KLM boosts Croatia operations


The Dutch national carrier and its low cost subsidiary Transavia will increase their operations to Croatia this summer season. KLM will run double daily services between Amsterdam and Split during the peak summer months with its Boeing 737-700 aircraft. This is up from eight flights per week in 2017 and the ten weekly operations initially planned for this year. Furthermore, Transavia will launch two new routes to the country. The carrier will add new seasonal flights from Rotterdam to Dubrovnik starting April 5, as well as two weekly services between Eindhoven and Rijeka on July 5, making it its fourth destination in Croatia. In addition, Transavia will introduce an extra flight between Rotterdam and Pula this summer for a total of three per week.


  1. Anonymous13:57

    1 000 000+ novih putnika za HR aerodrome ove godine

    1. Correction:
      SPU +450.000
      DBV +450.000 to 500.000
      ZAG +300.000
      PUY +150.000
      ZAD +80.000
      BWK +10.000
      RJK +30.000
      OSI +10.000

      about +1.500.000 mil and this is even "moderate"

  2. Anonymous14:04

    But transavia will stop operating Amsterdam - Dubrovnik, so they just switched from AMS to RTM

  3. Anonymous14:05

    I think DBV is definitely going to be airport number 2 after BEG in the whole ex-Yu.

    1. Anonymous14:08

      Da bi se to dogodilo, DBV treba dodati 500 000 novih putnika u sljedece 3 godine....
      Gotovo nemoguca misija

    2. Anonymous14:09


  4. Anonymous14:39

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  5. Anonymous14:40

    The boost in SPU is bad news for the Star Alliance cartel.

    1. Anonymous15:40

      The boost in SPU is bad news for everyone living around the airport.

    2. Anonymous19:45

      Ahhh. Finally our friend from Trogir is posting again. Close SPU and divert all traffic to ZAD. Who cares about people there. :)

    3. Anonymous20:36

      I never said all traffic needs to be diverted from SPU to ZAD. But it would be better for all if the traffic would be evenly distributed between those two airports.

    4. Anonymous07:19

      Better for all? Why? So that everyone from Split and South of Split needs to have long journeys to Zad in order to catch a flight? If the terrain would allow there would be another airport between Kastela and DBV, in that case okay- but since that is out of question I rather recommend you to move houses - the traffic will continue to increase nicely over the next years.

    5. Anonymous12:04

      Your proposal might be viable for me but what about all other people living in Trogir and around the airport? Do we all have to leave? Or is it better to manage the two airports as one large airport and better use the resources? After all the RH is majority owner in both of the airports. Sustainable development is what we need. When in Paris or London nobody complains to travel an hour or more to reach the airport. I agree that connections which exist on an annual basis should not be moved to ZAD. But those that are only seasonal and which bring tourists should be definitely distributed. One hour of additional travel time means nothing to them and reduction in air traffic would benefit the SPU surroundings.

  6. RTM-PUY Will be operated 4 times a week

  7. Eindhoven - Zadar would be very nice


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