American Cargo extends Croatia, Slovenia reach


American Airlines Cargo has appointed general sales agents (GSAs) at two additional destinations outside of its network - Croatia and Slovenia - bringing the US carrier's European reach to eighteen cities in twelve countries. R-BAG, the Central Eastern Europe and Balkans specialist, will represent American at Zagreb and Ljubljana airports. Cargo will be trucked both from Croatia and Slovenia to European destinations already operated by American Airlines, and interline solutions will be added for customers looking for express products. “If you check your atlas, you’ll see Ljubljana is only 130 kilometres from Venice with Zagreb only 350km away”, Regional Sales Manager, Richard Hartmann, said. He added, "There will be decent tonnage from Slovenia, with a range of exports including pharmaceuticals, gambling machines and other electrical goods. Slovenia is a little hi-tech bubble. Tonnage out of Croatia, predicted to be slightly less than Slovenia, will include various products such as pharma and automotive. We have got some stuff to get our teeth into here. We are trying to establish sales in new markets in easy-to-reach places".


  1. Anonymous11:24

    That's a really bad atlas where Ljubljana is 130 km from Venice ;-)

    1. Probably an american atlas 😂

    2. Anonymous12:31


    3. Zagreb 200 miles fuether than Ljubljana 😂😂😂

    4. Anonymous15:23

      ZG is in km.

  2. Anonymous12:21

    Congrats to both Slovenia and Croatia!


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