Qatar Airways hiring Macedonian ticketing agents


Qatar Airways is seeking Senior Ticketing Agents from Macedonia to be based in one of the airline's branches in Qatar as part of its Doha sales team. Core responsibilities include creating reservations, quoting fares and issuing tickets. In addition, the position entails liaising with airline personnel to ensure maximum support to passengers and immediate attention to queries relating to clearance and dispute of ADM’s, special handling requests and other issues. Requirement include a tertiary, trade or vocational qualification with at least three years experience in a customer service role within the travel industry. Furthermore, the candidate must have reservations and ticketing knowledge, as well as the ability to communicate in written and spoken English. Knowledge of IATA BSP ticketing is also required. Those interested have until December 30 to apply. Further requirements, as well as the application form, can be found here.


  1. Anonymous16:19

    Great opportunity for a job which is much higher paod in Doha :)

  2. Anonymous03:18

    Good opportunity to live and work in a complete dump - Doha, where you need exit visa's approved by your employer just to leave the country. Glorified prison.


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