Wizz Air registers strong year in Pristina


Low cost carrier Wizz Air, which launched operations to Pristina in April 2017 from Budapest and London Luton, has recorded solid passenger numbers during its first year of operations to the Kosovan city. The budget airline handled 39.218 travellers on flights to and from Pristina, positioning itself as the eleventh busiest at the airport. It performed better than a number of other carriers which have long-established links to Pristina including Swiss International Air Lines, Norwegian Air Shuttle and Croatia Airlines. Wizz Air's Chief Commercial Officer, George Michalopoulos, previously said the carrier was "in continued discussions with Pristina Airport over new routes". You can review the airline's results for other markets in the former Yugoslavia here.


  1. Anonymous15:12

    Bravo Kosova!

  2. Anonymous18:29

    The route from Budapest to Pristina was served with 25920 seats since the start in April, while the route from London to Pristina was served with 17640 seats since June. In total 43560 seats to and from Pristina. If the number of travellers was 39218, this gives a load factor of 90%. These are amazing numbers, and lets cross our fingers that Wizzair will more routes to PRN in the near future.

  3. Anonymous19:49

    Could it be that many are using BUD-PRN to travel to Vienna? It's definitely cheaper than to fly on OS which is crazy with its fares.

    Funny how Wizz made SKP a star but it's also the reason why SKP has not overtaken PRN. :D

    1. Anonymous19:58

      OS hasn't reduced its fares from SKP either- even after introduction of SKP-BTS with Wizz.
      and Wizz' intention wasnt to make a star out of SKP- they just want(ed) to make money by flying there- which is the same reason why they also fly to PRN

    2. Anonymous20:01

      I said they made it a star because it reached 1.8 million thanks to them.

      I guess Austrian relies on transfers since LH is absent and LX is weak there.

  4. Anonymous20:57

    Does anybody knows loads to lju?


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