Adria Airways schedules Dusseldorf service


Adria Airways has scheduled its new route between Ljubljana and Dusseldorf which will commence on April 26. As previously reported, the airline will run four weekly flights between the two cities, each Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, with its fifty-seat Saab 2000 aircraft. "It is of great importance for Adria Airways to open this new service, since Dusseldorf is an important economic, financial, and international business center. I am proud that Adria Airways is opening this new route and will further contribute to Slovene and German business relations", the carrier's CEO, Arno Schuster, said. Chief Commercial Officer, Christian Schneider, added, "Adria Airways is increasing its footprint in the German market. We already fly to Frankfurt and Munich, in March we are adding flights to Hamburg, and in April we will start flying to Dusseldorf. Our aim is to offer people more choices and an even more convenient way of traveling. By expanding its network, Adria Airways is further strengthening its position as a strong regional airline that connects Central and South-Eastern Europe via its home base in Ljubljana". Tickets for the new routes are already available for purchase. Further flight details can be found here.


  1. Anonymous14:30

    223€ for the cheapest return flight is too much imo.

  2. Anonymous15:23

    They don't have pilots to fly those Saabs. They don't even have enough pilots to fly the current fleet. All of this expansion talk is simply too fishy to be true.

    1. Anonymous15:59

      who are you that you know all this fake news

  3. Anonymous22:39

    I have nothing against the route itself, but is this really what they are going to use the Saabs for? Shouldn't they operate shorter routes? 2 hours in the Saab is a long time! And it sounds expensive to operate, no matter what they pay for those aircraft.


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