Ljubljana maintains growth momentum


Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport has continued to post double digit growth by handling 121.520 passengers in November, an increase of 22.6% on 2016. The number of aircraft movements stood at 2.680, up 13.8%, while 1.052 tonnes of cargo and mail were processed during the month, a jump of 13.2%. Over the past eleven months, Ljubljana welcomed 1.573.038 passengers through its doors, an increase of 20.1%. Aircraft movements increased 5.8% to 32.010 during the same period. Jože Pučnik Airport is now on course to surpass its record 2008 figures when it handled 1.673.050 passengers.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN89.396 21.5
FEB89.995 15.4
MAR108.964 16.0
APR132.239 31.5
MAY146.257 25.5
JUN156.092 15.0
JUL198.138 21.4
AUG196.416▲ 18.9
SEP180.380▲ 18.9
OCT153.641▲ 16.3
NOV121.520▲ 22.6


  1. Anonymous11:40

    Impressive. Hope they can beat the 2008 record but it will be tight.

  2. Anonymous13:16

    1.7 million this year, all airport needs to do is 128000 pax this month. Considering November was 123000.

  3. Anonymous14:53

    Dec 2016 95.335. + 20% would be 114000. So 2017 will be around 1687000 pax. It will just about surpass the 2008 year!

  4. Anonymous19:09

    Is that growth because of Adria ir LCC?

  5. Anonymous20:41

    OT via CH Aviation:
    Slovenia's Adria Airways to lease a Fokker 100 in 1Q18

  6. Anonymous22:09

    LJU will soon be the 3rd busiest airport in ex-Yu.


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