Zagreb Airport approaching three million passengers

Zagreb Airport is soon expected handle its record three-millionth passenger as it anticipates for growth to continue into 2018 with the launch of new routes, the arrival of new airlines and an increase in capacity on existing services. "We aim to handle more passengers in the coming period, up to five million and then up to eight million in our next development phase. In order to achieve this, we have to attract new carriers, open new routes and destinations, and make our airport even more competitive", General Manager, Jacques Feron, said recently. He added that, "It is airlines which make the airport a hub. At our concessionaire level, we shall accompany the airlines, and especially Croatia Airlines, in their strategies by being efficient and flexible".

Highlights at Zagreb Airport this year have included the arrival of Emirates, the increase in frequencies and capacity by Qatar Airways and the expansion of Eurowings. Speaking to EX-YU Aviation News, Emirates noted that almost six months into its Dubai - Zagreb service, it is satisfied with the route's performance. "Emirates remains committed to the Croatian market, and works closely with our travel industry partners to support and grow the route". Addressing the operational changes to the service during the winter season, Emirates said, "Across our network, we take a holistic view to deploying our capacity to best meet customer demand through the different seasonal peaks. Our partnership with Flydubai offers additional possibilities to serve our customers better, and the two airlines continue to talk and develop the partnership".

Emirates working with partners to support and grow Zagreb route

Next year will see the arrival of Air Canada Rouge at Zagreb Airport, which will launch four weekly seasonal summer flights from Toronto. Furthermore, Air Transat will extend its flying season between the two cities and will operate a total of five one-way scheduled flights from Zagreb to Montreal during the summer. The services are set to run exclusively on sectors from the Croatian capital. On the other hand, Eurowings forecasts serving an additional 30.000 travellers on its flights to and from Zagreb in 2018. “Zagreb Airport’s costs are above average so we are being careful. This year we will handle 170.000 passengers on flights to the Croatian capital, which will grow to over 200.000 in 2018. We see a good mix of business and leisure passengers to Zagreb with average loads of between 80% and 90%”, Eurowings said.

Zagreb Airport has targeted passenger growth of 8% in 2017, although this figure has been surpassed with numbers improving almost 13%. During the January - November period it handled 2.886.371 travellers. Antonin Beurrier, the Executive Director and Chief International Officer at Zagreb Airport's key shareholder, Aeroports de Paris Management (ADP), said, "With passenger traffic up 20% over the past three years, and the arrival of ten new airlines, Zagreb Airport is seeing particularly rapid growth. For Groupe ADP, it is a strategic asset in its portfolio of airports across the world". He added, "Groupe ADP will operate the Zagreb Airport concession until 2042, providing the airport with a powerful tool to take full advantage of its potential in terms of economic development and tourism".


  1. Anonymous09:03

    I think they will manage around 3.1 million this year.

    1. Anonymous09:14

      I was expecting 3.2 but this is good too. Hopefully next year we will see around 3.5-3.6 million.

    2. Anonymous10:09

      They need a route to the USA!

    3. Anonymous12:04


    4. Anonymous14:21

      I'd like to see US route too, but I have allergies to US airlines, would love to see EU/EEA based airline operate service to US.

      Say Norwegian, LOT or I don't know Air Transat perhaps :D

      Next year 3.5 million pax, 4.0 million year after that.

      I think it is nice to see volume of cargo going up as well, I hope 20 000 tons in 2020. With 4.5 million pax and 20 000 tons of cargo in 2020, Zagreb could be busiest airport overall, not in passengers but overall. Cargo+ passengers.

      I think 8 million by 2025 is quite likely now. Would love to see airport expanded to its fullest phase 2d. Phase 3 and 4 are for 10 and 15 million passengers, not even designed yet.

    5. Anonymous14:36

      So far this year Zagreb was visited by 1.77 million visitors, generating 2.1 million nights.

      1.31 million visitors expected this year, and 2.3 million nights.

      Advent is expected to attract 130 000 foreign visitors, Zagreb is expected to earn €100 million in revenue during the Advent.

      So far Croatia had 16.25 million foreign visitors, 101 million nights. Revenue from tourism in excess of €11.5 billion.

      By far best year in Croatian history in terms of visitor numbers and revenue.

      Croatia is on the track of 20 million foreign visitors in 2020 and revenue of around €15 billion, Zagreb expects 2 million visitors or 10% of total foreign visitor number.

      Not bad for a city that had less than 500 000 foreign visitors in 2010.

    6. Anonymous02:26

      150 000 Canadians in Croatia this year, wonder how many in 2018, considering two Canadian air carriers will fly to Zagreb.

      Could there be 200 000 in 2018??

  2. Anonymous09:03

    Good work ZAG.

  3. Anonymous09:05

    Thanks for the update from EK.

    1. Anonymous09:34

      Speaking of, how are they doing on the ZAG flights?

    2. Anonymous09:38

      Like I said before, summer was very good and did surprisingly well in first and business class as well. I think the route performed well above expectation during summer. Winter has been poor so far. Very big seasonality on this route is evident.

    3. Anonymous10:09

      But it is still 65% average in winter what is OK for Emirates.

    4. Anonymous11:26

      65% on a B777 is not a lot and it is often around 55% but it is the first winter so it is to be expected. They get some incentive from ZAG for winter flights so it covers parts of the costs of the route.

    5. Anonymous12:16

      Just please, don't start with LF's again

    6. Anonymous16:26

      It is interesting that they mention Flydubai. Are they trying to tell us something?

    7. Anonymous18:54

      Yes, they are keeping FlyDubai in the region and Emirates in ZAG.

  4. Anonymous09:07

    Any new announcements for next year except for AC Rouge?

    1. Anonymous09:09

      Aegaean to Athens.

    2. Anonymous09:11

      I think there are a few more European airlines that could start flights to Zagreb. Primarily SAS.

    3. Anonymous09:15

      Why doesn't Iberia start year-round flights? Isn'tthere enough demand to sustain full year operations?

    4. Anonymous09:18

      Croatia to Dublin, Mostar, Istanbul and some other destination.

      EasyJet to London Gatwick and Barcelona.

      Iberia to Madrid all year.

      Icelandair to Reykjavik.

      Pegasus to Istanbul.

    5. Anonymous09:20

      Icelandair to Reykjavik... sure.

    6. Anonymous09:37

      Yes. With connection to USA and Canada. They ordered 17 new planes on top of 32 they have.

    7. Anonymous09:37

      If easyjet was starting those flights they would have put tickets on sale by now.

    8. Anonymous09:39

      Koran 2 flights per week from June to September, not charter but regular route.

    9. Anonymous09:40

      Air Canada Rouge and Air Transat with 6 flights per week is not strange to you, but Icelandair is?

    10. Anonymous09:41

      Yes I'm sure they ordered new planes so they can start Zagreb. Just because they order planes can not lead you to the conclusion that they will start flying to Croatia. Seriously...

    11. Anonymous09:43

      @ AnonymousDecember 12, 2017 at 9:39 AM
      Koran 2 flights per week from June to September, not charter but regular route.

      You change that every month or two. First you said it will be once per week June to September. Now you have doubled it. In a month or two you will write three times per week.

      AnonymousDecember 12, 2017 at 9:40 AM

      I would love all these companies to come but people just shooting their mouth and presenting it as a matter of fact and confirmed is annoying.

    12. Anonymous09:51

      @9:18 AM - I can't see any of those flights in the system.

    13. Anonymous10:10

      Jin Air has announced flights Seoul-Zagreb from 2019 so I doubt Korean Air will start regular fights next year. They will operate charters like this year. Korean Air and Jin Air are owned by the same company.

    14. Anonymous10:11

      An. 9:41
      I am telling you what will happen as inside source. Everything else is just to try to find why. But fact is they will come.

    15. Anonymous14:29

      @AnonymousDecember 12, 2017 at 10:10 AM

      Korean air is short of long hull aircraft, no idea how they can add Zagreb beyond 12-16 seasonal rotations. Would love to see them in Zagreb, really would, but most likely in 2019.

      Jin Air??? Sorry, don't hold your breath for them to show up, same with another Thy based airline, promising world, delivering nothing.

      EasyJet would be nice, no idea if they're coming or not, Monarch did rather well on Gatwick - Zagreb route, and Manchester - Zagreb, EasyJet could easily step in their shoes and take over these two routes.

      150 000 Brits have visited Zagreb so far this year, 175 000 expected. That would at least to me indicate good demand for additional flights.

      800 000 Brits holidayed in Croatia this year, 1 million expected in 2018.

  5. Anonymous09:09

    If ZAG attracted an LCC to open a base numbers would boom straight away. But with prices high like EW says, I don't know how realistic that is.

    1. Anonymous09:18

      Agree. ZAG needs more LCCs.

    2. Anonymous09:28

      Brojke ne donose nuzno i novac.
      Ne vidim potrebu za LCC sve dok sam koncesionar kaze kako mu je cilj povecanje prometa od 8%.
      Manite se tog mjerenje ciji je veci.

    3. Anonymous09:33

      Zagreb does not need LCC. LCC should focus on Zadar and Rijeka. Othar airports in Croatia need to focus on legacy carriers.

    4. Anonymous09:36

      Why should I drive to Zadar or Rijeka. Why doesn't Zagreb need LCCs?

    5. Anonymous09:53

      Because LCC should be used as a tool to bring passengers to those parts of the country which are less frequently visited in return for a lower price. It should not be a goal to kill premium pricing connections because you want to have millions of LCC passengers at ZG airport? What would be economic benefit of that? So that you can travel for less amount of money? If you want that then be prepared to travel for an hour or two by car. Why should that benefit be given for free to tourists which are expected to have better standard of living and consequently are willing to pay more for plane tickets when visiting capitals.

    6. Alen Šćuric Purger10:39

      @Anonymous 12.12. 9:53

      Not true any more

      - Air Baltic: Riga
      - EasyJet: Berlin
      - Eurowings: Berlin
      - NIKI: Palma de Mallorca
      - Pegasus: Istanbul
      - Ryanair: Agadir, Alicante, Athens, Barcelona, Bergamo, Brindisi, Catania, Glasgow, Gran Canaria, Faro, Girona, Kraków, Lanzarote, Lisbon, London–Stansted, Madrid, Málaga, Manchester, Marseille, Murcia, Palma de Mallorca, Perugia, Pisa, Porto, Seville, Tenerife–South, Toulouse, Treviso, Valencia, Chania, Corfu, Kefalonia, Mykonos, Perpignan, Pula, Rijeka, Santorini, Zadar
      - Wizz: Budapest, Sofia
      - Wow: Reykjavik

      Paris CDG:
      - Aigle Azur: Algiers, Bamako, Sétif,Tlemcen
      - air Baltic: Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius
      - Blue Air: Turin
      - easyJet: Barcelona, Belfast–International, Berlin–Tegel, Biarritz, Bristol, Budapest, Catania, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Faro, Fuerteventura, Glasgow, Kraków, Lanzarote, Lisbon, Liverpool, London–Gatwick, London–Luton, London–Southend, Madrid, Málaga, Manchester Marrakesh, Milan–Linate, Milan–Malpensa, Nice, Porto, Tel Aviv–Ben Gurion, Tenerife–South, Toulouse, Venice–Marco Polo, Ajaccio, Bastia, Bilbao, Corfu, Figari, Heraklion, Ibiza, Minorca, Mykonos, Olbia, Palma de Mallorca, Pula, Split
      - Eurowings: Düsseldorf, Salzburg, Hamburg, Berlin–Tegel
      - Flybe: Birmingham, Cardiff, Doncaster Sheffield, Edinburgh, Exeter, Manchester, Southampton
      - Jet2: East Midlands, Leeds/Bradford
      - Joon: Barcelona,Berlin–Tegel, Cairo, Cape Town, Fortaleza,Lisbon, Mahé, Porto, Tehran–Imam Khomeini
      - LEVEL: New York
      - Norwegian: Boston, Denver, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, New York–JFK, Newark, Oakland, Orlando
      - SmartWing: Ostrava, Prague
      - Vueling: Barcelona, Granada, Fuerteventura, London–Gatwick, Madrid, Naples, Oviedo, Prague, Santander, Santiago de Compostela, Seville, Venice, Vienna, Bari, Tangier
      - WOW: Reykjavík–Keflavík

      Same think Amsterdam, Vienna, Brussels, Prague, Warshaw, Athens, Madrid, Lisabon...

      Short break tourists use LCC for travel. If Zagreb wants to grow in tourism must have much more LCC ASAP.

    7. Anonymous10:41

      Pa svaki normalan glavni grad ima i LCC. Hoces reci da je ZAG po tom pitanju elitna destinacija?

    8. Anonymous11:10

      Svatko normalan radi onako kako on misli da je najbolje.

    9. Alen Šćuric Purger11:22

      LCC ekspanziju imaju svi aerodromi u zadnjih 5 godina, pa i oni najveći. Frankfurt, Paris CDG, Amsterdam, Brussels, Beč, Bratislava, Sofija, Bucharest, Venecija, Rim, Atena, Varšava, Prag, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Munich, Lisabon... Čak i oni koji su čvrsto branili dolazak LCC poput Frankfurta i Beča.

      Istinski mi nije jasno koja je logika da Zagreb to nema i kako je on jedini izuzetak? Zar je stvarno management ZL Zagreb jedini pametan i ima dobitnu kombinaciju koju drugi nemaju? Zar su oni inteligentniji od svih ostalih?

      Pa ADPI kao operater ZL Zagreb ima velik broj LCC na svojim aerodromima Paris CDG, Paris ORY, Amsterdam. No, u Zagrebu im je druga logika?!?!?!?

    10. Jedinu njihovu "logiku" vidim u tome da dobijaju pare od legacy kompanija, znajući da od LCC-a neće dobiti neku značajniju lovu. A to što bi LCC letovi pridonijeli još većem turističkom boomu, ne bi pridonijelo njima samima.

    11. Anonymous12:00

      Nobody's saying that Zagreb should become an LCC hub, or that it should have Wizzair and Ryanair, which I myself despize, like most people in Europe. But it is time to increase the LCC offer. Zagreb already has more premium, legacy carriers than any other ex-yu destination. It is wrong to assume that LCCs are only about pax numbers, which does seem to be obsession of some posters on here, or that they don't bring in profit.
      There are so many Europeans, especially the youngsters, who don't feel like spending vast sums of money on short flights, when they could be spending it at their destinations of choice. The larger numbers compensate the airport in terms of prices and the city profits on those tourists leaving money in town, instead of on tickets.

    12. Anonymous12:00

      A mozda i u tome sto moraju stititi OU.

    13. Anonymous12:24

      Stvar je vrlo jednostavna.
      Sve je manja razlika izmedju LCC i legacya.
      Sad ih pustiti za sicu ili za koju godinu za 80% standardne tarife cini itekakvu razliku.
      Aerodrom ima svog upravitelja. Taj radi za svoj interes, ne moj.
      Nema dalje.

    14. Anonymous12:30

      Anonymus 12:00, whenever I read negative comments about Ryanair I must admit that I am surprised. Most people in Europe don't despise Ryan, and that is because they can fly for not that much money all around. I use it quite often, and I can say that they are ok. I sense always a bit of snobbery towards them. Yeah, and youngsters fly with them mostly because they don't have money for legacy carriers, not because they don't feel like spending money. Apart from this I agree with your comment about ZAG getting more LCC.

  6. Anonymous09:12

    What about next year? Any growth estimate?

    1. Anonymous10:31

      2018 will be another strong year for Croatian airports.

    2. Anonymous11:10

      I was talking about how many passengers Zagreb could add next year.

    3. Anonymous11:22

      My estimate is 3,5 million or around 400,000 extra passengers.

    4. Alen Šćuric Purger11:23

      By their estimate around 250-300.000

  7. Anonymous09:12

    Great years ahead of Zagreb.

    1. Anonymous09:21

      Great years for the French with one of the worst concession agreements around.

    2. Anonymous11:14

      And how is is the worst concession agreement?

    3. Anonymous11:17

      Purger can tell you. He posted parts of the concession agreement and many of the terms are just ludicrous.

    4. Put it to rest already. Every time it will be brought up like you know some other concessionaire wouldn't do the same.

    5. Anonymous11:42

      You should direct your frustrations elsewhere. Bravo Croatia! Hope that settles you.

    6. If anyone is frustrated, that would be you, Anonymous with repeating the same thing till the end of the days, looks like it. Find a new argument.

    7. Anonymous11:47

      I wrote it for the first time here and I don't even remember it being mentioned. I have never seen a bigger group of fanboys. You have outdone the Air Serbia fanbase. God forbid someone says anything remotely negative about Zagreb Airport. Only comments allowed: "Bravo Croatia" and "Bravo Hrvatska" as well as estimates of passenger growth until the 22nd century.

    8. Just because we're not on the hate brigade, doesn't make me a fan boy, how you like to call anyone that has remotely different opinion than yours. You do NOT know how things would end with some other concessionaire and therefore you can't know if the things would be better, same or worse. This airport, for the travelers, for which it's been made is much better outcome than what the airport used to be. Maybe it would be better with some other owner, but I'm not going to be bitching, whining and moaning because of it. It's far from perfect, but I'm not gonna be one of those that can't get over the fact the airbridges don't have glasses or that there's not enough of greenery in the terminal. What's behind the walls and the contract won't make (almost) any difference to me or you or any other traveler that will use the airport.

    9. Anonymous13:54

      ZAG management has attracted a lot of new airlines and they have done a good job.

    10. Anonymous15:44

      And imagine what would happen, if OU stops feeding LH, AF, KL and BA hubs from coastal cities and converts ZAG into a real hub. We are talking about more than 1 million annual wasted seats to feed big brothers, instead of feeding its own network. What a shame.

    11. Anonymous16:36

      Why on earth would you do that? To have one additional hop on your travel?

  8. Anonymous09:22

    Seems that ZAG is on the right track but it should work on reducing seasonality and getting more airlines to fly year round. This year it lost too many during winter - CSA, Brussels... They have to work more on this.

    1. Anonymous13:55

      A lot of airlines especially * alliance ones on their flights to Zagreb rely on tourists going to the Croatian coast who make a one or two day break in the city. That's why seasonality is so high.

    2. Anonymous14:01

      I realize that. Hopefully things like Advent and other events will drive demand up for ZAG in winter.

  9. Anonymous09:24

    Hopefully there will finally be direct flights to the US next year.

    1. Anonymous09:29

      They say that every year and every year there is nothing.

    2. Anonymous09:48

      A tko su to "oni"?

    3. Anonymous09:50

      Croatian government.

    4. Anonymous10:00

      Nije bas kako pratim rad iste, no nisam zamjetio neke takve objave/najave/obznane.......

    5. Anonymous10:09

      Do početka ovogodišnje turističke sezone Croatia Airlines i Zračna luka Zagreb mogli bi uspostaviti direktnu avio linija između Zagreba i SAD-a. Poručili su to danas na novinskoj konferenciji ministar promet Božidar Kalmeta i američki veleposlanik u Hrvatskoj James B. Foley.

      The Croatian Embassy in the United States has resumed talks with relevant stakeholders over the introduction of nonstop flights between the two countries. Speaking to the "Total Croatia News" portal, Josip Paro, the Croatian Ambassador to the United States, said, "The Embassy has this month again restarted discussions with various players in order to again explore the realistic possibilities to establish direct flights to Croatia. However, this will require, among others, a conclusion of a serious independent market study in the US that can verify passenger interest and establish a credible passenger load for the aircraft, which is essential to properly calculate the economics of these direct flights. We will do all we can to spearhead and facilitate this effort, and achieve direct flights as soon as it is economically possible".

      The Croatian Ministry for Tourism has announced that talks concerning the introduction of nonstop flights to the United States are ongoing. Minister Gari Cappelli said on Friday, "We are in serious negotiations over the introduction of year-long flights from Croatia to New York, most likely from Zagreb and Dubrovnik, even from Split". Mr Cappelli noted that the Croatian embassy in Washington has taken upon itself to seek out potential operators and that talks regarding the introduction of flights should continue over the summer during his official visit to the States. According to the Minister, all signs are pointing towards the introduction of seasonal flights during the high season in 2018 and year-long services in 2019.

    6. Anonymous10:23

      They have been delaying flights from Zagreb to US each year. Hope it finally happens in 2018!

    7. Anonymous10:25

      The issue is that US carriers are apprehensive to flying to Europe too much and have limited networks. There is no Croatian company that can fly to US. I see a solution in a European leisure airline that would fly from Zagreb to the US during the summer.

    8. Anonymous10:30

      With more and more European airlines starting to fly from other countries nonstop to the US thanks to the open skies agreement, you never know who could be a potential operator of Croatia-US flights. Even Aer Lingus recently announced it would start mainland Europe - US flights.

    9. Anonymous14:50

      Don't think US flights are likely before 2020. Simply put US airlines are losing money badly, and they're not keen on expanding in to new routes overseas unless they see demand for the route, like really great demand.

      Even though (looking at official statistics visitor numbers) some 500 000 US visitors visited Croatia, in 2017 (470 000, 1-11) I think what would constitute demand is when they see 1 million US visitors visiting one country.

      That would definitely see them jumping for joy and adding Zagreb as the next big thing.

      Until such time I don't see direct flights to Zagreb. And that might be a good thing, US airlines offer terrible service and I'd rather fly with AF or KLM, than any of the US airlines. Always !!! I am allergic to all US Airlines, they're giving me a nasty rush.

    10. US airlines are actually very profitable lately, I don't know where you got the idea that they're not.
      Sure, TATL might not be where they make most of their money, but they for sure are veeeery profitable

  10. Anonymous09:24


  11. Anonymous09:25

    It's been an amazing year for almost all airport ex-Yu. Well done.

    1. Anonymous09:47

      Records all around.

  12. Anonymous09:26

    Nice results. Looking forward to seeing Air Canada Rouge :)

  13. Anonymous09:33

    I hope Transavia considers some routes to ZAG.

    1. Anonymous13:00

      Will probably not happen from Amsterdam, sincr KLM is already flying to Zagreb. But Zag-Ams could definitely use a lcc carrier. I think if easyjet would open the route they would be very succesful

    2. Anonymous14:57

      @AnonymousDecember 12, 2017 at 9:33 AM

      Kind of obvious, Montreal, they'll add Montreal in 2019 or 2020, about 99.999% certain. Perhaps Vancouver in 2021 and Edmonton/Calgary by 2024. They could even fly Halifax - Zagreb with A321 NEO LR/ B797 if they get it:D say 2027/8.

      B 797 will be where B757 and 767 200 meet, around 240 pax in single class and 200 pax in 2 class configuration. First test flight for B797 scheduled for 2023. Range - 7000-8000km with 240pax.

  14. Anonymous09:38

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  15. Anonymous09:47

    Any plans yet with the old terminal? It been almost a year now since they stopped using it.

    1. Anonymous10:11

      I think there are three options - they can covert to LCC terminal, covert to cargo depot, covert to office space.

    2. Anonymous10:12

      Oh and the CEO said they would use it for cargo but so far nothing.

    3. Alen Šćuric Purger10:40

      Cargo terminal was last plan announce by ZAIC.

    4. Plenty of room for both a low cost terminal and a descent new cargo facility.

    5. Anonymous15:00

      It'll be a cargo terminal, the section where stairs are and 2nd level will become VIP terminal with possibility of LCC terminal in longer term, say 2026/7.

      The rest of the terminal will become Cargo terminal, capacity of around 50-80 000 tons.

  16. Anonymous09:49

    Excellent result

  17. Anonymous10:22

    ZAG has so much potential. OU should really try and promote ZAG as a transfer point and use its position to shuttle passengers from the region to western Europe. Something Adria is trying to do at the moment.

    1. Anonymous11:08

      I think its too late (same with Adria). People from the region already have nonstop flights to western Europe.

  18. Anonymous10:23

    Good luck, I hope we get a surprise of two in the next few weeks :)

    1. Anonymous10:34

      Really hoping for a nice surprise like the Air Canada news.

  19. Anonymous11:08

    Good news from Croatia and Zagreb.

  20. Anonymous11:13

    Someone should fill the void left by Monarch and reduction of Croatia Airlines on the London-Zagreb route.

    1. Anonymous11:33

      It's a chance for U@ or W6 to jump in.

    2. Anonymous13:04

      Yes, I really hope that easyjet will come and fly some routes out of Zag. They could fly to:

    3. Anonymous13:56

      I agree. All of those have potential.

    4. Anonymous15:08

      EasyJet could do following routes

      London Gatwick
      Barcelona if Vueling doesn't pull its...

      Almost 3-4 times per week to each destination, London daily. This would mean they can base one aircraft in Zagreb.

      Time will tell how this goes, with Brexit nonsense, no idea. It is quite likely now Brexit won't happen as there's little appetite for dramatics and UK economy is nosediving, but you never know. The length the right-wing will go, to ensure self annihilation.... Nazis anyone!!! Fine example to follow. sorry for bit oft...

    5. Anonymous15:35

      Funny how some people tie Brexit to Nazis. Left-wing can also go to the extreme it seems.

    6. Anonymous18:33

      "It is quite likely Brexit won't happen..." Where do you live? In a parallel world?

  21. Anonymous11:29

    Again with the HUB mania. Guys, people need cheap fares to travel. Nobody is benefiting from this HUB thing if it don't brings you cheap fares...

  22. Anonymous11:33

    There have been rumors that Norwegian will start LGW and OSL to ZAG next year but I don't know if this is serious.

    1. Anonymous11:38

      The same guy said they would open a base in Zagreb in 2020.

  23. Anonymous11:55

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  24. Anonymous12:55

    Budapest 11 500.000

    1. Anonymous13:53

      I don't think you can compare Budapest with any city in the region.

    2. Anonymous14:27

      Of course you can, with Belgrade.

    3. Anonymous14:28

      It has double the passenger numbers and is a tourist mecca, so no.

    4. Anonymous15:13

      @AnonymousDecember 12, 2017 at 1:53 PM

      Nope, you can't, Budapest has established itself as a major European destination for nearly 2 decades now.

      In the region no city comes close to Budapest. Also Budapest is massive LCC base, home to Wizz.

      Prague - 14 million this year, Vienna 28 million.

      Zagreb at best can achieve is 8 million by 2025, Vienna will be churning 35 million pax by that point, Budapest at least 15 million, Prague could hit 20 million pax.

    5. Anonymous17:47

      In terms of connectivity Budapest and Belgrade can well be compared.

  25. Anonymous13:56

    I'm hoping to see Wizz basing an aircraft. I know it's a long shot.

    1. Anonymous14:01

      No chance. At least not anytime soon.

  26. Anonymous13:59

    I think there is a big possibility that Split will overtake Zagreb next year, which is not really an issue but ZAG overtook SPU - just - in November. If Split had a few extra routes during the winter it could be ahead of Zagreb.

    1. With 10% growth Zagreb should be safe for at least another year. 2019 could be interesting unless Zagreb is able to achieve 15% over the next few years.

    2. Anonymous15:04

      I sincerely hope Split will never overtake Zagreb in terms of number of passengers. And I live in Split, not to be mistaken for something else.

    3. Anonymous15:19

      @AnonymousDecember 12, 2017 at 1:59 PM

      No chance, Split is expected to handle 3.1 million pax at most, next year Dubrovnik will have high growth rates, and could hit 2.8 million pax.

      Zagreb will hit 3.5 million pax and could do 3.6 million. Problem with coastal airports is, they're holiday airports, these are busy between April 1st and October 31st. After that they're ghost town.

      Gives time to airports to repair and modernize over that period and prepare for the next tourist wave.

      Zagreb is a main national airport, handles traffic throughout the year, this won't change and as years pass by, numbers will grow and grow even in winter months.

      Zagreb still lacks LCCs, when these finally show up, numbers will skyrocket, however I hope airport management holds LCCs at bay for at least another 2-3 years. OU needs to recover fully.

    4. Anonymous15:24

      Dont understand why? Id rather see SPU having 6m and ZAG 5m,than ZAG having 3.5m and SPU 3,4m.

    5. Anonymous15:59

      Do you have any idea what 6 million passengers would mean for Split? And especially during vacation season, even if it lasts from April to November. That is a horror story. Personally I don't suffer from any megalomania and Split is not a metropolis. It is a small city on the coast of the Adriatic with all the good and bad sides that come out of that. I personally would like it to remain that way.

    6. Anonymous16:08

      @AnonymousDecember 12, 2017 at 3:24 PM

      Split will handle, I imagine 6 million, by 2025. Zagreb around 8 million. Dubrovnik perhaps 5.5 million.

      I can only see people along the coast, getting a lot more angrier to tourist, even now you can see many in Dubrovnik objecting to too many visitors.

      You can't have a cake....

  27. Anonymous14:00

    KLM will reduce capacity to ZAG next year but they are increasing Split.

    1. Anonymous14:09

      Where did you find that information? How big will they reduce it?

    2. Anonymous16:32

      they will fly to Zagreb with E190 during the whole summer season, instead of B737. Also, they will increase capacity with bigger plane if there will be demand. So nothing special happen, they did the same thing this summer, sending often 738, 739...

  28. Anonymous14:12

    During the last 17 years the airport has grown by 2 million passengers and has been maintaining 2 million passengers during the last 10 years. I am not sure what to say.

  29. Anonymous14:16

    Easyjet just announced they will fly seven new routes out of Croatia in summer season 2018. It will be;

    Too bad they won't be starting any flights from AMS to ZAD. I guess it would have been a big hit since there are no flights to ZAD from the Netherlands yet.

    1. Anonymous14:19

      And no Zagreb.

    2. TUIfly NL will fly from AMS to ZAD but as a charterflight. Fridays and only bookable with hotel

    3. Don’t understand why easyJet is going to compete with Ryanair to SXF and Eurowings to TXL. it would be better to inaugurate routes to BRS and GLA if Ryanair really canx the routes.

      Same with VCE and DBV. Volotea has 3 weekly flights and Croatia 2 weekly. Maybe OU is going to canx the route

  30. Anonymous14:28

    People should understand that there will be no major LCC presence in terms of bases in Zagreb until the clause of the concession where Croatia Airlines is protected exists. Look at the General Manager's statement in the text. He also stresses how important it is for the airport to be flexible to OU.

    1. Anonymous14:31

      Kako ti to iscitas nesto sto ne pise????

  31. Anonymous10:41

    ZAG had its fair share of LCCs during last 10 years...nothing good came out of that business...profit was too low...ZAG should try to get carriers like Air China or Garuda Indonesia in order to grow slightly better...5 mill pax target will not be reached any time soon cause in order to reach it you'll have to double present volume of traffic...north part of Croatia doesn't have anything to "offer" to world in order to attract pax to fly for ZAG (unfortunatelly)...i see XAG airport back under Croatian goverment management within next 5years...NOte that everything writen here is MY OWN PERSONAL oppinion


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