LOT to add Dubrovnik flights


LOT Polish Airlines has announced the launch of seasonal summer flights between Warsaw and Dubrovnik, making it its fifth destination in Croatia following Zagreb, Split, Pula and Zadar. Services will commence on May 3 and initially run three times per week before increasing to five (from May 21) and six per week (June 28). "Croatia is becoming more and more popular among our passengers each year and is one of the most common holiday destinations in the Mediterranean basin for Polish travellers. We are convinced that, as a result of LOT's enhanced offer, Poles will be even more willing to visit Dubrovnik and other Croatian cities, as well as plan a longer vacation or weekend trip", LOT's Corporate Communications Manager, Adrian Kubicki, said. Flights to Dubrovnik will operate with a mix of Embraer E170, E175 and E195 aircraft. Further details for the new route can be found here.


  1. Anonymous14:15

    Bad news for OS and LH as now they will have to compete with LO for transfer passengers.

    1. Anonymous14:47

      FZ too because of LO's growing Asian network.

  2. Anonymous14:55

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  3. Anonymous16:51

    As I previously mentioned, DBV will soon be the most important airport in the Western and southwestern Balkan region.
    I will not surprised if it receives flights to US before SPU or ZAG.

    1. Anonymous17:07

      lol... maybe only during the three summer months. The rest of the year it will be a ghost town.

    2. Anonymous17:40

      Anon 5:07, got some data to support your claim, for the three summer months, I mean?

    3. Anonymous18:06

      Erm how about the internet? Look at how many of these flights are seasonal and how many are suspended once October comes. DBV is an airport that lives for 4 months and then it goes to sleep.

    4. Anonymous18:25

      Is it 3 or 4 months? I asked for Anon 5:07 to present us some data, since he claimed that Dubrovnik is a ghost city for 9 months. Thank you.

    5. Anonymous18:45

      July 2017 DBV 442,030
      July 2017 ZAG 351,532

      DBV 2017 so far: 2,296,391
      ZAG 2017 so far: 2,886,371

      Difference: only half a million

      Also compare how many new routes does DBV have announced for 2018.
      The coast is the coast, that's it.

    6. Anonymous22:32

      Yes but ZAG will also grow next year and it has demand the whole year not just in summer!!!

    7. Anonymous07:07

      Btw. SPU i DBV biljeze preko 100 000 putnika tijekom 7 mjeseci u godini........

      Dajte se malo uozbiljite

  4. Anonymous17:05

    2018 will be another great year for Croatia, just look at new routes on the right of this blog, with more to come! Congrats!

  5. Anonymous20:57

    Surprising set-up. Isn't this the kind of market where lower frequency, but larger aircraft with lower seat cost makes more sense?


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