Sarajevo Airport sees record October


Sarajevo Airport has recorded its fifth consecutive month of passenger growth by handling 80.769 travellers, an increase of 13.2% compared to last year. The number of aircraft movements stood at 1.095. up 11.7%. At the same time it processed 286.008 kilograms of cargo. During the first ten months of the year, Sarajevo Airport welcomed 849.866 travellers through its doors, an increase of 13.7%. It has already overtaken its 2016 end-of-year result when it registered 772.904 passengers.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN43.377 5.3
FEB41.122 3.4
MAR57.381 7.4
APR79.796 17.6
MAY84.137 1.9
JUN78.170 19.2
JUL140.025 28.3
AUG144.330 22.0
SEP100.923 10.8
OCT80.769 13.2


  1. Anonymous16:20

    Actually, Sarajevo has already handled more passengers now than entire 2017 as well. Great numbers! :)

    1. Anonymous22:04

      Fascinating, the airport has had more passengers until now than the entire year of 2017, well done, now whoever is flying to SJJ as of today, don't fly please as the airport has already handled more passengers than the entire 2017.

    2. Anonymous10:17

      Entire 2016, typo :)

      (Bosnian :D)

    3. Anonymous11:30


  2. How about the pax of Tuzla ?


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