TRIP REPORT: Air Serbia, Brussels - Belgrade


Submitted by Mina Pavlović

Flight JU305 from Brussels to Belgrade just before New Year. I purchased my ticket only a week in advance but was lucky that the price wasn't too expensive. Around 200 euros. I chose to select my seat near the window which is now charged 5 euros. At the airport in Brussels I realised this was unnecessary since the check-in agents were asking passengers if they preferred a window or aisle seat.

The flight itself was good. It was full with a lot of Arabic speaking passengers. I fly between Brussels and Belgrade several times per year and this is a usual occurrence. Service at Air Serbia has definitely changed in the last year. Before we used to be distributed a menu with two meal options to choose from. Now passengers get a sandwich, sweet and drinks. On this flight we got a chicken sandwich with honey and mustard and a choco bread with candied orange. For the drink I took some white wine. Everything was free. The seats are also different then before but I have to say that I prefer the new seats. There seems to be more leg space than before. Not sure if this is actually the case or if this is just a perception because the seats are slimmer.

Crew was pleasant and professional. Since this is an evening flight, the lights were switched off midway through the flight. There is an option to purchase on board wi-fi for a fee but I didn't use it. From landing in Belgrade until I was out of the airport took less than 20 minutes. I used the e-gate at passport control which is a breeze and my bag was out very quickly.

Air Serbia provides an ok product for this 2h 20 minute flight. It was certainly more wow before they changed their service product but I still think it is up to the majority of European airline's standards, certainly at least Brussels Airlines which I also fly with regularly.

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  1. Anonymous13:53

    Seems ok. Don't understand why so many people moan about them on here.

    1. Anonymous15:13

      Because it’s getting worse

    2. Anonymous15:28

      It already got worse. Much worse.

    3. Anonymous15:40

      ah calm down divas

    4. Anonymous17:32

      You would be outraged as well if you were flying with JU. Prices have not gone down.. at all.

    5. Anonymous23:01

      Talk to me about prices. They can't include one sandwich and a snack + a can of soda (costing 10 EUR tops) in a 400 EUR ticket to LHR! Really?

  2. Anonymous14:28

    I can agree. I fly CPH - BEG many times per year and the experience is very pleasant every time.

  3. Anonymous15:31

    They should invest in food packaging. Would make the meal look much better. Don't get why they don't package their food like they do the JU sandwiches for Idea Supermarkets. Looks much better.

    1. Anonymous16:25

      They sell Air Serbia catering at supermarkets?

    2. Anonymous16:32

      Yes in the Idea supermarket chain, which is ironically Croatian owned.

    3. Anonymous17:31

      Isn't Idea owned by like Sberbank?

  4. Anonymous17:40

    Seems that they managed to position themselves as a good transfer solution for those traveling from Middle East to Western Europe (BEY and TLV). I’ve been using their CDG service quite frequently last year and it was always bunch of arab speaking pax on board

  5. Anonymous22:48

    Quite interesting they do not turn off the lights. I've had many midnight flights in ly life but they never tuned the lights off on short haul. This is not the case with long hauls of course.

    Btw. Nice report. Last time I've flown with Air Serbia was 2 years ago from ZRH to SKP. It was nice back then with JU. I liked their stewards too.


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