easyJet to add new Split route


Low cost carrier easyJet will add its eighth new route to Croatia this summer by introducing services between Venice and Split. Flights will operate three times per week during the peak summer months, each Monday, Thursday and Saturday, from June 14 to September 1. easyJet's Croatia expansion will see the introduction of a further seven new seasonal summer routes and a considerable increase in capacity with over one million seats on sale to and from the country this year. Pula forms the main focus of easyJet's expansion in Croatia in 2018 with new flights from London Southend, Liverpool, Basel and Milan. Services from London Southend and Venice will be added to Dubrovnik, while the budget carrier will also commence operations from Berlin to Zadar, complementing its existing services from London Luton and Milan. "With more than 46 services operating in Croatia, easyJet is committed to providing Croatian clients with affordable trips, offering them a broad network of connections with major European cities", the airline said. Further flight details for the new Venice - Split service can be found here.


  1. Anonymous10:29

    1 000 000+ passengers more compared to last year.

  2. Anonymous11:40

    Bravo, Split! Another great season ahead!

  3. Anonymous12:00

    Finally someone realized that, if you don't have a car, it takes ages to come from North Italy to Croatia.
    And by the way, this will be a very beautiful flight.
    Cheers from Niš.

    1. Volotea is already flying from VCE to SPU 4 pw

  4. Anonymous14:43

    This is a horrible, horrible news! Why can't they fly to Zadar instead? The citizens initiative is filing a petition to the local court to impose a restraining order on the Split - Kastela Airport to reduce the number of flights during summer season with the corresponding reduction in the noise pollution.

    1. Anonymous16:27

      Dobar vic

    2. Anonymous19:07

      Lol, you couldn't be more obvious and selfish! If you are living close to SPU airport and you want planes to rather land at ZAD, did it possibly ever cross your mind that the people living close to ZAD would then "benefit" of the noise pollution if that is your real concern? Anyway I doubt this is the right place for you to voice your "concern" as we on this forum are generally in favour of more air traffic at all ex yu airports and are pro aviation and opening of new routes! Split airport has so much more potential if it only had the ability to handle more planes on the busy summer days and if they'd only lower their extremely high fees. Get ready for a continued increase in passenger numbers - we are all very much looking forward to that, once the new terminal will be opened next year.

    3. Anonymous19:58

      Dobro, SPU i ZAD se bas ne daju usporediti lokacijski. ZAD je po tom pitanju puno bolje lokacijski smjesten.
      U zavrsnom prilazu na ZAD, avioni nikome ne preljecu preko stola sto u SPU nije slucaj.

    4. Anonymous20:17

      I do understand the concerns voiced in the post. Obviously it reflects in the statements from the Split Airport management that they will not introduce night landings in respect of the local community. I believe there is still opportunity to increase the number of landings outside of the high season, for anything else major investments in the infrastructure are needed to create taxi runways and parking positions. I know there are plans for that, it remains to be seen how the politics will play in that regard and how much delay any such plans will suffer from. In the meantime there is a realistic possibility that good part of the traffic will spill over to ZAD.

    5. Anonymous05:22

      Krivo si ti to iscitao.
      Vodstvo SPU je izjavilo kako nece poticati nocne operacije.
      Sto bi znacilo kako ih nece ni odbacivati ako se za iste pokaze interes sugladno vazecoj politici, citaj cijeni.

    6. Anonymous09:02

      Prijatelju ako Mate iz HDZ-a javi u središnjicu da mu avijoni ne daju ženi spavati i da mu tjeraju Čehe iz apartmana neće tu biti noćnih slijetanja pa da se zlatom plaćaju.

  5. Anonymous16:37

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  6. Anonymous12:49

    What about JU on this relation in summer?


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