Zagreb Airport Europe's most improved


Zagreb Airport has been named Europe's most improved for 2017 at the Airport Service Quality Awards (ASQ) held by Airports Council International. It comes less than a year since Zagreb Airport opened its new multi million euro terminal building. ASQ is the only worldwide program to survey passengers at the airport on their day of travel. The program measures travellers' views of 34 key performance indicators. It was conducted at 343 airports in 2017. Nairobi Airport was most improved in Africa, Ahmedabad in Asia Pacific, Dubai in the Middle East, Cleveland in North America and Belo Horizonte in Latin America and the Caribbean. Other award categories include best airport by region and best airport by size. The award puts Zagreb in a good position ahead of next week's annual Wold Airport Awards organised by Skytrax. The only previous recipient of the ASQ award from the former Yugoslavia is Skopje, which won on two occasions for being the best European airport handling under two million passengers per year. It should be noted that besides Zagreb, other airports from the former Yugoslavia participating in the survey in 2017 were Pristina, Skopje and Ohrid.


  1. Anonymous11:11

    Congrats! Best Airport in Ex-YU!

    1. Anonymous11:19

      No, since every airport in the ex-yu didnt participate in the survey. But its the best of those participating.

    2. Anonymous11:21

      Actually the award is for most improved - not best ;)

    3. Anonymous13:43

      Didn´t know that personal expressions are not allowed here!

    4. Anonymous23:51

      Still, it's the best airport in ex yu.
      Congrats from New Belgrade.

  2. Anonymous13:50

    Numbers at Zagreb are steadily improving.
    This year airport will handle between 3.4 and 3.5 million pax. Cargo numbers will also go up, perhaps 15000 tons of cargo this year. Last time Zagreb handled so much cargo in one year was back in the 80s.

    Record for Zagreb is 15600 tons of cargo.
    If Croatian airlines can maintain growth this year, we could see numbers going up even more.

    New terminal will expand in phases,
    2a, 2b, 2c, 2d and longer term 2e and 2f.

    2a, when terminal reaches 5 million pax, will add extra two air bridges, or one wide body air bridge capable supporting two aircraft.
    2b, when terminal hits 6.5 million, will see terminal expand again by a wide body air bridge
    2c, when terminal hits 7.5 million pax, 2 additional air bridges will be added for single isle aircraft.
    2d, when terminal hit 8.5 million pax, will see expansion to total of 16 air bridges and total terminal area 81700sqm

    2e, not yet drawn, but part of the long term phase 2032/33 is to add additional 4 air bridges and expand terminal by 75m on the side, from present 155mx125m footprint to around 230mx125m. This phase will see terminal expand to around 120 000sqm and total capacity of around 10.5 million. 2 additional luggage carousels will be added to a total of 7 and additional 30 check in desks.

    The final phase 2f, will see terminal right pier extended and enlarged for additional 4 air bridges on both sides for total of 8, and additional two air bridges installed in existing phase 2e for total of 30 air bridges.

    This is when the terminal hits 12.5 million pax, around 2035/7. The final phase will have a footprint or around 135000sqm and will be capable of handling up to 20 million pax and terminal won't see any further expansion until the end of the concession in 2043.

    Airport is projected to handle around 15 million pax by or around 2040/43.

    1. Anonymous17:31

      "Airport is projected to handle around 15 million pax by or around 2040/43."
      Just imagine where BEG and BUD will be by that time.....

    2. Anonymous19:36

      BUD ahead of BEG, BEG ahead of ZAG!

    3. Anonymous22:15

      I'll just say Zagreb's times are coming.
      Right now, airport has only 3 so called LCCs, German Wings, who serves 5 German cities out of Zagreb, they haven't made Zagreb their base yet, however as demand grows, they'll probably base one aircraft in Zagreb by 2020.

      Norwegian Shuttle who serves Copenhagen and Stockholm, and soon they'll add Oslo to that list. Long term NS might have daily flights to these cities.

      And Vueling, which flies to Barcelona atm. They might add Seville and Valencia at some point in future as 300 000 Spanish visitors are expected in Croatia this year, the date when they add other cities is near.

      These 3 operators generate around 200 000 pax per year among them in 2017. Zagreb had 3.1 million pax in 2017. That is less than 6.5% of total pax.

      Zagreb has long way to go to catch up in terms of LCCs % of overall traffic.
      If Monarch didn't go bust, and they've added planned Edinburgh and Birmingham to Manchester and LGW, that'd be something (at least 300 000 extra pax per year).

      If Few more LCCs arrive like EasyJet, Transavia France, Voltea and existing LCC carriers strengthen their presence, this could improve overall picture in Zagreb. Ideally by 2020, Zagreb should be getting 10% of traffic from LCCs.

      However, current airport management wants to strengthen airport offering by having established Legacy carriers build strong foothold in Zagreb.

      Wizzair, Ryan air, will never be invited to service Zagreb, they won't be welcomed. They must pay up for landing rights to major Croatian airports.

  3. Anonymous15:51

    We had the most embarrassing European capital airport. We just have now average airport.

    1. Anonymous01:56


    2. I guess you've visited all the European capital airports...

  4. Anonymous23:21

    Well ZAG went from the 1970s to 2017 in one move. One of the worst airports for a European capital to a good, modern, boutique airport!


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