Zagreb Airport registers strong growth


Zagreb Airport has recorded strong passengers growth during the month of October by handling 297.682 passengers, an increase of 17.4% compared to last year. The number of aircraft movements stood at 3.865, up 5.9%. During the first ten months of 2017, Zagreb welcomed 2.663.674 travellers through its doors, an improvement of 11.9% year-on-year, while aircraft movements stood at 35.595, up 1.8%. The airport anticipates welcoming its three-millionth passenger of the year next month. It will mark the first time the airport has achieved such a milestone. Zagreb Airport has further noted that it expects similar growth trends to continue into 2018.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN168.788 7.4
FEB154.679 1.0
MAR192.533 3.3
APR240.168 18.7
MAY268.847 8.9
JUN310.927 16.3
JUL351.532 14.4
AUG347.663 13.3
SEP330.855 15.0
OCT297.682 17.4


  1. Full reverse11:20

    Great job. Keep up the good work, Zagreb!

  2. Anonymous12:16

    3,1 million is real number for 2017, 3,5 for 2018.

  3. Anonymous13:03

    Not really happy with ZAG airport, we had to wait for 30 minutes for our luggage to arrive and we were the only aircraft on the apron at that time!!!

    1. Anonymous17:35

      I got mine in 5 minutes....there's nothing to be "happy" or "sad" about, it's an airport like all others in the world, sometime you win, sometime you loose..

    2. Full reverse10:25

      Exactly. You can't make judgement based on one bad experience.

  4. Anonymous14:26

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  5. Excellent pic!

  6. Anonymous01:50

    Next year, Air Transat A330-300 instead of a A330-200

    1. Anonymous15:50

      Don't forget they're adding Montreal to test the market. If it proves a success, they'll add Montreal in 2019, serving Toronto and Montreal, or just Montreal, as I think daily Toronto flights are bit too much.

  7. Anonymous17:11

    So Croatian tourist arrivals are impressive for 2017.

    Latest Croatian tourist data is impressive.

    Croatia - 17.85 million visitors,
    Zagreb - 1.09 million

    Croatia - Nights: 100.4 million
    Zagreb - Nights: 1.99 million

    Croatia will most likely have 18.4 million visitors this year, 103 million nights and tourism revenue exceeding €11 billion. 2018 looks set to be also just as good, perhaps 21 million visitors, 110 million nights and Tourism revenue of €12 billion. Number of non-EU/European visitors is also impressive. Nearly 500 000 US Visitors, over 400 000 South Korean visitors, over 150 000 Chinese visitors, over 200 000 Australian visitors, over 60 000 Brazilian and 54 000 Indians visitors.

    Zagreb numbers are also very good, Zagreb will have over 1.3 million arrivals in 2017, November - 1.2 million and December could be 1.35 million with 2.4 million nights. Zagreb has capacity of around 3.5 million nights. this includes all types of accommodation, including Airb&b.

    Without Arib&b, capacity is around 3.2 million, without Hostels, 50 of them, capacity drops down to 2.55 million.

    I'd say by 2020, there should be at least several new mid sized hotels, 5-6 at least. Just to cope with the demand. 80 hotels by 2025 is a must, with 7-8 million nights capacity overall.

    Projections for Zagreb: visitors

    2017: 1.35 million
    2018: 1.55 million
    2019: 1.75 million
    2020: 2.00 million
    2021: 2.20 million
    2022: 2.40 million
    2023: 2.60 million
    2024: 2.80 million
    2025: 3.00 million


    2017: 2.4 million
    2018: 2.8 million
    2019: 3.25 million
    2020: 3.70 million
    2021: 4.10 million
    2022: 4.45 million
    2023: 4.80 million
    2024: 5.25 million
    2025: 5.70 million


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