Saudi Arabian Airlines hiring in Croatia


Saudi Arabian Airlines is hiring Croatian cabin crew members for the first time. The carrier is seeking both male and female flight attendants aged between twenty and thirty years (up to 35 for experienced crew) willing to relocate to Jeddah. Requirements include arm reach of 212 cm on tip toes, as well as high school education and an intermediate knowledge of English. Some of the benefits being offered are a tax-free salary, medical treatment and insurance, as well as discount or free of charge tickets. The application deadline has been set for April 3. Further terms and conditions, as well as the application form, can be found here.


  1. Anonymous22:03

    Live in Jeddah? Not for all the money in the world.

  2. Have u been to JED?

  3. Anonymous06:13

    Zivim su KSA vec dobre 4 godine.
    Imam obitelj s malom djecom i nema bolje drzave za obiteljski zivot od Saudije.
    Naravno, pod uvijetom da radite za pravu kompaniju.
    Mladom samcu ne bi preporucio seobu ovdje.

  4. Anonymous09:12

    Ne bih tamo otisao ni za milion USD...sekta...

    1. Anonymous10:24

      To je tvoj izbor zasnovan na iskrivljenim informacijama.

  5. Anonymous13:59

    Samo odite u bijelo roblje. Kao da židovi 38.idu radit za LH


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