Airlines gear up for Belgrade Tourism Fair


Several carriers and airports will be taking part at the 2018 Belgrade Tourism Fair, which begins today, with Air Serbia being one of the largest exhibitors. Besides the Serbian carrier, others that are taking part this year include Air Cairo, Budapest Airport, Ellinair, Montenegro Airlines and Turkish Airlines. During the four-day event, Air Serbia will be promoting its new fare structure. In addition, every twentieth visitor who buys a ticket at Air Serbia’s stand will receive a return ticket to either Dusseldorf, Milan, Moscow, Stuttgart or Venice, while every 100th buyer will win a return ticket to New York. Visitors who sign up to Air Serbia's email newsletter at the event will receive a voucher for ten euros off their next journey with the airline. Dragan Nikitović, Head of Commercial Operations at Air Serbia, said, “We’re excited to be taking part in the Belgrade Tourism Fair again and look forward to the start of the exhibition. It’s the perfect venue for us to meet and interact with our guests, as well present our new fare structure”. Meanwhile, Montenegro Airlines, which carried 260.627 passengers between Serbia and Montenegro last year, will be offering special promotional fares for travellers originating from Serbia during the duration of the fair. Now in its fortieth edition, the Belgrade Tourism Fair attracts over 1.100 exhibitors from fifty countries and pulls in over 80.000 visitors.


  1. Nikita is (again) Head of Comercial?
    one of the nicest persons in business

  2. Anonymous16:18

    Beograd brac bwk?soon?

  3. Anonymous17:01

    I hope

  4. Anonymous02:21

    Any chance to announce Toronto?

    1. Anonymous05:04



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