Croats on here present Zagreb as the next best thing in tourism when in reality it's more or less like Belgrade which barely adverizes itself as a holiday destination.

      Seems like Belgrade even overtook Zagreb in the last few months since it had around 90.000 foreign visitors while you said Zagreb has around 60 or so.

    14. Anonymous19:27

      @AnonymousNovember 29, 2017 at 5:02 PM

      Zagreb had poor January, February and March, and November last year.

      However, rest of the year is very good.

      This year, Zagreb had 58000 Foreign visitors, in January, 47000 in February and 69000 in March, however in April that number was 102000 and so on... in September Zagreb had 128000 visitors and October 108000. November I expect numbers will fall down to 80 000, with December going back to 150-160 000.

      January 2018 should be around 60 000 and so on.

      1.4 million tourist bare that in mind, if 4 months are poor, @60 000, rest of the year need to make for deficit. Zagreb has huge number of day visitors, 1.7 million foreign visitors. These are normally coach visitors that visit Zagreb on the way to Budapest, Ljubljana or Vienna from the coast, or German, Austrian, Hungarian, Slovak... visitors that are going to the coast, but visit Zagreb.

    15. Anonymous20:32

      You are repeating the same thing all the time. My point is that Zagreb is not so much ahead of Belgrade as some want it to be.

    16. Anonymous21:25

      @AnonymousNovember 29, 2017 at 8:32 PM

      I don't know how many visitors in Belgrade, I've posted Zagreb's numbers. From what I understand Belgrade had 690 000 visitors last year, how many this year, could be 850 000, no idea. The real numbers are when you hit 3 million or more visitors, right now, its all small time for both cities. Zagreb's position as capitol of Croatia ensures it gets its 15 minutes of fame, perhaps enough for number of visitors to rise yoy.

    17. Anonymous22:07

      Belgrade had 650.000 in the first nine months of the year meaning that by the end of December it should be somewhere around 900.000 to 1.000.000.

      Top visitors are from Turkey, Germany, Israel, China, Greece and Croatia.

    18. Alen Šćuric Purger23:55

      Anonymous 4:30
      Here is link


    19. Zagreb does need more accommodation, that's for sure. And especially 4 and 5 star level. I understand that three new hotels are being built, but still...
      The rental prices have skyrocketed and it is virtually impossible to rent an apartment long term in the wider centre.

    20. Anonymous08:25

      Zagreb need to invest in its future to acomodate the fast growth of tourism it has. It will need to build at least 20 hotels in the next 5 years.

      It is becoming a top regional destination for short break holidays.

  4. Anonymous09:06

    I wonder if they will pair up these flights, that is Seoul-Budapest-Zagreb and Seoul-Bucharest-Belgrade?

    1. Anonymous11:38

      Most likely, they don't have enough planes, they'll have to.

  5. Anonymous09:07


  6. Anonymous09:08

    Good luck, I hope these flights get launched! :)

  7. Anonymous09:09

    2019, 2020? This is so unserious. So, many things can change in this period. They even can vanish...

    1. Anonymous09:10

      Yep especially with 60+ million profit.

  8. Anonymous09:12

    So BEG could have: YYZ, JFK, DEL, PEK and ICN.

    1. Anonymous09:14

      Didn't you read the other day that JU will most likely not introduce YYZ?

    2. Anonymous09:15

      JU was also against JFK yet here we are. #jealousy

    3. Anonymous09:17

      So? A Canadian carrier will most likely launch this route.

    4. Anonymous09:17

      I'm Serbian so I don't see what I'm supposed to be jealous about. Just telling you what I read a few days ago. Grow up.

    5. Anonymous09:22

      You obviously can't read properly because it wrote that they are leaning against it not that they are categorically against it.

    6. Anonymous09:25

      And that is what I wrote in my reply to you, that it most likely won't happen. Kako god. Nemam nameru da se raspravljam.

    7. Anonymous09:57

      It could, maybe it will or it will not. But by the announcement we will have in 2018 long-hauls on:

      BEG: JFK by Air Serbia
      - 5 flights per week

      ZAG: DBX by Emirates, YYZ by Air Canada Rouge, YYZ by Air Transat, ICN by Korean
      - 14 flights per week

    8. Anonymous09:59

      Since when does Korean fly on a regular basis to Zagreb? It operates 10 flights per year.

    9. Anonymous10:00

      You forgot Hainan Airlines from Belgrade to Beijing and also Flydubai to Dubai since you consider that a long haul route somehow.

    10. Anonymous10:01

      Is BEG-PEK a regional route?

      At least BEG can sustain year-round long haul flights.

    11. Anonymous10:02

      There are no ICN-ZAG flights in the reservation system.

    12. Anonymous11:54

      ? Are we talking about lonh haul scheduled flight or long haul flights? Whats the difference? If one airport gets to see 5 777 charter long haul daily flights it is inferior to that airport that sees one scheduled long haul flight. SO which one does have more long haul flights?

    13. Anonymous13:16

      Long haul are flight with more than 4.000 km by Eurocontrol, so Zagreb-Dubai is long haul, Belgrade-Dubai is not.

      Of course charters (Korean) are also long-haul by any standard.

      In that list there should be Belgrade-Bijing doesn't meter that it is 1stop via PRG. It sure is long-haul flight.

      So it should be:
      BEG: JFK by Air Serbia and PEK by Hainan
      - 7 flights per week

      ZAG: DBX by Emirates, YYZ by Air Canada Rouge, YYZ by Air Transat and ICN by Korean
      - 14 flights per week

    14. Anonymous13:20

      I still have to ask how can you include Korean Air with 10 yearly flights into your weekly count.

    15. Anonymous14:55

      It is average 12 weekly not 10 (even last year there was 11, not 10). And those 12 flights means 1 flight per month in top season (middle June - middle September). More than some frequencies that are counted here on this blog.

    16. Anonymous14:57

      It is not weekly it is yearly. This year there were 10 flights in total for 365 days.

    17. Anonymous15:21

      You didn't seem to count flydubai as longhaul while it lasted.

    18. Anonymous17:34

      All those flights except Emirates are seasonal. Wake up and smell the roses.

    19. Anonymous20:27

      So? During winter is 5:5 but during summer it is 14:7. And that is 6 months of the year

    20. Anonymous20:30

      In winter Belgrade has 7 long-haul flights so it's 7:5.

    21. Anonymous21:57

      This is so stupid.

    22. Anonymous22:05

      Not really.

    23. Anonymous23:56

      Which 7 is that?

      JFK 3
      PEK 2

    24. Anonymous08:24

      JFK is actually 4 and in summer it will be 6.

    25. Anonymous08:56

      You are joking right. Everyone can see that JFK is 3 pw all winter and that they plan 5 pw just in top season. So all this winter it is 3 pw, even now. Just few days around New York it will be 4 pw, and that is some 3 more flights all winter.

    26. Anonymous19:04

      And PEK is actually not 2, it's 1, because it's via PRG, not direct

  9. Anonymous09:12

    This will be really bad news for EK in ZAG.

    1. Anonymous09:15

      JinAir is bad news for EK, really???

    2. Anonymous09:16

      This can be bad news only for Korean.

    3. Anonymous09:18

      It says in the text that Jin Air and Korean are owned by the same company.

    4. Anonymous09:18

      EK carries most passengers to Korea and they seem to be struggling in winter.

    5. Anonymous09:39

      Seems like nothing can impact EK... That's why they reduced flights.

    6. Anonymous09:45

      Still obsessed with EK in ZAG? Unbelievable!

    7. Anonymous09:51

      It's an observation, not an obsession. It's an aviation blog after all.

    8. Anonymous10:03

      EK was not reducing flights to Zagreb. In summer time-table they will have 7 flights per week, just like last summer. This winter (with 5 flights pw) is for the first time, and that is more than impressive.

      If and when Jin Air will star flying they will have 16-45 seasonal flights per year (compare to 330 Emrirates all-year flights). In same time Korean will not have 12-14 seasonal flights which they had in past. So, it is about 6-35 more flight than this year. Not a big deal.

    9. Anonymous10:06

      It is a reduction because the initial winter timetable had daily flights. It was later on revised due to weaker than expected demand.

      That's what people always say on here when they are justifying something about ZAG. Let me remind you that people on here predicted EK to send their A380 to ZAG and to have an average LF of over 80%. Obviously neither one happened as was shown on here many times until now.

    10. Such a surprise that they can't fill the planes in the middle of dead season.

    11. Anonymous11:18

      Where were you five months ago? ;)

      You know the same time when people were in trans saying how the A380 will come, how QR will send the Dreamliner and so on.

    12. Anyone can say whatever they want and so what? Are you saying that whatever BEG fanboys said and predicted - materialized?

    13. Anonymous11:35

      This year, With nearly:

      500 000 South Korean visitors to Croatia
      175 000 Japanese
      170 000 Chinese
      227 000 Australian
      50 000 New Zealanders
      65 000 Indian
      140 000 Taiwanese
      32 000 HK
      220 000 from the rest of Asia.

      I can rest easy with daily flights out of Tokyo, Dubai, Seoul and Beijing, knowing these flights will be almost full, for 8 months of the year, at least.

      So far only Emirates flies to Zagreb, between June 1st and October 30th they had 85% load factor, now this has fallen down to 55-65%, as expected. Reason why Emirates reduced Zagreb to 5 weekly.

      With projections of twice as many visitors from Asia in 2020, or 3.5 million visitors, you can rest easy, Emirates and Qatar will soon need double daily just to meet Australian and New Zelanader's demand.

      In 2020, 320 000 Aussie and 80 000 Kiwi visitors are expected, at modest rate of growth. However using last 4 years as a trend, you can expect at least 500 000 Aussie and 100 000 Kiwi visitors.

      Add to this Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Singapore, all emerging markets for Croatia, you can bet numbers will skyrocket.

      As I've said, Qatar, Emirates, Korean Air, China Southern or Eastern (which ever), and other Asian airlines will be making a good profit. Lufthansa, British, Air France, might see a slight dip in their demand, however Germany is home to 570 000 Croats, France - nearly 300 000 Croats live there. There'll always be a demand for these flights no matter what.

    14. Anonymous13:00

      Ne meres ti njemu objasniti da su vecinom na proputovanju kroz Hrvatsku.

    15. Alen Šćuric Purger13:36

      Naravno da je većina na proputovanju kroz Hrvatsku. Ali negdje moraju sletjeti. Dio će ih i dalje slijetati u Beč, Veneciju, Budimpeštu, Prag, Beograd, pa dalje autobusom u Hrvatsku, ali dio će ih slijetati i u Zagreb, kao što čine i sada. Da samo 10% gore navedenih turista sleti u Zagreb to opravdava direktne letove za Koreju, Kinu, Indiju, Tajvan, Japan, SAD, Kanadu...

      5 letova tjedno je odličan broj frekvencija zimi. 55-60% LF zimi je za Emirates dobar rezultat, ništa bolji nego kod večinje njihovih linija. To i je razlog zašto na razini cijele godine imaju 79% LF. Ljeti, naravno na svim linijama imaju daleko bolji rezultat. A Zagreb je imao prosječno 90% tijekom ljeta. To znači da im je na godišnjoj razini LF negdje oko 75%, a to je dobar rezultat za Emirates.

      I to u prvoj godini poslovanja. Zbog toga što su zadovoljni rezultatima i zadržali su 7 letova tjedno idućeg ljeta.

      Redukcije zimi su normalna stvar u cijeloj regiji, pa i u Zagrebu (i Beogradu, Sarajevu, Ljubljani, Skopju...). Stvar sezonalnosti.

      Zašto je Emirates prvotno planirao 7 letova tjedno? Možda stvar nepoznavanja destinacije i sezonalnosti, pretjeranog optimizma, planiranih akcija koje su izostale, velikog povećanja letova iz regije za Bliski Istok.

      Qatar u lipnju nije planirao 14 nego 10 tjednih letova iz Zagreb, a to je svakako utjecalo na odluku smanjenja letova Emiratesa. No i otvarenje novih linija u regiji (Qatar za Sarajevo i Skopje), te dodatni letovi Tukisha (za Sarajevo i Prištinu), za Beograda 9 novih letova (4 Qatar, 3 flyDubai, 2 Hainan na novoj liniji za Peking), dodatni letovi flyDubaia za Sarajevo, Skopje, Dubrovnik i Podgoricu), letovi iz Sarajeva za Kuvajt.

      U svakom slučaju situacija se bitno promijenila od lipnja, no još uvijek je broj letova Emiratesa ozbiljno fascinantan, a 80.000 ponuđenih sjedala zimi nikako se ne može nazvati slabim rezultatom.

    16. Anonymous14:18

      '80.000 ponuđenih sjedala zimi nikako se ne može nazvati slabim rezultatom.'

      Tih 80.000 ne predstavljaju nikakav rezultat u smislu potencijala trzista. Ono sto je najbolji indikator toga je koliko se proda.

      Dakle zimi ponude 80K ali prodaju 35 do 45 sto i nije neki uspeh.

      Mnogi ovde barataju ciframa kao da su na pijaci. Da su te cifre tako relevantne onda bi u ZAG sletalo mnogo vise kompanija nego sto je to slucaj danas.

      Danas svi opravdavate smanjenje EK-a. Pre nekoliko nedelja ste pricali i spominjali Korejce koji dolaze njihovim letovima a danas tvrdite kako Jin nece bilo kako utcati na popunjenost EK letova.

      Daj odlucite se vise. Ovaj sizofrenicarski stav postaje tragican

    17. Anonymous14:20

      Uz sve to, vec drugu sezonu za redom mnoge kompanije zapravo povecavaju letove ka Beogradu. Ove zime to su ucinile Transavia, Qatar i flydubai.

    18. Anonymous14:20

      "No i otvarenje novih linija u regiji (Qatar za Sarajevo i Skopje), te dodatni letovi Tukisha (za Sarajevo i Prištinu), za Beograda 9 novih letova (4 Qatar, 3 flyDubai, 2 Hainan na novoj liniji za Peking), dodatni letovi flyDubaia za Sarajevo, Skopje, Dubrovnik i Podgoricu), letovi iz Sarajeva za Kuvajt."

      Kakve veze bilo koja od pomenutih destinacija ima veze sa EK letovima za Zagreb?

    19. A za to vrijeme je JU je skresala broj letova i frekvencija. Plus i minus.

    20. @anon2:18PM

      Jedini šizofreničar si ondje izgleda ti. Što te toliko brine i boli koliko se planiralo u startu, koliko je sada, koliko će biti, što je neki anonimus iznio i onda te riječi lijepiš svima na leđa...?
      Opusti se.

    21. Alen Šćuric Purger15:07

      Svaka linija ka Bliskom Istoku u regiji i te kako utječe na potencijale drugih linija ka Bliskom Istoku ostlalih aerodroma regije. Primjerice ako Ljubljana otvori letove Qatara to će sigurno utjecati na broj putnika Qatara i ostalih iz Zagreba. A ovdje imamo i primjer povečanja Qatara iz Zagreba od čak 4 leta zimi što nije bilo planirano (rezultat je viška kapaciteta nastalih sankcijama), a što je ponajviše utjecalo na potencijale Emiratesa. No, svakako i ostale linije regije utječu (manje konekcije preko Zagreba, manje putnika koji su između ta dva aerodroma i odlučuju se za jednu od tih dviju opcija).

      Da, Emirates ima oko 80.000 sjedala zimi i to je vrlo facinantna brojka koju nude. Popunjenost od 60% je dobra za Emirates (za neke druge ne bi bila dobra) jer takvu popunjenost ima na većini linija zimi. To znači 48.000 putnika. Ja to smatram fascinantnom brojkom za zimu.

      U mom novom članku na Tango 6 sam pobrojao sve nove letove i od njih oduzeo broj onih koji su se ukinuli ove zime i dobili smo

      1. Ljubljana +35
      2. Skopje +23
      3. Zagreb (+11)
      3. Podgorica (+11)
      5. Priština (+9)
      5. Sarajevo (+9)
      7. Dubrovnik (+7)
      8. Beograd (+3)*
      9. Split (+2)
      10. Tivat (+1)

      * 31 novi let FlyDubaia, Qatara, TAROMA, easyJeta, Wizzaira, Atlasglobala, Hainana, Transavie - 28 letova manje Air Serbia


    22. Anonymous15:19

      Kao i uvek predstavljas polovicno podatke. ASL-ov red letenja ove zime je identican kao i prosle. Jedina razlika je ta sto su ove zvanicno to smanjili pre zime dok su prosle sukcesivno izbacivali letove iz sistema.

      O tome naravno nema ni reci u tvojoj 'strucnoj' analizi.

      Frishki, ja komentarisem cinjenice ovde. One koje ti zaboravljas kada je u pitanju ASL a koje sam naveo u paragrafu gore.

      Tako da... oladite malo vise i prestanite da poredite Beograd sa Zagrebom jer igramo u razlicitim ligama.

    23. Stari, sad si ga lupio i ostao živ, kao da BEG ima 10x više putnika. Sviđalo se tebi ili ne, svi smo mi manje više u istoj ligi.

    24. Anonymous15:29

      Mozda kada uspete da imate normalni saobracaj i tokom zime. Ne zaboravi da ste izubili i LH mainline pre nekoliko meseci i to jos pre zimskog reda letenja.

    25. Au brale, lupetanje se nastavlja.
      "Normalni saobraćaj tokom zime".
      Jer BEG ima isti tijekom zime kao i ljeti.
      Bruka na kvadrat.

    26. Anonymous15:40

      Ne ali ima vise nego solidan saobracaj sto se vidi i po broju putnika i po avio-operacijama. ;)

    27. Stari, i BEG ima proporcionalno manje putnika zimi, kao i ljeti. Isto kao i ZAG.

    28. Anonymous15:51

      I LHR ima manje zimi nego leti pa ne znaci da je u istoj ligi kao BEG ili ZAG.

      Svi imaju manje zimi samo zavisi koliko je to manje. ;)

    29. Anonymous16:51

      @AnonymousNovember 29, 2017 at 2:18 PM

      "@Mnogi ovde barataju ciframa kao da su na pijaci. Da su te cifre tako relevantne onda bi u ZAG sletalo mnogo vise kompanija nego sto je to slucaj danas.

      How many airlines should be flying to Zagreb ??? 50? 70 ? 90 ?

      Right this minute you have 22 scheduled airlines serving Zagreb every day ! In summer months that number is even higher, around 28. I think that is quite nice figure, don't you think ??? Arrival of Aegean, EasyJet, return of TAP and SAS, potential newcomer Aer Lingus and Transavia France, would almost complete the number of airlines Zagreb needs, well Alitalia Finnair, Air Baltic and you'd end up with the full house.

      And if Iberia, Brussels Air and Czech Air go full year, that'd be a massive bonus.

      But as you can see, almost all major EU legacy carriers land in Zagreb, TAP, AerLingus, SAS, Finnair and Alitalia are still absent, lets hope for not too long.

      Would you say this is a nice figure ?
      What Zagreb now needs is more travelers using these airlines so pax per plane and lf goes up, so larger birds land in Zagreb.

      Major non-European airlines are also gearing up for Zagreb, Korean Air, Air Canada, potentially Singapore Airlines, ANA, China Southern/Eastern/Air China (either would do), perhaps even US based Airline, such as Delta on seasonal basis.

      Would all these airlines in Zagreb, for you constitute demand or Zagreb is still small cause Wizz and Ryan air never fly here?

      Zagreb wants to build legacy carriers first, they detest LCCS, LCCs don't pay shit. So number of carriers to Zagreb won't jump to 40 overnight, it is a gradual growth over a decade. By 2025, you can bet all the airlines I've listed here will fly to Zagreb, some only between April 2nd and November 1st, but they'll fly. That's what's most important to me. thank you.

    30. Anonymous16:54

      Brussels and CSA just turned their flights into seasonal so don't see how they will go year round any time sokn and stating that TAP, SAS, easyjet and Transavia are coming as a confirmed and done deal is false.

    31. Anonymous16:57

      Yeah that's why FRA, MAD, BRU, BCN, FCO, ATH, WAW, CPH... are all airports with considerable lowcost operation. I guess they have a thing or two to learn from ZAG which detests lowcost carriers. Lol

    32. Anonymous16:58

      Aren't Transavia and easyjet lccs which are detested by ZAG?

    33. Anonymous19:38

      @AnonymousNovember 29, 2017 at 4:57 PM

      Every major airport has LCCs, however they're not major players, legacy carriers are. This is what Zagreb is doing, building legacy carriers first, they need to establish themselves and than offer few LCCs, like Easy, Transavia, Vueling, Norvegian....

      @AnonymousNovember 29, 2017 at 4:54 PM

      I never said they're coming i said they'll come, when i don't know, but before 2025, that's for sure. Perhaps they come in 2019 or 2020, we'll see. What is certain, Zagreb is playing smart, LCCs have tendency to blackmail airports and scare legacy carriers away.

    34. Anonymous19:44

      Beograd i Zagreb su po saobracaju ista liga, nema tu neke razlike
      Kada se vec usporedujemo uzmimo u obzir broj aerodroma i efekt zracne decentralizacije u hrvatskoj i srbiji i tu staje svaka rasprava.
      Ponavljam se zg i bg su u istom košu

    35. Anonymous20:28

      О којој децентрализацији говоримо? Ако узмемо Београд као пример онда ћемо схватити да он заправо конкурише са Нишем, Темишваром, Тузлом и Будимпештом.

      Дакле ако ,успоредимо' Београд и Загреб онда ћемо схватити да се овај први налази у знатно горој ситуацији него овај други ком реално само Љубљана отима путнике.

      Ситуације ће се можда променити у будућности ако Бања Лука или Осијек постану прави аеродроми.

      И поред свега овога, Београд је и даље база за два авио-превозника и уз успешно успева да напуни летове за Њујорк и Пекинг током целе године.

      Овде се Београд стално представља као да је инфериорнији у поређењу са Фрањо Туђманом али то очито није случај посебно ако се узме у обзир број градова са којим је повезан.


    36. Alen Šćuric Purger20:39

      Anonymous 3:19
      E pa ne drzi to vodu. Floskula kao i obicno. Uz ova smanjenja 11 linija u refu letenja ima dodatna smanjenja u 1i 2. mjesecu. Pogledajte malo refletenja. On u 2. mjesecu ima jos nekih 10-12 tjednih letova manje. Samo ove godine su to na vrojeme najavili. Sto ce reci -38 letova u 2. mjesecu.

    37. Anonymous22:04

      Алене, ја радим за АСЛ и могу ти потврдити да у поређењу са прошлом годином број летова је мање више исти. Као што је горе наведено, ове године они су на време објављени док то није био случај прошле године. Исто тако, ове године Њујорк бележи боље резултате тако да ће имати више путника него лане иако није саобраћао две недеље.

      Ако са друге стране погледамо број седишта који је у понуди онда ћемо заправо видети да је забележен раст због реконфигурације кабине.
      Исто тако, одредишта попут Тиране, Скопља и Букурешта боље послују због ноћних летова који нуде преседања на све летове што прошле зиме није био случај.


    38. Anonymous23:43

      Good comment Nemjee.

    39. Alen Šćuric Purger00:03

      Floskula kao što rekoh.

      Dakle broj letova je 28 tjedno manje nego prošle godine. I to je činjenica! I to i prije i nakon Nove godine.

      11 linija uz to sezonsko smanjenje ima DODATNA smanjenja u 1. i 2. mjesecu. To je ono što se prošle godine nije najavilo, pa se rezalo, a ove godine se najavilo i vjerojatno neće biti dodatnih rezanja (iako, to nitko od nas ne može znati hoće li biti ili ne). Znači još je nekih 30-tak letova u 1. i 2. mjesecu manje od reda letenja za ostale mjesece.

      Situacija nije dobra i ne treba je uljepšavati. No, potez je potreban radi okolnosti u kojima se našla Air Serbia. Nažalost, radi toga sustav 4 vala više ne funkcionira kako je zamišljeno i ne ostvaruje ni minimalnu konektiranost.

    40. Nemjee07:38

      Lol... you do realize that I am not the only one using Cyrillic on here Anon 11.43.
      Plus I don't hide behind the Anonymous mask no matter what my view is.

      As for JU's schedule, I already wrote before that it's sad and there is no point in repeating myself.

  10. Anonymous09:15

    Interesting that their strategy involves starting flights to Europe in Eastern Europe.

    1. Anonymous09:34

      Because it is being done in coordination with Korean Air which already serves key markets in western Europe through scheduled and charter flights.

  11. Anonymous09:22

    Very nice

  12. Anonymous09:23

    I hope it materializes. It is good that the Jin Air CEO is aware of both cities and their potential.

  13. Anonymous09:26

    Interesting airline. I wonder how they make a profit on their long haul routes.

    1. Anonymous09:36

      Looks like they are doing well.

  14. Anonymous09:27

    Anyone seen the insides of their B777s? The cabin look like they are from 20 years ago :D

    1. Anonymous09:43


    2. Anonymous09:44


    3. Anonymous09:47

      It might look retro but I can tell you it looks ten times more comfortable that the slim seats most airlines now offer.

    4. Anonymous10:42

      Agree with last anon

    5. Anonymous10:45

      The planes are not that old actually. Around 10 yrs.

    6. Anonymous12:40

      The seats are actually from Korean Air, the only difference being that Korean has IFE in its seats while Jin Air doesen't.

  15. Anonymous09:29

    Seems to be growing interest from these long haul low cost Asian airlines to begin flights to ex-Yu. Air Asia X also said it could fly to Zagreb in the future.

    1. Anonymous09:35

      Untapped markets with growing inbound tourism from Asia with the opportunity to connect onto Australia as well.

    2. Anonymous09:35

      But also not high yielding enough to be served by mainline full fare airlines.

  16. Anonymous09:34

    Could be an indication that Inchon will get the Belgrade concession.

    1. Anonymous09:42

      That would be one of the more optimal outcomes. Alongside the Chinese.

    2. Anonymous10:18

      Incheon is truly one of the best airports I have ever been to. It would be a great development if they managed to use their know-how and experience and apply it at BEG.

  17. Anonymous09:44

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  18. Anonymous09:55

    Well at least we have moved past US and China :) Interesting news and an very interesting airline.

    1. Anonymous09:59

      Well Serbia has secured flights from both of those markets so it makes sense to move onto new ones. :)

  19. Anonymous10:11

    Wow indeed. Congratulations Zagreb and Belgrade!

  20. Anonymous10:20

    Seems like there will be more spotter-friendly days at both airports soon.

  21. Anonymous10:23

    Do they offer connections onto Korean Air?

    1. Anonymous10:25

      Yes, they have codeshare agreement.

    2. Anonymous12:41

      Korean and Jin Air are partners owned by the same company. Like Emirates and Fly Dubai for example.

  22. Anonymous10:30

    Well that was unexpected.

    1. Anonymous10:40

      You can say that again.

    2. Anonymous13:11

      Well that was unexpected.

  23. Anonymous10:39

    Would have proffered Korean Air to Zagreb but am happy with this too.

    1. Anonymous19:11

      And who says it won 't be both Korean and Jin to ICN? Let me just remind you ZAG has both Transat and Air Canada Rouge to YYZ. Because there is demand. And for Korea, there is demand. Growing one.

    2. Anonymous07:35

      You do realize that Korean and Jin are owned by the same company? No logic in having both in Zagreb.

    3. Anonymous18:59

      I do realize that both Lufthansa and Eurowings are not only owned by the sam company, but basically are the same company - one legacy division, the other LCC/hybrid division. And both flying to ZAG, and not only ZAG, everywhere where there is DEMAND. And the same, for example, with Emirates and Flydubai in Prague. And with half million Korean passengers to Croatia annually, with growing rate, maybe they estimate it won't be profitable to have 4 or 5 weekly flights operated by Korean, because of much less business than tourist passengers, but 2 on Korean, and 2 or 3 on Jin could work, and bring money. Not claiming anything, not promising it would actually happen, but wouldn't say impossible, what you are basically saying. Actually I think it's very much possible to happen, similar as with YYZ, which I already said.

  24. Anonymous10:40

    Has anyone ever flown with them? What's the service like?

    1. Anonymous10:47

      Judging by comments on Skytrax they seem to be better than any ex-Yu airline.

    2. Anonymous10:53

      Emergency seats are offered for free. Also luggage. Free drinks and friendly cabin crew.

    3. Anonymous11:02


    4. Anonymous11:18

      Asian LCCs are miles ahead of European ones.

  25. Anonymous10:47

    SOme of their B777s have 2-5-2 configuration :O

    1. Anonymous10:52

      That's still better and less cramped than Emirates' 3-4-3 configuration.

    2. Anonymous12:08

      True but imagine being stuck in seat 3 in the middle on a packed long haul flight.

    3. Anonymous12:19

      But pretty good if the plane isn't that full and you get a row of five seats for yourself :D

    4. Anonymous12:30

      That should be a common sight on these Zagreb and Belgrade flights.

    5. Anonymous12:45

      Some have 2-5-2 configurations and some of their B777s have 3-3-3.

  26. Anonymous11:02

    Scoot next up :D

    1. Anonymous12:45

      Singapore - Zagreb would be nice :)

  27. Anonymous11:22

    Talking of BEG, anyone know why they have People's Viennaline among the seasonal timetable? There are no flight added (yet) but could we see them launching flights?

    1. Anonymous11:43

      It must be some sort of mistake, don't see what they could operate.

    2. Actually their E170 was a few days ago at BEG, arrived from Bern and stayed for a few days. I'd love to see them at BEG! :)

    3. Anonymous11:51

      Is there a market from St. Galen? Maybe they are planning on launching flights from VIE? They have the right aircraft for it.

    4. Anonymous11:53

      they are not planning on any flights. They operated a one off flight a few days ago, that is why it is listed without any schedule, because the route was completed and no more flights by them are planned.

    5. Anonymous12:03

      So because of one flight BEG added them on the list of 'scheduled airlines?'

      Seems odd.

    6. Anonymous12:06

      yes, because their menu displays all filed public flights that will operate to the airport during the season. Flight times disappear when the flight is completed.

    7. Anonymous20:31

      Actuаlly BEG has an issue with its seasonal timetable as when contracting SITA for the new FIDS and amateur website maintenance agency they haven't sort all the issues. That is why in seasonal timetable you'll find listed every single flight (including one offs) during (summer or winter) season. Same goes for the list of destinations. Hope they'll change this anytime soon.

  28. Anonymous11:27

    It's great to finally see some increased interest from far away destinations and more exotic airlines.

  29. Let hoppe future Concesionar will bring same LCC airlines to serve intercontinental's destinations. Full service airlines on long routes, hard to survave on markets like Serbia... Only development of Nikola Tesla and Serbian state will atract new airlines.
    Let hope to be so. So far, Croatia is far ahead in aviation buisnisess, kompare to Serbia. Tourisam is major forces...
    Anyway. Nex decade, each of this country vil be few times strongar in air trafic, compare to all aviation ex YU.
    Let hope to see rissing air trafic in SE Europe.

  30. Anonymous12:10

    Jin Air is a pretty good airline and I think when it comes to flights between Korea and he former Yugoslav republics, it makes much more sense for them to start the flights rather than Korean Air.

  31. Never heard of them. But, good news for both, or rather all four cities.
    Hopefully the Koreans get the concession for Belgrade's Nikola Tesla...think that'd be best for them!


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