Tuzla Airport handles half a million passenger


Tuzla Airport has welcomed over half a million passengers in 2017, registering its busiest year on record. It saw 535.596 travellers pass through its doors, an increase of 72% on 2016. The growth was fuelled by Wizz Air, which based a second aircraft in the city during the year. The airport anticipates passenger growth of between 8% and 12% during 2018 and has said it will initiate talks with other airline operator, since Wizz Air is currently the only carrier serving the city. The Federation government of Bosnia and Herzegovina recently allocated 1.8 million euros to Tuzla Airport for this year, which will be used for the expansion of its terminal building.


  1. Anonymous12:12


  2. They really need to modernise the terminal now its garbage

    1. Anonymous16:11

      It is not garbage but it needs to be modernized. You could word your comment differently.

    2. Anonymous16:20


    3. Well for me it is garbage, I flied many times from/to Tuzla, but if you dont have basic need like water in the toilet and it smells very nasty and the roof is almost falling dawn they you can call it otherwise but the fact is it is very very bad! And in my opnion that is garbage

    4. Anonymous01:07

      You didn't -flied- many times from Tuzla, you flew!

    5. Anonymous01:10

      Google Driver tells the truth, it's an horror terminal

  3. Anonymous16:14

    Incredible numbers especially when you consider where TZL was a few years ago.

    Now they have to work on getting new airlines, modernizing facilities, and reducing subsidies because there clearly is a demand to travel to from Tuzla region.

  4. Anonymous16:21

    The modernization and expansion of the terminal is ongoing, should be finished in April :)

  5. Anonymous19:53

    Turns out that both INI and TZL are soaring and topping the charts. I wonder which airports will be "beaten" soon.


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