Swiss to boost Serbia operations


Swiss International Air Lines will increase frequencies on its flights to Serbia next summer season. The airline will add an extra two weekly flights between Zurich and Belgrade for a total of sixteen per week, resulting in three daily services between the two cities operated by the carrier on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In addition, Swiss will introduce an extra weekly flight from Zurich to Niš, each Wednesday, next summer for a total of three per week. The airline noted it was strengthening frequencies as a result of growing demand.


  1. Nemjee10:32

    I think this has to do with Lufthansa's ongoing spat with FRA over LCCs.

    For a while now they have been shifting capacity away from FRA onto other hubs such as MUC, ZRH or VIE.

    Even this winter, the second MUC-BEG flight is operated by the A319 in stead of the Embraer as was the case last winter.

    ZRH is a great airport for connections and LX has been offering some great fares.

    1. After transferring 17 E195 to OS, LH is down to only 6 of those. Maybe that’s the reason why they’re deploying the A319 instead.

    2. Nemjee10:57

      I just checked LH's website and it says they have 17 E95 in their fleet. Are those that were transferred to OS?

      So they are down to just 9 E90s?

      As for Belgrade, I think it is a combination of both factors as they are also moving a certain number of A380s from FRA to MUC.

      Another reason why MUC might be more suitable for them is because its curfew starts an hour after Frankfurt's.

    3. Anonymous11:31

      I have just checked that LH apparently is increasing capacity not only for BEG but for SOF too. 3rd daily flight to FRA next spring and sending A321 regularly.
      Morning FRA-BEG with A320, the same with LX.

    4. Anonymous11:44

      On 08.12 and 09.12 LH will send A321 on the night flight to BEG. Last week it was 5 A319 and 2 A320.

    5. Anonymous12:02

      Finally started moving. I think LH realised they have fierce competition having Serbia so well connected to Germany (9 destinations).
      LX also increased flights to Serbia as this way they can combine it with LH´s bigger planes.

    6. Anonymous12:09

      LH needs to introduce a morning flight to Belgrade that leave at around 07.00.

    7. Anonymous12:16

      Is LH the reason why Wizz canceled NUE?

    8. Anonymous12:36

      @Anon 12:16 PM, most likely yes. BEG is already linked to FRA, MUC, STR all close to NUE. Never got the logic. Even PRG is not that far away.

    9. Anonymous12:47

      As I know NUE is not canceled but changed to seasonal. I don't know why they do this change. I flew two times to NUE from BEG and both times plane was full.

    10. Anonymous12:50

      I am surprised because I heard there are a lot of Serbs in NUE and it would be easier for them to fly directly. Maybe MUC or FRA offered bigger flexibility.

    11. Anonymous13:23

      Zürich is terrible for connections, bad signalling and super super expensive - 6 EUR cheapest still water 0.5l, just one example! never ever again!

    12. @Nemjee

      I'm not sure weather their website is updated. Out of 15 they currently have, 9 are E190 (based in FRA) and 6 E195 (based in MUC) ...
      Moving those A380's to MUC is due to Ryanair's arrival to FRA, I don't think curfew has much to do with it.

    13. Anonymous14:48

      NUE does not appear for booking, the same with Friedrichshafen, no flights after 12/01 - I think this is why LH and LX increased flights.

  2. Anonymous10:32

    Crazy. How many weekly flights will there be in total between Zurich and Belgrade?

    1. Anonymous10:34

      If Air Serbia keeps the same schedule to Zurich like it did this year then 31 weekly flights.

    2. Nemjee10:37

      What's more important is that there are not going to be any overlaps.


      07.20 Air Serbia
      09.20 Swiss
      14.40 Swiss
      18.20 Air Serbia
      20.00 Swiss

      Air Serbia tends to seasonally operate a 12.20 departure which would fit ideally here.

    3. Anonymous10:40

      Shame they don't codeshare.

    4. Anonymous11:58

      Why they should code-share? The prices are already blown up to the skyies. This will pull JU out to reduce their freqs on Tue/Thu.

    5. Anonymous12:07

      JU will increase ZRH once the final timetable is out.

  3. Anonymous10:41

    Congratulations both BEG and especially INI. I hope they consider GVA in the near future.

    1. Their timing of the INI flights is not the best though. You miss out on all the main connections onward unless you fly to London, Paris, etc. they should try to retime something and better connect on to Spain, Portugal, Greece, Malta... there’s much more potential where there is no other direct flights, particularly during summer. But better than no flights I guess.

    2. Anonymous11:45

      Maybe slots are an issue?

    3. Anonymous11:49

      Not at all, you can book flights to MAD, BCN, LON and even NYC! Connections are perfect. Go to their website and do some tests. 513€ return INI-EWR! 18-26/05/2018 for example.

  4. Anonymous11:26

    I am sure LO will also increase flights. There are daily in system but last year they operated 8 i think.

    1. Anonymous14:50

      LO already did increase them. BEG needs an early morning flight to WAW.

    2. Anonymous15:26

      In the system it still shows 7 flights a week so no increase yet.

  5. Anonymous12:28

    We are still in 2017. Until summer if loads are good maybe we see 17 flights.

  6. Anonymous00:41

    on a side note.. two A330 turkish cargos at BEG!


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