United to expand Croatia Airlines codeshare


United Airlines will expand its codeshare partnership with fellow Star Alliance member Croatia Airlines. According to "Airlineroute", the US carrier will place its designator code and flights numbers onto Croatia Airlines new seasonal two weekly service between Zagreb and Dublin, which will commence on May 3. United and Croatia Airlines inked a wide-ranging mutual codeshare agreement back in December 2013, with the American carrier placing its codes onto Croatia Airlines' services from Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt, London, Munich and Zurich to Zagreb, and from Frankfurt and Munich to Split and Dubrovnik. In return, Croatia Airlines codeshares on United flights to the US via the abovementioned European cities.


  1. Anonymous14:52

    I'd rather have them fly directly to ZAG.

    1. Anonymous00:21

      word, IAD-ZAG would be really cool

  2. JU520 BEGLAX16:00

    These guys are sleeping; unbelievable
    Lets hope LO 788 will start in 2019

  3. Anonymous16:22

    Maybe we can see EWR-DBV soon?

  4. Anonymous17:43

    So, no direct flights to US with United?

  5. Anonymous18:08

    This is a good news. More options for travellers to/from Croatia and some additional income for OU. Why are all obsessed with direct Balkan - US flights? The demand is highly seasonal and there are very few business passengers to sustain the flights. BEG - JFK is the best example.

    1. Anonymous19:36

      Seasonal and no business demand is not an issue if you have the right product. Air Canada Rouge has many highly seasonal services to Europe served without business class.

    2. Nemjee20:31

      Yet Air Serbia's business class is mostly full.

    3. Anonymous21:36

      Well they have no first class and only 18 seats in business which is tiny. Is it really full Nemjee? Do you know who use it more O&D or transfers?

    4. Anonymous21:40

      I really don't think you need a first class when their business class product is quite unique. You will have difficulty coming by a 1-1-1 seating product in business class on an A330 on about 99% of airlines in the world.

    5. Anonymous21:40

      Air Canada Rouge is a different story - they have high density seating with high LF and good yealds as their flights are at the highth of the summer season. Plus they have a huge domestic market for flights to Carebean during winter. Completely different numbers.

    6. Anonymous21:50

      @AnonymousFebruary 28, 2018 at 9:40 PM
      1-1-1 seating product in business class is so unique that nobody uses it, maybe except Jet Airways :)
      First class would make no sense between Belgrade and New York, but sizeable (40-50) business class filled with transfer passengers is what would make money for the company.

    7. Nemjee06:12

      Anon 09.36

      It's used by locals. For example, two weeks ago, in the middle of February JFK arrived with 15 business class passengers and 198 economy.
      Premium loads improved once they reduced the business class fare from €5,000 to around €3.500.

      JU's configuration is 1-2-1.

    8. Anonymous17:35

      JU configuration is 1+1+1



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