Belgrade Airport concession decision on Friday


The Public Body overseeing the concession process of Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport has said it will make its decision on the winning bid public on Friday, December 29. Despite being obliged to make the announcement today, the Public Body noted that due to the Christmas holidays taking place in the majority of countries from which the bidders originate from, its decision will be made public on Friday instead. A total of four binding bids were submitted for the 25-year concession.


  1. Anonymous10:32

    Идемоооо Корејциии!

  2. Anonymous10:43

    Whoever gets it will get extremely lucky. Belgrade is really well connected to the rest of Europe.

    BEG-ZRH 33x
    BEG-VIE 32x
    BEG-IST 27x
    BEG-SVO 24x
    BEG-FRA 21x

    On top of that destinations such as ATH, OTP, AMS, FCO, MUC ... all have at least two daily flights.

    1. Anonymous10:49

      Interesting that BEG and SJJ will have the same number of flights to IST.

    2. Anonymous11:49

      I ne samo to, nego je Bg celogodišnjim linijama povezan i sa Njujorkom, Pekingom, Tunisom, Egiptom, Iranom..još dobrih vesti uskoro!

    3. Anonymous12:24

      Exactly, especially to Spain.

  3. Anonymous12:18

    And they just today find that it is Christmas in most countries where concessionaires come from?

    Especially Russians, Koreans, Turks...

    1. Anonymous12:20

      Give ut a break, you will know in 4 days. It's Christmas in France, Switzerland, Greece. Maybe an indication that the winner is from one of those ;)

    2. Anonymous12:27

      LOL, Indians too!

    3. Anonymous14:10


      A lot of Koreans are catholic christians.

    4. Anonymous14:12

      I think even more are Protestant.

  4. As long as resalt on annonciation of winer to airport concession is between 450 and 500 milion
    euros. Easie to waitng Fridy. Oly few days away.


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