Summer 2018 - Croatia Airlines

Croatia Airlines will be adding new routes to its summer timetable, which begins this Sunday, marking the third consecutive year it has introduced new destinations to its network. The airline will launch seasonal two weekly flights from Zagreb to Dublin, and year-round operations to Mostar in May. Furthermore, it will boost frequencies on a number of routes. An additional weekly flight will be operated from the Croatian capital to Rome for a total of nine per week (via Dubrovnik or Split), while an extra frequency to St Petersburg and Tel Aviv will result in the two being maintained three times per week. Skopje will see the biggest increase out of Zagreb, with a further four return flights to be performed each week for a total of twelve. The Croatian carrier will also introduce a new seasonal service from Split to Copenhagen and from Dubrovnik to Munich.

On the other hand, Croatia Airlines will suspend four of its seasonal routes this summer. The airline will no longer operate two weekly flights from Zagreb to Pristina and from Dubrovnik to Nice. Furthermore, the carrier will cut its one weekly operation between Pula and Zurich and from Rijeka to London Heathrow. The Croatian airline will also discontinue five out of eight of its weekly flights from Zagreb to London Heathrow after selling its slots at the world's most congested airport. All other destinations will be served by the same number of frequencies as last summer season. Similar to last year, the carrier will add two wet-leased Iberia Regional Bombardier CRJ1000 aircraft to its fleet from May.

Please note that the changes listed below are preliminary and based on current availability in the Global Distribution System (GDS). Furthermore, the tables below display the peak weekly frequency on each route during the course of the summer season. Increases in frequencies, particularly on domestic flights between Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar and Pula, may not come into effect until later on in the summer and can vary depending on the time of the year. You can now review the 2018 summer season changes for each national carrier from the former Yugoslavia by clicking on the links below. In addition, you can review Wizz Air's summer operations from the former Yugoslavia here. The 2018 summer season runs until October 27.

Departing Zagreb

DestinationFrequency S2017Frequency S2018Change   Notes
Athens66-via Dubrovnik
resumes APR12
Bucharest33-resumes MAY02
Dublin02▲ 2starts MAY03
Helsinki33-resumes MAY01
Lisbon44-resumes APR30
London Heathrow83 5-
Milan33-resumes MAY01
Mostar02▲ 2starts MAY03
Oslo33-resumes MAY01
Prague44-resumes MAY01
Pristina20 2-
Pula1313-via Zadar
Rome89▲ 16 flights via Split
3 flights via Dubrovnik
Skopje812▲ 4-
St. Petersburg23▲ 1resumes MAY01
Stockholm33-resumes MAY02
Tel Aviv23▲ 1resumes MAY15

Departing Split

DestinationFrequency S2017Frequency S2018Change  Notes
Athens11-resumes JUN02
ends SEP29
Berlin11-resumes APR28
Belgrade33-resumes MAY12
ends SEP22
Copenhagen01▲ 1starts MAY05
Dubrovnik11-resumes MAY5
ends OCT06
Dusseldorf22-resumes APR28
London Gatwick22-resumes APR16
London Heathrow11--
Lyon11-resumes APR28
ends OCT06
Vienna44-resumes APR30
ends OCT20
Zurich55-resumes MAY02

Departing Dubrovnik

Destination  Frequency S2017Frequency S2018Change  Notes
Amsterdam11-via Pula
Athens66-resumes APR12
Dusseldorf11-resumes MAY06
ends OCT21
Munich05▲ 5starts APR30
Nice20 2-
Pula11-resumes MAY29
ends SEP25
Rome23▲ 1-
Venice22-resumes MAY03
ends OCT14
Zurich55-resumes APR29

From Pula, Croatia Airlines will operate to Amsterdam (1x per week), Dubrovnik (1x per week), Frankfurt (2x per week), Zadar (13x per week), Zagreb (13x per week). All frequencies remain unchanged compared to last year, with exception to the one weekly service to Zurich which is suspended. From Osijek, the airline will fly to both Split and Dubrovnik (1x per week).

From Zadar, the airline will operate to Pula (13x per week), Zagreb (13x per week) and Frankfurt (2x per week), maintaining last year's frequencies. Rijeka will see the Croatian national airline operate flights to Munich (3x per week) as was the case during the summer of 2017, however, it will suspend its one weekly flight to London Heathrow.


  1. Anonymous09:01

    Not bad. Good coverage in the east and west. Now if the network looked like this in winter...

    1. Anonymous10:11

      Agree. Just 2 years ago there were bearly any destinations east of Croatia. Nice to see the map being filled up.

    2. Anonymous10:26

      For many years they were an airline still under the impression that there is an iron curtain. Glad to see this has changed.

    3. Anonymous10:39

      Those planes would see better use if they flew to Western Europe instead to Sofia, Bucharest and other exotic places for Croats.

    4. Anonymous10:45

      "Exotic places for Croats"
      Because Croatia boarders Belgium and the Netherlands. Give me a break. Both of those exotic destinations have been in the EU well before Croatia. Every western European airline has made the most of Eastern Europe, even mummy dearest Lufthansa.

    5. Anonymous10:49

      It is exotic to Croats. The number of Croats visiting Bulgaria or Romania is negligible. Why waste a precious resources on such a route then?

    6. Anonymous11:13

      Do you have any idea on the volume of business travel between ZAG and SOF/OTP? Clearly not. Half the flight ZAG-BEG every morning are passengers connecting onto SOF/OTP.

    7. Anonymous13:30

      Why should Croatia Airlines care about Builagrians and/or Romanians flying to their home countries via ZAG? CA is a national carrier and it should first and foremost take care of Croats flying to their destinations!

    8. Anonymous13:39

      Maybe because it would generate additional revenue and profits. By your logic it shouldn't care about flying foreign tourists to Croatia either. It would have at least a million passengers less.

    9. Anonymous13:43

      Ahahhaah leave him alone, he doesn't know anything about aviation and economy too. So national airlines are only for people of that specific country. Ahahahaha omg

    10. Anonymous14:14

      Croatia Airlines is there to serve citizens of Croatia and visitors of Croatia. Definitely not to connect transit passengers to SOF or OTP. As long as Republic of Croatia is major shareholder this should be reflected in business plans of the company. Once it goes to private hands then the policy can be different.

    11. Anonymous15:43

      Daj čovječe ne lupaj gluposti. Ovo je jedna od najblesavijih izjava na ovom forumu ikad napisana, a tu je konkurencija stvarno velika.

      Posao svakog prijevoznika je da privuče što više putnika. Želja svakog ozbiljnog prijevoznika je da poveća broj svojih putnika konektiranim putnicima. Na taj način svojim matičnim putnicima (P2P) možeš ponuditi više frekvnecija i bitno više linija. Zato su i stvoreni hubovi i konekcije, a ne radi želje za socijalnom politikom i paneuropskom idejom. Majko mila.

      Naravno, te se ne treba raditi uz dumping, jer privlačenje tih putnika nije samo sebi svrhom. No, uz normalne poslovne postulate to je samo benefit za prijevoznika (osim gore navedenog tu je još i potrošnja u Hrvatskoj tijekom tranzita, porezi, gorivo, plaće djelatnika i smanjenje nezaposlenosti...).

      E baš svatko ovdje može komentirati.

    12. Anonymous18:20

      Your comment is pure neoliberal view on things. What Croatian people need is more regulation and services offered by the state to their citizens. After all it was and still is the case where Croatian citizen finance Croatia Airlines!

    13. Wow. And the award for the most ridiculous statement goes to Anon@2:14PM.
      I guess they should just ban everyone non-Croatian from their flights.

      Famous Einstein quote comes to mind right now...

    14. I second frishki on the award thing. This statement about Croatia airlines catering primarily to Croatian citizens is not one of, but literally THE most ridiculous claim ever written here.
      It is so completely wrong at so many levels that one has to wonder if it is a serious claim, or a parody.

    15. Anonymous16:12

      I believe you all read it wrong. He just said that CA should focus on the lines that Croatian citizens use the most. What's so wrong about it?

    16. Everything. Why would any airline in the world focus on the routes that mostly use locals? Where is the economic logic in that? Airlines shouldn't from which countries their passengers come from, but focus on the routes that are profitable.

    17. Anonymous16:43

      Well not quite. There might be some other reasons why some connection should be in place. Do you really think all PSOs are profitable? Furthermore there might be some political reasons why to establish and keep in place a certain connection. I agree that commercial airlines will focus on the profitability of their business but national carriers need not to.

  2. Anonymous09:03

    Now it makes sense how they are introducing more routes while having the same fleet as last year. They are ending 4 routes and starting four.

    1. Anonymous09:07

      I'm surprised they couldn't make Pula-Zurich work.

    2. Anonymous09:08

      ? You should count the flights added not the routes. That results in 9 more flights with the SAME Fleet.

    3. Anonymous09:09

      Well it is probably the only destination in the past 3 years where Swiss/Edelweiss has actually won against the competition in ex-Yu.

    4. Anonymous09:19

      Swiss is also introducing Geneva-Pula this summer. Maybe that had an impact too.

    5. Anonymous09:20

      Seems like the CRJ1000s will get maximum use this summer.

  3. How much bases does CTN have? I assume they fly W-rotations to/from PUY and ZAD?

  4. Anonymous09:04

    Anyone know how the bookings are for their new flights to Dublin and Mostar?

  5. Anonymous09:10

    Looks good this summer.

  6. Anonymous09:11

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  7. Anonymous09:12

    Overall good summer.

  8. Anonymous09:13

    Pity they are ending Nice.

    1. Anonymous09:17

      I always wondered who flew these flights.

    2. Anonymous09:31

      Umm people from southern France?

    3. Anonymous09:47

      Obviously not enough.

    4. Anonymous11:43

      on EasyJet and Charters.

  9. Anonymous09:16

    Their network is becoming more and more serious. I still see potential for a few other routes but this is a big step in the right direction.

    1. Anonymous09:19

      Such as?

    2. Anonymous09:23

      From Zagreb to Sofia, nonstop to Rome and Athens and better frequencies from the cost. I mean Dubrovnik-Amsterdam is just 1x pw.

    3. Anonymous09:33

      I think there is potential from Zagreb to Riga, Kiev and definitely Sofia.

    4. Anonymous09:43

      Riga and Kiev? Really?

    5. Anonymous09:45

      Adria's Ljubljana-Kiev flights are doing quite well and they launched this route during the winter.

    6. Alen Šćuric Purger09:47

      From Zagreb:
      - nonstop to Rome (2 via SPU, 2 via DBV, 5 nonstop)
      - nonstop to Athens
      - Sofia
      - Tirana
      - Tuzla
      - Priština
      - Podgorica
      - Manchester
      - Gothenburg
      - Hanover
      - Moscow Domededovo
      - Istanbul in code-share with TK as 3rd rotation
      - Cairo
      - Lošinj via Pula with wet lease STOL plane (to separate from Brač via Zadar)

    7. Anonymous10:03

      But didn't they just end Pristina.

    8. Alen Šćuric Purger10:58

      And that is stupid decision.

    9. Anonymous11:03

      stupid because their planes were flying empty?

    10. Anonymous11:04

      I believe they made their calculations well. That plane will be better used somewhere else. And Pristina is already well served by LCCs.

    11. Monarch were regularly using the A321 on the Manchester route so this should be at least a priority for next year.

    12. Alen Šćuric Purger15:46

      No, stupid because they don't know how to attract passengers. Adria with much less passengers and connections can have 14 flights per week, and Croatia can not attract few flights per week. Congratulations.

      I did not say it should be priority, for sure Manchester, more flights to Mostar, Tuzla, Cairo should be priority, but Priština and other destinations should be goal for company.

    13. Anonymous16:31

      Who would fly to Cairo? But we need more BWK flights

    14. Anonymous18:22

      I fully agree with last anon! We need Croatia Airlines to serve Croatian citizens and Croatian markets and not foreign transfer passengers!

  10. Anonymous09:16

    For me it is ludicrous that Croatia Airlines will be serving London from Zagreb just 3 times per week. That is really poor considering how many Brits are visiting Croatia.

    1. Anonymous09:25

      My guess is they will eventually open Gatwick. I just can't believe they will settle for 3 weekly flights.

    2. Anonymous09:26

      Such a shame. Otherwise, it looks rather good.

    3. Danijel09:28

      Agree. I was hopping they will add Gatwick, but still nothing.

    4. Anonymous09:31

      Slots at Gatwick are not so easy to get these days and they are not cheap either.

    5. Overall the route structure looks good, frequency's on half the network is what is disappointing.

  11. Anonymous09:22

    They have a lot more opportunities at airports on the coast which they are not using.

    1. Anonymous09:34

      Remember that competition on the coast is huge.

    2. Anonymous10:09

      They are the national airline and are in a better position to make flights from the coast despite competition.

    3. Anonymous10:28

      arent they mostly LCC and charters?

  12. Anonymous09:25

    Nice to see yet another airline increasing Skopje.

    1. Anonymous09:34

      It would have been better if they added 2 extra flights to Skopje and 2 to Sofia.

  13. Anonymous09:28

    Nice network and an increase in destiations and flights is always welcomed.

  14. Anonymous09:35

    Dublin will probably stay year round if the loads are good this summer.

    1. Anonymous09:39

      Will it? That is a very long rotation for them. Can it fit in their current winter network and scheduling?

    2. Why not since so many aircrafts are underutilized during the winter?

  15. Anonymous09:39

    Interesting that Dubrovnik-Munich is starting so strong with 5 flights per week.

    1. Anonymous09:47

      Is there any competition on this route?

    2. Anonymous10:26

      seasonal from Eurowings and LH according wiki but dont know if they will resume the flights this season

    3. Anonymous11:10

      LH and Eurowings flights are on sale as well

    4. Anonymous11:46

      LH is increasing to 9 per Week. Demand is strong and this is definitely better than serving a destination once a week.

    5. Anonymous11:49

      You see how strong network effects are. KLM for example started SPU last year and will be flying it 2x a day this. Flights were full from the start last year. The same goes for MUC and it is definitely a good decision they start almost daily flights to MUC from DBV. Just wonder why OU does not add a second daily flight from SPU to FRA. Both OU and LH are packed on the route.

  16. Anonymous09:42

    How many passengers can we expect Croatia Airlines to handle this year?

    1. Anonymous09:46

      My guess 2.3/2.4 million.

    2. Anonymous15:48

      And Air Serbia decrease number of passengers, so we can presume Croatia could become no. 1 in the region

  17. Anonymous09:42

    Multi-hubbing is very inefficient....focus on ZAG and develop flight schedule to feed all pax to ZAG...

  18. Anonymous09:59

    Departing Mostar:
    To Beirut 2 p/w starting APR30

    1. Anonymous10:00

      Those are charter flights.

  19. Anonymous10:02

    So flights Croatia Airlines is operating double daily or more

    Dubrovnik, Frankfurt, Munich and Split.

    1. Anonymous10:08

      You forgot Zurich.

    2. Anonymous10:10

      True, my bad.

      So Dubrovnik, Frankfurt, Munich, Split and Zurich.

    3. Anonymous10:46

      That's actually less than either Air Serbia or Adria.

    4. Anonymous10:47

      @Anon 10:46: An your point is?

    5. What's the point of that comment?

    6. Anonymous10:49

      Fewer frequencies equals fewer options for transfers passengers.

    7. Anonymous10:51

      It is limited by the number of available planes. Using them efficiently is all that matters.

    8. No one mentioned Air Serbia or Adria, so what is your point of bringing them up?

    9. Anonymous10:56

      Sorry to hurt your sensitive feelings. I was comparing it to two similar sized airlines that happen to boarder Croatia. And my comment is on topic and related to aviation so I don't need to be policed by you. Thank you.

    10. No feelings were hurt, hon, it's just you decided to throw in a comparison, which makes - what sense again? Chalking about trying to provoke. And you did. Congratulate yourself.

      Oh, while we're comparing, how many flights less Air Serbia has this summer season?
      And before you drag me completely into this senseless ******* contest - I'm out.

    11. Anonymous11:07

      I don't know how many flights it has less. A lot I assume judging by the way they have been cutting flights and their overall financial situation. That's the difference between you and me. The fact that you got provoked by a matter of fact shows how burdened you still are by nationalism. My comment had nothing to do with nationalism, I simply compared three airlines from the former Yugoslavia on a website called EX-YU AVIATION NEWS. Because fewer frequencies = transfer options. I couldn't care less about Air Serbia and/or Adria. In the future I suggest admin ban all comments on Croatia Airlines and just publish one "Bravo Croatia" so certain people could be happy.

    12. Alen Šćuric Purger11:11

      Double daily including code-share:
      Dubrovnik, Split, Frankfurt, Munich, Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, Vienna and Zurich
      - Frankfurt is 5 times per day
      - Vienna is almost 5 times per day
      - Munich is 4 times per day
      - Zurich is 2,5 times per day
      - Dubrovnik is almost 5 times per day
      - Split is 4,5 times per day

      12-13 per week:
      Pula, Zadar, Sarajevo, Skopje

    13. Anonymous11:11

      @Anon 11:07: I agree with you, it would be better to cancel Sofia, Bucharest, Skopje and use the planes to increase number of flights to Frankfurt and Munich

    14. Anonymous12:50

      How can it be 2.5times a day?

    15. Anonymous13:58

      OU has a quite good extensive (especially domestic) network frankly speaking. The only downside is that most of those routes are mainly seasonal.
      JU has a good coverage too but focuses only on BEG.
      Both business models are different guys, so calm it down. Each airline knows what it is doing.

    16. Anonymous15:54

      Anon. 12:50
      1234567 9:10
      1234567 17:45
      ----5-- 8:40
      ------7 10:40
      --3---- 17:25

      So, 2 flights per day + extra flights on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. That is average 2,5 flights per day.

  20. Anonymous10:03

    Time to bring back Podgorica.

  21. Anonymous10:07

    They should have more flights to the UK. Not less.

    1. Anonymous10:46

      I would rather see more flights to France. UK visitors are well served to the coast.

  22. Anonymous10:11

    Not bad at all. Good work OU.

  23. Anonymous10:12

    A few years ago they ended seasonal Dubrovnik-Tel Aviv flights. I'm surprise these have never resumed. There must be demand for these flights.

    1. Anonymous10:15

      There might have been demand but it was an expensive route for the airline.

  24. Anonymous10:17

    If they want to keep growing they will have to grow their fleet past the seasonal addition of two 100-seaters.

    1. Anonymous10:21

      They need to find a permanent solution to fill the gap between turboprops and the Airbuses. They have been talking about it for ages but there has been little action.

    2. Anonymous12:51

      what's about the bombardier cs100?
      this would be a perfec plane for croatia airlines..

    3. Anonymous13:17

      Yep that's just what they need. Hope they do consider this type. The only issue is that it expensive.

  25. Anonymous10:20

    Brac fans won't be happy with just 2 weekly flights from Zagreb from the national airline :D

    1. Anonymous10:42

      It's been this way for years.

    2. Anonymous11:08

      and what about INI fans? OU isn't even flying there ;)

    3. Anonymous14:16

      BWK will have a new competitor: OMO!
      INI is now heading close to TZL.

  26. Anonymous10:25

    A lot more competition on Greece-Croatia flights this year. The outcome will be interesting to see. Hope both airlines can sustain flights.

    1. Anonymous10:42

      I hope Aegean will continue flying to Zagreb in the winter too, not just seasonally.

    2. Anonymous10:43

      I wonder why they bother with that? Instead of wasting a plane on such a long route they should focus more on connections to Rome, Prague and Paris.

    3. Petar14:49

      Aegean has classified the ZAG route as year round. ZAG and ATH are big star Alliance hubs, it will work.

    4. Anonymous14:55

      Where have they classified this? You can't book tickets after summer and this is what they said about the route.

      "The flights to Zagreb are initially planned as seasonal. Depending on performance we may consider a year-round operation", the airline said.

    5. Anonymous19:55

      why aren't you active on Skyscrapercity anymore?

    6. Hello, this person "Petar" above is not me who you are referring name is Petar Krvaric and I go by nick krvaricp@SSC.
      I am still active there, just not as much.

    7. Anonymous08:06

      Ah, ok, but why? Since you don't comment, there are absolutely no news about ZAG!

  27. Anonymous10:55

    1. Why Croatia airlines is not flying to Moscow?
    2. Why Croatia Airlines is not flying to Ukraine?

    1. Anonymous10:58

      Not a sufficient interest to waste a plane on such a long routes perhaps?

    2. Anonymous11:13

      1. Huge competition of Aeroflot
      2. No market! Enough direct routes to coast.

  28. Anonymous11:41

    Overall I think the network is good. Could it be better - yes but considering the limited resources there is a good selection of destinations and frequencies.

  29. Anonymous12:04

    Thanks for including these each year. Much appreciated.

  30. Anonymous12:47

    Concerning OU, when can we expect the new CEO to be chosen?

    1. Anonymous13:18

      Probably not before summer and there is a big chance current CEO will keep his job.

  31. Anonymous13:18

    Can't fault the network. Not from Croatia but they have managed to cover, east, west and Scandinavia from Zagreb.

  32. Anonymous14:11

    I think the coolest features about the ZAG network are:
    1) One of the few carriers covering most Nordic countries excluding KEF. Maybe they can try?
    2) Nice domestic coverage - 5 airports
    3) Connecting interesting destinations such as LIS and DUB.

    1. Anonymous15:58

      They cover 8, not 5 airports as they have flights from
      1. Zagreb
      2. Split
      3. Dubrovnik
      4. Pula
      5. Rijeka
      6. Zadar
      7. Brač
      8. Osijek

  33. All in all, a solid looking network, especially considering the limited assets. I'm particularly happy to see improved connectivity with Scandinavia, the addition of Dublin and increased attention given to Skopje. I'm sure the Macedonians will be happy about it.
    Hope to see the utilization of Sarajevo in the future.

    1. Anonymous18:28

      I'm sure very few Croatian citizens fly to Skopje. That plane should have been directed to France instead, much greater demand for that part of the world.


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