Skopje Airport registers strong October


Skopje Alexander the Great Airport has recorded its busiest October to date by handling 172.909 passengers during the month, representing an increase of an impressive 21% on last year. During the first ten months, the airport welcomed 1.582.989 travallers through its doors, an increase of 12.9% on 2016. The passenger difference between its traditionally busier nearby competitor Pristina, with which it has feuded over subsidy and fair competition claims in the past, continues to shorten with only 36.500 passengers setting the two apart, compared to 59.000 in September and 75.000 in August.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN122.521 12.3
FEB105.265 3.0
MAR125.167 3.7
APR148.530 10.0
MAY150.203 1.1
JUN150.935 6.0
JUL201.491 16.0
AUG219.518 25.5
SEP186.450 22.3
OCT172.909 21.0


  1. Anonymous10:47

    WOW they also outperformed LJU which saw massive growth if I am not wrong.

    1. Anonymous12:09

      LJU has 16%

    2. Anonymous19:37

      not that it matters, but SKP has been outperforming LJU for like the last 2 years

  2. Finally they now accept digital boarding passes, so now clearing security/customs and getting to the gate takes about 10 mins in SKP.

    Very smooth and efficient experience.

    1. Anonymous13:16

      What other airports besides BEG and SKP accept them?

      Also, what about the electronic passport control? I know BEG has it but what about others?

    2. Anonymous18:38

      When you going to exit without ID only it will be even faster. But not soon.....

    3. Anonymous20:49

      You are so hilarious... not.

  3. Anonymous17:17

    Friend of mine traveled SKP - DOH today and he told me the cabin was about 50% full. Also he sent me one photo I'm surprised there is no IFE for everyone. But I do notice that Qatar is sending relatively old airplanes to SKP, older then 15 years, not sure why.

    1. Anonymous17:31

      I'm surprised. I thought all of their A320s had IFE.

    2. Anonymous19:35

      OMG i just googled this and according to at least Bloomberg this seems to be the future (!!!)
      AA will accept delivery of their new Boeing 737 max without any back video screens, and UA and Southwest are already streaming movies and TV shows as part of their in-flight internet options — on passengers’ devices.

      and here we are complaining why we don't get any sandwiches anymore

    3. Anonymous21:05

      ouch, this is horrible! How is it with other ex-yu routes?

  4. Go Skopje! Well done. Very impressive, indeed.


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