Sarajevo Airport registers strong growth


Sarajevo Airport recorded double digit growth in February with passenger numbers increasing 19.1% to a record 48.986 travellers compared to last year. The number of aircraft movements stood at 774, up 5.9%. Overall, the airport handled 103.133 passengers during the first two months of the year, an increase of 22% on 2017. Sarajevo Airport anticipates for a record year, during which it plans to handle over one million passengers. A number of carriers currently serving Sarajevo have announced plans to up their frequencies this summer, while SAS Scandinavian Airlines and SunExpress will launch new seasonal operations to the city. Furthermore, start-up FlyBosnia, which is in the process of acquiring its Air Operator's Certificate (AOC), will base an aircraft in Bosnia and Herzegovina's capital.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN54.113 24.8
FEB48.986 19.1


  1. Anonymous11:40

    Good job SJJ. Show TZL who is the boss

  2. Anonymous13:59


  3. Anonymous14:02

    Sarajevo airport is one of the rare bright sides of bosnia and herzegovina,but i do believe that we have potential to be an amazing country.LETS GO SARAJEVOOO!

    1. Anonymous14:12

      I am not trying to be rude, but what is bright in Sarajevo airport?I mean, no LCC, no flights to Amsterdam, London, Paris...I realy dont see anything good there.
      However, nice growth and I wish them all the best.

    2. Anonymous14:21

      Your reply is absolutely true.I mean Sjj will never have those numbers of beg and zag,that's not expected at all.But damn it is damn capital and should have better connction with Europe.Shame on them.

    3. Anonymous14:34

      I guess by your terms Wizz Air, Norwegian, Eurowings, Pegasus, Flydubai are not LCC airlines? lol get some info before stating bs arguments

    4. Anonymous14:55

      You don't (want) get my point, how many LCC lines do BEG,SKP,TGD,TZL, INI have.Number of them in Sarajevo is MUCH smaller.

    5. Anonymous16:57

      You really are bullsh***ing me...First of all you wrote how SJJ has NO low cost operators to which I replied by writing down the LCCs flying from SJJ (5 LCCs on the top of my head). Now you are completely changing your argument into a comparing one. So lets start: INI has 2 LCCs (Sarajevo still has 5), TGD has 3, SKP has 3 etc. So both of your arguments are complete and utter bulls* as none of them are correct. Here's an advice, next time you want to prove a point, better get your figures straight.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. Anonymous18:35

      You don't understand me.Sarajevo is one of the rare "bright sides in Bosnia and Herzegovina".We(Bosnia) are a country who has suffered alot in the past,so i'm just saying how Sarajevo airport is a positive side to our country.It's growing slowly,sooner or later,there will be flights to cities like London,Paris,etc etc.Maybe even Flybosnia could take that role

    8. Anonymous18:57

      I wrote low cost LINES.So you better check your facts.

  4. Anonymous14:43

    Super Sarajevo!

  5. Anonymous09:45

    Is there any insight on how Sarajevo city is exploiting its potential as a winter sports destination?


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