State to sell stake in Brač Airport


The Croatian government has listed its 38.5% stake in Brač Airport's operator - Aerodrom Brač - for sale. Croatia's Centre for Enterprise Restructuring and Privatisation, CERP, has invited expressions of interest for the purchase of the state-owned minority share. Potential investors have until November 28 to express their interest, after which CERP will launch a public bidding process. There are a numbers of shareholders in Brač Airport, although the largest share is held by Andabak, which owns the BlueSun Hotels and Resorts.


  1. Anonymous11:02

    They should keep it like Koh Samui. An airline that operates a base there would be the best owner. Exclusive small airport :)

  2. Anonymous11:29

    And exactly what airline would that be...Air Brac or Brac Airlines?

    Yeah, they SHOULD.....:)))


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