Sarajevo Airport breaks passenger record

Sarajevo Airport handled its 900.000th passenger of the year today, reaching the milestone for the first time. The passenger in question, Dina Češić, was travelling on a Qatar Airways flight from Doha. "Statics show that we are registering continued growth, which we expect to maintain in the coming period. We could welcome a million passengers per year very soon. With this 900.000th passengers we have reached the limits of our terminal capacity", the General Manager of Sarajevo Airport, Armin Kajmaković, said. This week, Sarajevo Airport began clearing its old Terminal A building to make way for the multi million euro expansion of its Terminal B facility. The twenty million euro expansion of the existing passenger terminal will result in an additional 10.000 square metres of space spread across four levels. The length of the entire terminal will total 110 metres, up from the current 68, while the number of check-in desks will be increased from seventeen to 28. Furthermore, the expanded facility will boast seven gates, up from the existing four, and will have an expanded departures and retail area.


  1. Anonymous15:54

    Bravo Sarajevo!!!

  2. Anonymous19:05

    Those numbers aren't that good, SJJ really is an untapped market and they should seriously consider to open up the airport for low cost airlines. Last year they didn't want to let CSA operate 4 flights pw from SJJ just because the airline had planned an early morning departure at 5am from SJJ. The reason was that the airports opening hours are at 6am, imagine that, as if SJJ was as lucrative as Zurich or some other rich western airport that can afford to operate like this. Mafia is ruling that airport, or Star Alliance.

    1. Anonymous23:09

      Sarajevo airport works from 5am. So, if you want to depart from 5am, you need to open check in counters at least 1.5 hours before. So airport should be open at 3:30, and that's the night shift, and SJJ doesn't have that resources required to keep the airport 24h active. If it's profitable for austrian to depart at 7:30,I don't see a reason for CZA to go at 5am.

    2. Anonymous23:55

      Wow what a stupid comment, SJJ doesn't have resources to hire people for an extra shift? Much smaller airports do it and we both know Sarajevo Airport is filled with money like a boat arter collecting all those taxes, opening time for the check in should without any problem be at 03:30AM, richer and larger western European airports operate the same way, and Sarajevo is neither western nor rich to be able to afford this kind of lucrative business. MAFIA

  3. It is kind of crazy that the airport isn't open earlier. Even for the first flight of the day you end up with people waiting at the gate to the airport because they assume they should be there at least 90 minutes before the flight. Then they arrive and the airport is closed and they have to wait in the cold.


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