Macedonia to offer €1.7 million to LCCs


The Macedonian government has earmarked 1.7 million euros in subsidies for low cost carriers (LCCs) in 2018, according to the proposed state budget. The policy, initially launched in 2012, has been credited with bringing Wizz Air to the country, which later opened a base in Skopje. State subsidies for the launch of new routes operated budget airlines have been offered by the Macedonian government twice for a three-year period (in 2012 and 2015), with Wizz Air being the sole beneficiary on both occasions. The Macedonian Minister for Transport and Communications, Goran Sugareski, said last week, "The government of the Republic of Macedonia is strongly committed to the development of air transport. We will maintain the policy of subsidising low cost airlines, which has resulted in cheap fares for Macedonians. The contract with the airline currently benefiting from incentives for the introduction of new routes [Wizz Air] expires next year. After this, we plan to issue a new public call, which will be open to all interested budget carriers. The end result will be an extensive network accessible to all citizens".


  1. Anonymous13:56

    I really hope the following routes are launched:


    As you can see there are still plenty of potential routes.

    1. Anonymous09:22


    2. As for OHD,MMX is a guess of course(Prespa,Bitola, SW Mk).
      But actually TSF is a must since most of the diaspora there is from Ohrid-Struga-Debar region (3 or 4 daily buses to Venezia, Udine, Bolzano) and maybe TRN/BGY.

      IDK about Linz airport prices (i think thet don't have LC) but we can count it in the forementioned group.BTS would do if not that.

      For Germany, DTM/CGN should be priority.Then maybe SXF, but NRN is some 150-200 km near MUC,STR,FRA and CZ.

      Netherlands must have year round flights.RTM would do, but someone needs to drag Transavia.Or EIN with W6.Here we have maybe even more nondiaspora LF than any other.

      And at the end, Poland started seasonal from KTW (and hints for WAW), now others can try Russia/Ukraine.

  2. Anonymous16:32

    half of these don't make any sense

  3. Anonymous17:39

    Good news for Wizz. But how about give some money to KLM cityhopper, lufthansa cityline or AirFrance regional, and they can start routes to AMS, FRA,CDG, with some 100 seat jet, so SKP will have good connection with the rest of the world.
    Macedonia is probably the only country in Europe without flights to Europe's 4 main airports. Only options for connections is Vie and Ist. VIE is not bad but still missing many world destinations, and IST isn't that great...

    1. Anonymous19:25

      Zurich offers connections as well, but i totally agree with the rest


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