Adria hiring first officers


Adria Airways is seeking to recruit both male and female first officers for its Airbus A320-family fleet and its Bombardier CRJ900 aircraft. Minimum requirements for the A320 position includes a valid A320 type rating, a total of 1.000 hours on turbo jet or turbo prop aircraft and 250 hours on type A320 as first officer or 500 hours on type A320 as first officer. The non type rated first officer opening on the CRJ900 requires an EASA ME-IR (multi engine-instrumental flight rules) and multi crew cooperation with preference given to candidates with completed higher technical education. An EASA air transport pilot license, EU work permit and knowledge of English is required for both posts.

Interested candidates have until December 18 to submit their applications. Further details and the application forms can be found here.


  1. Anonymous14:25

    But Adria Airways dont have airbus a320 ! They have airbus a319 ... I dont get it ... ???? Will they get airbus a 320 ?

    1. Anonymous14:27

      It says A320 family. That includes the A319. If you want to fly the A319 you have to have an A320 license.

  2. Anonymous15:01

    airbus 319-320-321 ist all rhe same for pilots and flight attendants

  3. Anonymous10:48

    Why do they specify both male and female? Is it Slovenian employment law related or something? Strange thing to highlight in 2017...

    1. Anonymous16:34

      According to Slovenian legislation it must be explicit that it is for both genders. In Slovenia in all job advertisements this must be explicitly visible (e.g. with grammatical male form, followed by information that it is form both genders m/ž or with both forms). There is official calcification of professions in female and male grammatical forms from late 1990s: So-called male generic form is not consider as neutral and it is a norm to use specific one or both in Slovenian discourse. It is also not possible to have official document (e.g. BA, MA diploma, PhD) in male grammatical form if you a female. Using a grammatical male form for female would also sound very unusual.

  4. Anonymous21:59

    They seem to be expanding a lot in LJU. Looks like a positive strategy that they are reducing in other countries and expanding in LJU. Very good for Slovenia.


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