Croatia Airlines fastest growing in Athens


Athens Airport has awarded Croatia Airlines for having the highest percentage annual passenger growth rate in the summer of 2017 among airlines operating to the Greek capital on a seasonal basis. Croatia Airlines maintained three weekly flights from Zagreb via Dubrovnik and one weekly service from Split to Athens last year. The passenger growth came despite the airline decreasing its overall frequencies between the two countries. airBaltic was the runner up in the category. This summer, Croatia Airlines will face stronger competition on flights to Greece with Aegean Airlines to introduce new services to Zagreb and Zadar, as well as boost frequencies to Dubrovnik and Split. SkyExpress was awarded as the overall fastest growing airline Athens.


  1. Anonymous15:15

    With Aegean boosting its presence on the coast I wonder how OU will perform next year. Especially if they get massacred on the segment from ZAG to ATH.

  2. German imperialist16:56

    Maybe we failed conquering the world with war, but we will now do it with Star Alliance

  3. Anonymous17:00

    3 weekly rotations and an increase of 30 pax to a 150% operation influx makes news on this blog. I think this shows the state of economy/mind in this region.

  4. Anonymous20:13

    Bravo Hrvatska!


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