Osijek Airport sees strong growth


Osijek Airport handled 43.373 passengers in 2017, representing an increase of 41% on the year before, thus making it its busiest since the collapse of the former Yugoslavia. The growth was fuelled by Eurowings and Wizz Air which launched new flights to the city last year. The airport is expected to see the positive trend continue into 2018. Eurowings has previously said it plans to add a new route to the city this year and increase its existing two weekly service from Stuttgart to three per week. Meanwhile, Wizz Air will add another flight, for a total of three per week, on its Basel - Osijek service from late March.


  1. Anonymous10:55

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  2. Anonymous11:12

    Finally, ZAG and TZL are getting some competition! Continental Croatia will have even more choice now.

  3. Anonymous11:22

    They should add line to DUB ... that is one badly needed given how many people have left

  4. Anonymous11:44

    Pročelje ne izgleda više ovako, sve je ostakljeno i prošireno.

  5. Dublin indeed would do excellent

  6. From reading comments on recent articles on this site, ZAG->DUB is a possibility. Perhaps they will incorporate this onto OSI as well. E.g. OSI->ZAG->DUB and DUB->ZAG->OSI.

    We shall see.

  7. Anonymous14:28

    OSI - DUB could work on its own. Half of Slavonia is there already with other half planning to go soon.

  8. How is 2 pw Eurowings and Wizz Air, plus the PSO of Trade Air, beating the past times of Ryanair?
    (and Germanwings?)

  9. Osijek - Düsseldorf (Weeze) could work also

    1. Anonymous18:33

      Well I think routes to Ireland or southern Germany would work better

  10. Dublin definitely.

  11. Anonymous19:47

    Sadly, the best chance for poor Slavonia is a quick connection for escape to real countries.

    I'm a happy user of OSI-BSL - expanding soon to three flights is a great news. They are just missing better local connections from the airport.


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