Germania to end London - Pristina service


Germania has confirmed it will discontinue flights between London Gatwick Airport and Pristina in January, just seven months after Wizz Air introduced services from Luton Airport. In a statement to EX-YU Aviation News, the airline said, "We can confirm that we will discontinue operations between London Gatwick and Pristina in the middle of January 2018". Germania commenced operations between the two cities in 2013. The carrier will continue to maintain flights from Zurich, Geneva, Bergamo, Dusseldorf and Munich to Pristina, which are operated on behalf of local tour operator Air Prishtina. Germania was Pristina's busiest airline in 2016, carrying some 270.000 passengers on flights to and from the city. Last month, Wizz Air announced it would add a third weekly service from Luton to Pristina starting March 25, 2018.


  1. Anonymous17:47

    Competition from Wizz prooved too strong.

  2. Never flown with them, but I've heard they are a very nice airline?

  3. Anonymous23:59

    wizz will vanquish anyone in our region, I still wonder how do they achieve profits with their aggressive penetration model, but its the fact thezćre growing so fast.


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