Belgrade Airport to host night-time runway race


Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport will play host to a night-time runway race on June 3, with 800 participants to take part. The BEG5KRunway event will begin at 01.30 local time. "The Belgrade Airport runway race is probably the most challenging we have ever organised due to time and safety restrictions. We decided for the race to stretch for five kilometres so those attending can complete the course in the set time, which is the reason we had to limit the number of participants to 800. In the coming years, we will look into extending the race to ten kilometres and taking on more participants" the head of the Belgrade Marathon, Dejan Nikolić, said. Registrations for the race will take place from April 25 until May 5, although applications will be closed if the 800 limit is reached beforehand. The competitive event is open to both locals and foreigners. All participants will be subject to security checks. The race will include a total of three laps with both the runway and parallel taxiway to be used.


  1. Anonymous10:28

    Very cool idea indeed! I believe that you will feel maybe a bit in panic thinking that an airplane might approach the runway.
    Btw, the guy to the left looks like a Brazilian! :D

  2. Sjajna ideja. Kada se izgradi druga pista, bice lako izvodljivo. U buducnosti trka na pisti ce biti masivn. Sa hiljadama ucesnika iz inostranstva. Runing on ranway bice veliki uspeh dogadjaja i trenda imidza Beogradske vazdusne luke.


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