Germania to launch new Pristina flights


Germania will introduce new services from Pristina to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. The carrier will commence a two weekly service to the French capital starting March 28, each Wednesday and Saturday, with its 150-seat Airbus A319 aircraft. It will face no direct competition on the route, which was previously maintained by easyJet from November 2016 until its suspension exactly a year later. Tickets for the new service can be purchased through Germania's website, as well as from tour operator Air Prishtina. Meanwhile, Norwegian Air Shuttle, which recently announced it would up frequencies on its summer flights between the Finnish and Kosovan capitals from one to two per week, has brought forward the service resumption by three months to March 27.

Further details for the new Pristina - Paris flights can be found here.


  1. Anonymous10:36

    Smart move by PRN as now it will start attracting passengers from Macedonia as well who want to fly into the city and not some random village 150 km north of the French capital.

    1. Anonymous13:27

      by travelling 100km to PRN? your math is wrong

    2. Anonymous13:52

      SKP-BVA will take a major hit now.

    3. Anonymous14:58

      I'd much rather go to BVA than enter Kosovo, thank you very much.

    4. Anonymous15:02

      Paris to CDG is 45 min. Paris to BVA is 1h30.

      Skopje to PRN is min 2h including the border, with potential for much longer.

    5. Anonymous15:06

      Not to mention the difference in fares between Wizz and Germania... Total pax taxes on PRNCDG vs those on SKPBVA must be in the region of 60 vs 30, even without taking into account the underlying CASK advantage Wizz has.

      Kosovars are gonna sustain this traffic level as long as they don't mind being ripped off to fly to PRN.

    6. Anonymous15:51

      easyJet failed on this route, Germania will too. It's just the way it is. PRN is desperate to have flights to markets where there is simply no demand.

    7. Anonymous17:12

      haha, has someone of you checked their fares? I dont think BVA is in any way "in danger"

      PRN-CDG with JP is also cheaper then Germania

    8. Anonymous09:41

      JP does not offer direct flights between PRN and CDG and startin at almost 500EUR where you can book Germania for little less than 300 EUR:

    9. Anonymous10:59

      SKP-BVA-SKP is 100€. Welcome!

  2. Anonymous10:49

    Like it or not PRN's catchment area is relatively poor which is why so many airlines keep on adding and suspending flights. Any route can only survive if there is enough diaspora to fill the seats during the summer months.

    Weak economy and high unemployment rates are not a great mix for airlines.

    1. Anonymous11:08

      Well, PRN recorded 1,8 mio pax in 2017, which is more than e.g. LJU where everybody brags how rich they are.
      Furthermore, even with gastos PRN is (much) less seasonal than croatian coastal airports

    2. Anonymous11:28

      The main difference is that LJU is sandwiched between a few major airports such as ZAG or VCE. Who does PRN have? SKP? OHD?

      Even TIA which is not that far away has limited offer of airlines. There is a reason why more and more people are from around PRN are using INI.

    3. Anonymous12:40

      Actually many Kosovars use SKP-
      so, PRN also has a major competitor just 90 km away, and still has more than 1,8 million passengers in a year

    4. Anonymous12:45

      Yes, competition from ONE airport while how many does LJU have? Now that you counted look at the quality of airlines flying from LJU's area and compare them to the one in PRN's zone.

      If LJU was in the same situation it would easily handle 2.5 million.

      Also LJU will overtake PRN most likely next year.

    5. Anonymous15:40

      what "quality" of airlines are you talking about?
      both "areas" have the same mixture of legacy carriers and LCCs.
      Most importantly: I stick to reality and not to ifs
      if i would use your argumentation, then IF visas are lifted for Kosovars, then PRN pax number would also skyrocket.

    6. Anonymous15:50

      You can't compete the market here with yours. LJU has to fight hard with ZAG, BUD and VCE for its market. All PRN has is SKP with a bunch of subsidized flights. Wow.

      Also, look at how many passengers LJU added and then compare that to how many PRN added. Oh and let's not forget that LJU is home to an actual airline.

    7. Anonymous15:55

      LJU will do well in 2018. Not only will JP add six new destinations but Transavia will also add more flights. The market seems to be finally waking up.

    8. Anonymous15:55

      Albanians fly from Kosovo because they avoid to drive through Serbia. Going around is too much hassle.

    9. Anonymous16:01

      Hmm INI said it themselves that around 17% of the traffic came from the region of Kosovo. So I don't think that many of them avoid it.

    10. Anonymous17:40

      Anon 4:01pm really??? Almost one fifth then of the traffic is from Kosova. I wonder if there is any such from Macedonia too? How about western Bulgaria?

    11. Anonymous19:02

      Yes, 17% is from Kosovo and Metohija, 5% from Macedonia and Bulgaria. The airport published these numbers some months ago.

    12. Anonymous22:05

      I have never ever heard that albanians avoid serbia, its rather other way around, they even use belgrade not to mention nis

    13. Anonymous06:21

      Exactly. Just look at how well JU's BEG-TIA is performing. It's one of the few routes that sees minimal seasonal reductions.

  3. Anonymous13:33

    Very good news!! PRN is growing and going forward which adding destinations and introducing services to major airports, this is great!

  4. Anonymous17:37

    What is interesting is that PRN is served to more primary destinations compared to SKP.
    On the other hand, it will be interesting who will come first in 2018: SKP/LJU/PRN are having almost identical figures.

    1. Anonymous19:00

      Yeah but unlike SKP, PRN keeps on losing airlines and destinations.

  5. Anonymous13:24

    PRN - Bratislava is more than necessary!!


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