Belgrade Airport registers record year


Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport welcomed a record 5.343.420 passengers in 2017, cementing its position as the busiest airport in the former Yugoslavia. The figure represents growth of 8.5% on 2016 and marks the first time the airport has managed to handle over five million travellers in a single year. On average, some 445.285 passengers used the airport's services each month, or 14.364 per day. The airport processed 40% more freight on 2016. Last year, Belgrade Airport saw its busiest month and day on record and finished off 2017 with its eighteenth consecutive month of passenger growth. This Friday, the Public Body overseeing the airport's concession process is due to make its decision on the highest bidder, while on January 13, Iran Air will launch services from Tehran. This will be followed by Qeshm Air on February 1, which will also introduce flights from the Iranian capital, while Air Serbia will add services to Geneva in March. In July, easyJet will start flights from Basel.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN329.714 13.5
FEB282.503 6.1
MAR343.771 9.8
APR416.309 13.9
MAY432.828 4.0
JUN506.768 10.2
JUL630.107 6.9
AUG641.371 8.7
SEP567.223 9.2
OCT480.550 9.5
NOV350.144  5.7
DEC362.131 5.2


  1. Anonymous11:51

    Bravo Serbia! This is THE BEST airport in the region and will be even better now that a new concessionaire is selected. Next target flights to Korea and Canada!

    1. Anonymous12:25


    2. Anon 11:51 AM
      I do agree -100%. This is year of Serbian airports just begining. Naturaly
      South European airports will go to raising. Great time is ahead...

    3. Anonymous17:56

      Belgrade airport will soon have as many pax as all other airports in ex-Yu combined. Serbia is on the rise and BEG is becoming a true hub for long haul flights to this part of the world.

  2. Anonymous12:00

    Really good result for BEG. By the way, it is highly unlikely IR will start operations to BEG on January 13.

    1. Anonymous12:02

      Why? Flights are scheduled. They are also on the BEG airport schedule and the first group of tourists is ready to arrive.

    2. Anonymous12:12

      You know the new year has started when trolls come out :D

    3. Anonymous might be talking about the recent unrest in the country which could get out of control. Lets hope it doesn't become the next Syria.

    4. Anonymous12:35

      Protests in a country of 80 million people will unlikely result in flight cancellations.

    5. Anonymous15:35

      @Anonymous January 3, 2018 at 12:35 PM
      Some of them may come and never comeback to Iran. Who knows...

  3. Anonymous12:26

    December barely better than November? How come?

    Fantastic year for Belgrade, I am so excited what 2018. will bring.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Anonymous12:42

    Are these flights to Tehran on sale ?

    1. I could not find them

    2. Anonymous13:23

      They are not. You cannot book the flights.

    3. Anonymous13:24

      Flights are sold through tour operators. These flights are for Iranian tourists.

    4. Anonymous13:30

      So the IranAir flight is basically a charter flight?

    5. Anonymous13:50

      They are regular flights. I believe that Iranian carriers can’t sell through regular booking systems due to sanctions. Hence why Iran Air won’t show on Google flights.

    6. Anonymous13:53

      So, how then you can buy a ticket then?

    7. Anonymous13:57

      You can buy a ticket only from Iran :)

    8. Anonymous14:04

      You can buy in Iran through organized travel agencies, thus making it a charter flight. You cannot book it from Iran through Iran Air.

    9. Anonymous15:34

      What about Qeshm Air? Also can't be bought?

  6. Anonymous13:12

    Znaci probili su 5 miliona najkasnije 4og. Kakva gomila smutljivaca ukljucujuci i premijerku.

    1. Anonymous13:57

      Zbog cega? Ne razumem o cemu pricas?

    2. Anonymous14:06

      Mislim da ni on nije razumeo šta je pisac hteo da kaže.

    3. Anonymous14:11

      Hteo je da kaze da su oznacili dolazak 5-milionitog putnika znacajno kasnije nego sto je on stvarno bio kako bi se uklopili u raspored premijerke.

    4. Anonymous14:21

      Pa to je bio slucaj i u ZG, kao da je iko i mislio da je osoba koju su random uhvatili pod ruku zaista 5milioniti putnik, ne znsam cak ni da li je to moguce izvesti. Svasta ...

  7. Anonymous16:20

    idemoo.. 2018 = 5.8 m

  8. Anonymous17:00

    The withdrawal of HNA Group is very strange taking in consideration that the Chinese ambassador to Bulgaria have confirmed that HNA Group is still in the race and is willing to get Plovdiv Airport.

    1. Anonymous17:15

      Not strange at all. The scope of the investments asked for at both airports can't be compared.


    2. Anonymous09:04

      Will the problems of HNA affect their BEG service?

    3. Anonymous09:05

      If HNA operations are affected it will affect their entire network. Not just Belgrade.

  9. Anonymous22:50

    Congratulations to Belgrade. Solid growth supported by a solid mix of lowcost and legacy carriers. Let's see what 2018 brings.

  10. Anonymous23:00

    So BEG and INI handled 5.7 million tgis year while next year we can expect 6.1 to 6.2!

  11. Anonymous21:05

    SKP and OHD handled relative to population size much more. More than 2.Mio pax which is exactly the population of Macedonia.
    No need for such excitement.

    1. Anonymous23:00

      HR aerodromi 10 000 000
      Sto je i vise nego duplo u odnosu na populaciju.


    2. Anonymous23:02

      Pitanje: Who cares?

      Svima vam je taj BEG trn u oku. Ako ste toliko bolji zasto se uopste obazirete i pisete komentare na temu vezanu za BEG?

    3. Ne glumi sveca. Kao da nema padobranaca sa svih ostalih strana na ostalim temama.

    4. Anonymous23:09

      U Crnoj gori 2,2 miliona. Tri puta vise od populacije. Pa sta cemo sad?

    5. Anonymous23:25

      E to je vec posao.

      Anonu iznad,
      nisam padobranac vec ronioc.
      A ako vec skacem iz aviona, skacem iz savrseno naispravnog, ako razumjes.

    6. Anonymous23:30

      Anon 11:09
      Da je vama Zeljka Markic, ne bi bilo 4rostruko vec

      Sala mala, naravno ��

    7. Anonymous10:09

      me palite se ,pogledajte koliko ima putnika Palma de Marolca vise od 26 miliona cela bivsa YU se smesna


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