Sarajevo Airport begins demolition of old terminal


Sarajevo Airport has begun clearing its old Terminal A building to make way for the multi million euro expansion of its Terminal B facility, as passenger numbers continue to grow. Terminal A was utilised for commercial traffic between 1969 until the outbreak of war in 1992. It has since been used primarily for office space by airport staff. The twenty million euro expansion of the existing passenger terminal will result in an additional 10.000 square metres of space spread across four levels. The length of the entire terminal will total 110 metres, up from the current 68, while the number of check-in desks will be increased from seventeen to 28. Furthermore, the expanded facility will boast seven gates, up from the existing four, and will have an expanded departures and retail area. Upon completion, the terminal building will have the capacity to handle two million passengers. Currently, Sarajevo can welcome one million travellers per year, with the airport set to surpass that figure next year. The demolition of the A building and the expansion of Terminal B will run for some eighteen months.

Sarajevo Airport terminal upon project completion

Sarajevo Airport welcomed 57.887 passengers in November, representing an increase of 22.2%. The number of aircraft movements stood at 887, up 11.9% from 793. During the January - November period, Sarajevo Airport registered 907.751 travellers, an improvement of 14.2% on 2016. It marks the first time Sarajevo has handled over 900.000 passengers in a single year.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN43.377 5.3
FEB41.122 3.4
MAR57.381 7.4
APR79.796 17.6
MAY84.137 1.9
JUN78.170 19.2
JUL140.025 28.3
AUG144.330 22.0
SEP100.923 10.8
OCT80.769 13.2
NOV57.887 22.2


  1. Anonymous14:24

    Impressive results, and a beautiful terminal! Way to go Sarajevo :)

  2. Anonymous17:57

    After all the sorrow, then will come the good times ahead. I am so glad for SJJ - though still consider it needs much more routes than it currently has. One of the most underestimated airports in ex-Yu.

  3. Anonymous20:06

    Why would they need a nice looking airport with corrupt mafia governing it? The only solution for SJJ is concession, let the professional do the job.

  4. Anonymous13:22

    Will they have additional air bridges or will it be only the current 2?


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