VLM to maintain Maribor flights


VLM Airlines will continue to operate services between Maribor and Antwerp via Munich over the summer season. In a statement, the carrier noted that the flights, which were launched last month, would run five times per week, Monday through to Friday. "Our morning flights from Maribor to Munich will operate three hours earlier. This way, passengers will have more time to do business or enjoy a visit to the city", VLM said. The changes to the schedule will come into effect next Monday. Last month, VLM Airlines' Chief Operating Officer, Carl Runge, indicated that although no concrete plans have been made yet, the carrier is interested in establishing flights from Maribor to Zurich and Belgrade, as well as summer charter flights to the Croatian coast. The General Manager of Maribor's Edvard Rusjan Airport, Boris Bobek said, "We're happy that regular services are returning to Maribor Airport. We believe both Munich and Antwerp are very interesting destinations, mostly because of the onward connections offered from Munich, and, of course, because of the strong existing ties of our region with Bavaria".


  1. Anonymous14:30

    Bravo MBX! I am sure the airport has much more potential.
    I hope they resume the FR STN-MBX route!

    1. Hahaha even God cant help us in this case😂

  2. Anonymous18:10

    Finally some good news from MBX.

  3. Anonymous19:28

    Any data on average LF?

    I read elsewhere that Antwerp-Munich goes double daily, hence the rescheduling of the morning rotation. So just the leg Munich-Maribor will remain at 5pw.

    1. Anonymous20:36

      LF is somewhere at 25%

    2. That is LOW.... But having in mind there is ABSOLUTELY no advertising, its not even that bad 🙈

    3. Anonymous12:34

      LF after 6 weeks is exactly 11,5%!

    4. Anonymous12:41

      Number of passengers for the first four weeks: http://shrani.si/f/2W/Iw/2hOLIFbj/vlm-week1-4.png

    5. Anonymous07:54

      Thanks for this table. That is the reason that as from 16APR all MON,TUE,THU flights are "sold out" (yeah, right) and as per 29APR all MON,TUE,THU "no flights" indicated on the web page of VLM.

      Bravo MBX, good news, way-to-go etc..

  4. Anonymous17:32

    Vce/mxp-mbx-bud would be interesting as feeder for cheap intercont flughts


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