Skopje Airport registers strong growth


Skopje Airport has started the year off on a strong note by handling 145.592 passengers, representing an increase of 18.8% on the same month last year. It's counterpart in Ohrid welcomed 5.789 travellers, up 30.8% on 2017. Jointly, the two registered 1.393 aircraft movements, growing 18% on last year. Skopje Airport expects to see its passenger numbers continue to improve in the coming months. Wizz Air will replace two out of four of its Airbus A320 aircraft with the larger A321s and add frequencies on several routes, LOT Polish Airlines will launch operations from Warsaw, whie Aegean Airlines is expected to resume flights from Athens later this year.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN145.592 18.8


  1. Anonymous15:56


    So far:

    BEG- 333,989
    ZAG - 191,276
    SKP - 145,592
    LJU - 100,375

    Who would've thought SKP would take 3rd position? Half of the traffic of BEG! Impressive!

    1. Anonymous16:15

      O.o SKP so close to ZAG, crazy! GO SKP

    2. Anonymous17:14

      What are the numbers for PRN?

    3. Anonymous17:17

      144.137 - but they have poor out of season or holydays mounths!

    4. Anonymous17:26

      It's still less than half of BEG but it's impressive how close they are to ZAG! Shocking really!

    5. Anonymous23:09

      So Zagreb-Belgrade difference of 142.000 is so more than 91.000 between Zagreb and Ljubljana?

    6. Anonymous03:12

      Macedonia has 2 million population and skopje has 850 thousand people or 900
      Belgrade has almost 2 million population,and Serbia has 6.5 million passengers(not including Repcublic of Kosova)
      of course Serbia will have double passengers,
      if skopje starts seasonal flights direct to jfk with Turkish airlines aircrafts from may 15 to October 15 SKOPJE WILL HAVE 3.5 MILION PASSENGERS A YEAR,U HAVE 1 MILION ALBANIAN LIVE IN USA AND 200K IN CANNADA THEY READY TO COME SKOPJE AND CONNECT WITH PRISHTINA AND TIRANA AFTER

  2. Anonymous23:09

    So Zagreb-Belgrade difference of 142.000 is so more than 91.000 between Zagreb and Ljubljana?

  3. Anonymous23:10

    Skopje will overtake Priština this year

  4. Anonymous04:43

    so how is possible when in skopje fly 30k passengers coming from usa mostly new York jfk and they cant have direct flight when Belgrade have 20 to 30k and have direct fights,,,,if skopje have direct flights to jfk of course if Turkish airlines get the a330-300 in skopje,soon air Albania will launch direct fligtht to skopje and prishtina and Zagreb and Belgrade,it will be total of 100k in 6 months potencial that will chose skopje from new York omg hell yea,theyre are 1 million Albanians in usa and each year from april to October 15 traveling 70k to 150k of them,,,,,this number will easy get 2 times a week flight or even 3 and fall winter time easily 1 flight a week..prishtina is close new highway it will finish in 1 year and half plus Tirana will launch direct flights to skopje so they can connect those passengers which can fly in new York,,,if skopje reaches 2.5 million a year 2020 we will have direct flights,macedonia don't need new airlines for this all they need put Turkish airlines 2-3 times a week back and fourth flights to jfk terminal one,il be te one get that ticket everyyears and 100 members of my total family too leave in new york


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