Trip report: Wizz Air, Belgrade - Larnaca


Submitted by Nemjee

W6 4261
Aircraft: HA-LYB
Age: 3.9 years
STD: 06.00 (actual 06.08)
STA: 09.30 (actual 09.24)
Gate: A8
Seat: 26F
Load: 162/174 (93%)

Good morning from BEG Terminal 1. It's quite busy at this hour as both Wizz Air A320s depart at more or less the same time. Interestingly enough, in front of the terminal there was a bus from Timisoara that brought roughly 30 Romanians who flew to Dortmund.

Our gate this morning was A8 which is located in the old part of the terminal that was not refurbished.

Our ride for today, HA-LYF.


Almost there, second take off of the day.

Approaching Limassol while overflying Akrotiri which is home to the biggest British air base outside the UK - atomic bombs are stored here.

Old LCA terminal that is used for VIP flights


  1. Anonymous11:35

    Those A7-A10 gates need urgent attention. It's like a completely different universe between them and the rest of the airport. Any comment on the service on the flight Nemjee?

    1. Nemjee11:42

      Service was pretty standard for W6 but it seems they sold a lot on this flight, duty free included.

      I forgot to mention that there were a lot of foreigners on the flight. Around 40 Cypriots and maybe 20 Croats. Rest were Serbs.

    2. Anonymous11:47

      Not surprised about there being Croatians. Unfortunately there is no service between Croatia and Cyprus at all.

      I don't know if it was the case on your flight with those Cypriots but I know that for many years there have been groups of Cypriots (mostly older) that come to Serbia in organized tours to visit monasteries and churches.

    3. Nemjee15:08

      That is true but these were mostly businessmen and younger Cypriots.

  2. Anonymous11:38

    Hope you enjoyed the flight Nemjee. Great load for mid March.

    1. Nemjee11:44

      It was quite good, their newer planes have the comfy seats so it doesn't feel that tight.

      Return flight was also packed. From next week LCA gets an extra weekly flight.

  3. Anonymous11:46

    WOW LCA terminal looks nice!

  4. Was the aircraft LYF or LYB? You mentioned both.

  5. Anonymous14:40

    When you took this flight?

    1. Nemjee15:06

      It was the one this morning.

  6. Anonymous14:46

    Nice report, thank you. I wonder whether MLA can get at least 2 more flights from BEG.
    Cyprus and Malta are very popular destinations.

    1. Nemjee15:07

      You are welcome. Do you mean an extra two in general or on W6?

    2. Anonymous16:25

      I was referring to W6. They made some reshuffling by adding an extra flight to LCA and MLA I think.
      But I think W6 can easily increase MLA to 5 flights pw. What do you think, maybe LCA has more potential?

    3. Nemjee07:25

      Larnaca didn't get any new flights, they just reshuffled their timetable. I think Malta was increased by one flight.

      Well Cyprus is a much larger market, both airports handled over ten million passengers last year. They also face much more competition from JU but they seem to have consolidated quite nicely over the years so I would not be surprised to see a third flight to LCA next year.

  7. Anonymous15:21

    Nice trip report. Isn't their capacity 180 seats on the A320?
    Btw - When was this flight? Which date?

    1. Nemjee07:22

      You are correct, I always forget it is 180.
      It was Sunday, yesterday. :)

  8. Anonymous17:36

    Nice report Nemjee!
    Do you think that a Q400 flight or maybe a regional jet (either from the Cypriot companies) or possibly from OU getting one would make a ZAG-LCA route possible even if it was just for the Summer season?

    1. Nemjee07:20

      I don't think a Q400 could make it all the way to Cyprus. interestingly enough, Dubrovnik Airline used to fly to LCA from DBV. Maybe that's a market OU should be looking at.


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