Iran Air's Belgrade service to launch in March


Iran Air has again delayed the launch of its two weekly service from Tehran to Belgrade as a result of bureaucratic issues. Therefore, the airline has been unable to begin ticket sales for the route. Services were initially set to commence on January 13, but were later pushed back to January 27 and now to March 27. The Iranian carrier said this week that flights will commence "soon" through a short message on its official Twitter page. Iranian carrier Qeshm Air also plans to launch two weekly operations between Tehran and Belgrade on March 19.


  1. Anonymous13:43

    Well that settles debate whether these are seasonal charters when in fact it will be a scheduled normal service with tickets on sale.

  2. Anonymous13:48

    Hopefully Qeshm Air will really start flights next week and not postpone like Iran Air.

  3. Anonymous13:58

    Qeshm is also delayed for March 19

  4. Nemjee15:10

    This is not surprising. Serbia is about to establish banking ties with Iran meaning that money transfers will become available.
    The initial meeting was scheduled for late January but the Iranians postponed it.

    The new meeting is scheduled for late February and Komercijalna Banka was selected by the National Bank of Serbia to become the first bank to allow these monetary transactions.

    Once banking ties are allowed Iran Air will be allowed to sell their flights through tourist agencies.

  5. Anonymous18:20

    They wanted to do the first flight tomorrow but didn't even start ticket sales for a regular scheduled service??

    Or is a charter only?

    1. Anonymous18:28

      Regular scheduled service.


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