Sarajevo Airport completes terminal upgrades


Sarajevo Airport has completed work on the expansion of its check-in area and other bottlenecks inside its terminal building. The number of check-in desks has grown from twelve to fifteen, while another baggage x-ray scanner has been installed. Furthermore, a new baggage handling system with two conveyor belts has been set up in order to upgrade the reliability of the transport, sorting and loading of luggage. Furthermore, Sarajevo Airport recently put into operation two self check-in kiosks. For the time being, only passengers with hand luggage will be able to use the service flying on Adria Airways, Air Serbia, Austrian, Croatia Airlines, Eurowings, Lufthansa, Pegasus, Swiss and Turkish Airlines. The airport has noted that the upgrades are in preparation for the upcoming expansion of the terminal building.


  1. Anonymous15:20

    Looks nice to me. BNX directors should have learned from these guys.

  2. Anonymous16:24

    hahahahhahah. BNX should provide airlines, than they should about terminal/airport upgrade. Sarajevo is so funny airport. Political parasites

    1. Anonymous13:09

      "Hahaha"?? some smart person behind comment. Ignorant poor man.


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