Sarajevo Airport sees record 2017


Sarajevo Airport saw its busiest year in 2017, during which it handled 957.696 passengers, an increase of 14.2% compared to the year before. It is the first time the airport has managed to surpass the 900.000 passenger mark. During the last month of the year, Sarajevo Airport welcomed 50.218 travellers through its doors, up 13.7% compared to December 2016. Over the past twelve months, Sarajevo registered 12.775 aircraft movements, representing an increase of 12.1%. Furthermore, the airport processed 2.956 tons of cargo, an improvement of 3.2%. Sarajevo Airport anticipates handling over one million passengers this year.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN43.377 5.3
FEB41.122 3.4
MAR57.381 7.4
APR79.796 17.6
MAY84.137 1.9
JUN78.170 19.2
JUL140.025 28.3
AUG144.330 22.0
SEP100.923 10.8
OCT80.769 13.2
NOV57.887 22.2
DEC50.218 13.7


  1. Anonymous15:00

    Congrats SJJ...good work!

  2. Anonymous15:03

    Bravo Sarajevo!

  3. Anonymous17:37

    Tuzla has handled 535.000, a major record for that tiny airport. Didn't see exyu publish anything about that.

    1. Tuzla Airport's passenger figures have been published each month, along with other developments at the airport. There are three news items per day. If you don't read about it today, perhaps you will read about it tomorrow.

    2. Anonymous22:18

      Anon, why are you so bitter?

  4. Anonymous19:27

    Great news :)


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