SunExpress to add Pristina service


SunExpress Deutschland will commence seasonal flights between Cologne and Pristina this summer in cooperation with the Reiseburo tour operator. Services will run once per week, each Saturday, starting July 7, with the 189-seat Boeing 737-800 aircraft. It will compete directly against Eurowings, which also maintains the route once per week. Cologne accounted for just 0.4% of all passengers who travelled to and from Pristina in 2017. Further details for the new Cologne - Pristina service can be found here.


  1. Anonymous15:14

    Sunexpress started to sell DUS - SJJ as well. (once per week from june)
    I was surprised that it was not mentioned here.

  2. While only 7.7k pax flew the CGN-PRN route in 2017, CGN is less than 65km from DUS. 166k pax flew the DUS-PRN route in 2017.
    XG might do well on this route with such a market size.

  3. Anonymous19:03

    Such route openings would have been impossible at XQ and XG during summer months till a year ago. They needed absolutely every plane for their lucrative summer operations (scheduled and charter). I wonder what changed? Different mgmt team?

  4. Anonymous06:54

    Now isn't this an interesting development. Let's hope they crush Eurowings and send them packing home.

    1. Anonymous10:33

      I don't thing they'll overtake Eurowings.

    2. LH fully owns EW and half of XG. No crushing will take place.


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