Split and Dubrovnik airports see busy October


The airports in Split and Dubrovnik have continued to register strong passenger growth into October. Split Airport handled 198.150 travellers during the month, an increase of 18.2% on last year. As a result, during the first ten months, the airport welcomed 2.742.481 travellers through its doors, up 23.2%. Therefore, it has met its target of handling 2.7 million passengers this year and has already surpassed 2016's end-of-year result which stood at 2.289.987 passengers.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN30.423 17.2
FEB23.932 0.4
MAR33.828Decrease 3.7
APR123.230 63.2
MAY257.445 25.9
JUN403.586 25.5
JUL657.056 20.7
AUG593.709 22.0
SEP421.053 23.3
OCT198.150 18.2

Dubrovnik Airport saw 216.363 passengers last month, representing an increase of 6.7%. Overall, during the first ten months of the year, it welcomed 2.260.576 travellers through its doors, up 16.1%. Dubrovnik has already overtaken its 2016 end-of-year result when it saw 1.993.243 passengers pass through its doors.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN19.329 23.4
FEB22.813 0.9
MAR33.834Decrease 18.8
APR143.920 52.1
MAY253.928 19.0
JUN338.729 17.3
JUL442.122 15.4
AUG440.789 16.5
SEP348.749 14.0
OCT216.363 6.7


  1. Nemjee10:35

    Solid growth for both airports. Any reason why DBV handled more passengers in October?

    1. Anonymous10:43

      18,2% for Split is more than solid. Agree about Dubrovnik, though.

    2. Nemjee10:45

      No one said it wasn't but SPU's initial number was lower than DBV's so it was easier for them to record higher growth in terms of percentages.

    3. Anonymous13:40


  2. Anonymous10:35

    Wow! Congrats!

  3. Anonymous13:34

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  4. Anonymous14:25

    Time will tell.

  5. 17 to 18% growth for October at Zagreb if my guesstimating is correct. Not bad.... good to see the growth has stayed strong.

    1. Yup, +17,42% in pax; +5,9% in operating flights and +33% in cargo. Amazing month for ZAG - nit expected given that Monar h went bust on October 1st. I imagine 30% to 50% of their pax managed to get to ZAG anyway with other airlines but still...safe to say ZAG would have reached 300k. Great to see the demand growing and croatian hub concept starting to show some reaults. Finally...

    2. It's amazing to see that ZAG added the exact same number of pax in October as it did in July, the busiest month...
      Can't wait to check Zagreb Tourist Board results for October...

    3. Anonymous02:36

      3.1 million this year, all but certain. 225 000 in November and 215 000 in December + 2664 000 = 3 103 000, next year 3.5 million.

      Only if TAP, Aer Lingus, SAS, Alitalia and Finnair can be enticed to start regular flights to Zagreb in 2018/19. Also Iberia and Brussels air go year round.

      Add EasyJet, Transavia France, Voleta and Vueling year round service.

      One can only hope.

  6. Great results! Split could end the year with 2,9 million and Dubrovnik 2,4 million..possibly more.

    1. Split will probably grow from 30k to 60k in November and from 30k to 50k in December...Dubrovnik probably ariund the same which is a great improvement from past winters...still that would put them at 2,30-2,33 for DBV and up to 2,84 for SPU at best for now...

    2. Never. Split gets additional 4 new services - no chance to double its from 30k to 60k
      2x Düsseldorf
      1 additional to stuttgart and Köln

    3. @Petar Yeah, you're right. I thought they could possibly have 2,9 million (probably not), but I didn't know that they'd had only 30,000 pax last November. They could have around 2,85 mill tho, as you say.

  7. Anonymous17:57

    No chance of major growth during the winters in Croatia, at most two coastal airports can hope is 40-50k per month between November 1st and March 1st.

    There's no demand for these airports in winter months.

  8. Well, they won't be handling 200k anytime soon, but to say there's no chance of building on a demand is not true. Small croatian resorts off course will not generate demand, but Split and Dubrovnik will. 5 years ago, it was unimaginable for neither to break 200k in September, or 100k in October. Look at them now. They both will generate significant traffic coming from the conference business,so 100k per month by 2020 or sooner is probable. January and February will probably not break 60k...as then rarely anyone ever travels...ZAG will fill in the winter gap :)

  9. Anonymous19:25

    This massive and rapid growth in HR did not occur naturally nor did the market grow organically. This sharp rise took place as a result of civil unrest that took place throughout MENA.
    Croatia will need to fight hard in order to keep these tourists once Egypt, Tunis, Turkey... are back in business.

    I am not saying there wouldn't be any growth but it would be more modest than it is now.

  10. Anonymous21:28

    Split for month of July was the busiest month of any ex YU airport ever? Amazing - Congrats SPU

  11. Anonymous22:42

    Ok not in 2 years but 5 years is possible, especally in december with so many holidays

  12. Perhaps it would have, but then again...if we look at the trend for the past 10 years, Croatia's rate of growth has always been doubling the "world's average growth rate". For instance, in the years 2011-14, when Europe was slowly recovering from the 2008-09 financial crisis and "the crisis of debt", all the mature european destinations grew around from 1,5% to 3,5% - Croatia at the same time grew 8% (2011), 4% (2012), 5,5% (2013) and 6% (2014). It was only Turkey and perhaps Malta that had vigorous growth rates, not sure why - could be they were being "discovered", high GDP/investments in tourism and Turkish Airlines spreading for sure...
    Croatia is now also growing at a rate that is double than the average: 9% (2015), 9% (2016) and probably 12% to 13% (2017). The world's average is all time high now- at 6% or so...

    Finally, Croatia is getting the deserved attention. It's a country with small marketing budget and could never compete with big players. Luckily for Croatia, now we have Social Media - so anyone can share how beautiful the country is and how much fun the visitors are having...

    So, adding all of this up - I would say Croatia is steadily building its market position and is receiving even more exposure.

    Perhaps it will slow down with growth (I hope it does a bit), but for years to come, we can expect it to be around 5% annually, which is still amazing.

  13. Anonymous08:57

    Uzevsi ove brojke u obzir, Hrvatska je uspijela razvuci sezonu na 7 mjeseci.
    Bravo Hrvatska!


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