Record year for Ljubljana Airport


Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport has registered its busiest year on record in 2017, overtaking its previous best result achieved in 2008. It handled 1.683.045 passengers last year, an increase of 19.8% on 2016. The number of aircraft movements stood at 34.467, up 5.4%, while 12.324 tonnes of cargo and mail were processed during the year, a jump of 18.7%. The airport anticipates growth to continue into 2018, albeit at a slower pace, with Adria Airways to launch six new routes from the city this summer. Furthermore, work on the airport's new passenger terminal is scheduled to begin at the end of the year.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN89.396 21.5
FEB89.995 15.4
MAR108.964 16.0
APR132.239 31.5
MAY146.257 25.5
JUN156.092 15.0
JUL198.138 21.4
AUG196.416▲ 18.9
SEP180.380▲ 18.9
OCT153.641▲ 16.3
NOV121.520▲ 22.6
DEC110.007▲ 15.4


  1. Anonymous10:39

    I wonder if LJU might overtake PRN or SKP next year given that neither one of the two has some major route announcements?

    1. Anonymous10:52

      The answer is in the article:

      "The airport anticipates growth to continue into 2018, albeit at a slower pace"

    2. Anonymous11:09

      in the first half SKP has 5-6 new routes which Wizz started in late summer so no chances there. 2nd half is interesting LJU has all the new JP routes if they materilize and SKP has none as of now

  2. Anonymous10:41

    Bosnia will have roughly 1,6 million passengers in 2017 that went through its airports, could this mean that Bosnia could finally surpass Slovenia this year in terms of total passengers in the country?

  3. Anonymous12:04

    Bravo Fraport!

  4. Anonymous17:27

    Not sure, but Ljubljana could handle 2 million pax in 2018, at least 1.85 million. Can't comment for other cities mentioned here, it is so unpredictable.

  5. Hope LJU will be close to 1,8 - 1,9 million pax. in 2018.

    1. Anonymous19:23

      i hope so with feb transavia goes 5daily

    2. what about easyJet? will they increase/add flights?

    3. Anonymous00:08


  6. Anonymous09:00

    Big Big Thanks to JP


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