Adria launches fixed fares for students and seniors


Adria Airways is introducing new travel options for students and senior citizens. It differs from Adria's general offering as tickets are available to these two target groups at more appealing prices that will not fluctuate. Instead, they will remain fixed regardless of demand, cabin occupancy and other factors that otherwise determine the cost of a ticket. The offer for students is aimed at young people aged between eighteen and 26, with registered student status. The offer for senior citizens is for those 62 and over. Members of these groups can buy one-way and return tickets on all nonstop Adria Airways flights to 25 destinations. In case all seats with special fares for students and seniors are already taken, tickets will be available at the next lowest price. Hand baggage is included in the offer. 

Adria Airways' CEO, Holger Kowarsch, said, "Adria Airways operates the largest network of flights from Ljubljana Airport. Our idea is to use this to speak directly to a specific segment of passengers. We want to encourage young people to look for new international experiences during their student years and encourage them to explore the world, broaden their horizons and enrich their lives. This, after all, is the most valuable gift that we, as an airline, can give to young people". Adria's Chief Commercial Officer, Christian Schneider, added, "We want to be the domestic airline that students and senior citizens choose without even thinking about it. Fixed fares, the largest range of destinations from Ljubljana Airport, and the fact that the local airport is so handy, are all factors that will help us achieve this. By introducing new services we are offering our passengers even more choice and, above all, putting together an offer that is custom-made to meet their wishes and expectations".


  1. Anonymous14:15

    Is this valid for passport holders of all EU member states? I think it's discriminatory and against the EU law if it's not unless is a temporary "short" promo. Anyone knows the rules?

    1. Anonymous14:17

      It's long term. It's not temporary. I think it applies to all EU citizens but for that I am not sure.

    2. Anonymous14:49

      It is for all EU citizens you just need student ID card and that's it

    3. It applies to everyone.

  2. Anonymous14:19

    Why is in the past few days almost a daily flight from LJU to Trieste Airport?

    1. Anonymous14:42

      Charters for FC Udinese

  3. Anonymous14:28

    Lol, this is a joke. They're treating passengers like idiots (cancelling flights half an hour before departure, not informing the passengers about the fact that another airline will conduct the flight etc.), and now this.

    Bankruptcy is looming over Adria.

    1. Anonymous14:51

      Every pax is informed that flight is operated by trade air or carpatiair when they annouce boarding

    2. Anonymous14:58

      Not true. Yesterday I was flying with Trade Air F100 and no announcement was made.
      No "Flight Operated by" notice on the ticket or BP as well.
      Not to mention 1,5hr delay due to maintenance issues, broken seat which I got and cabin crew speaking only croatian.

    3. Anonymous15:00

      Today the flight will be operated by trade air... this is announcement before we start with the boarding and i work at the airport and trust me there was announcement... but if you didnt hear it that is not adria fault

    4. Anonymous15:03

      It was not LJU.

    5. Anonymous15:41

      You should be informed when you buy the ticket, not on an airplane - eu regulation.

  4. Anonymous15:09

    How are Adria's loads? LJU - OTP, SOF?

    1. I would be glad to get some fresh info as well. No need for
      Exact numbers, but just to see how they are doing in general on new routes! Besides OTP and SOF, GVA and HAM as well . All new routes seem to be operated in the winter schedule as well, so JP must be quite satisified with bookings till now, but from the prices shown on internet, it seems most of the prices are still basic fares.

    2. Anonymous16:19

      GVA usually has around 10 psgs, HAM is a bit better, SOF also not good. All in all not good, but the routes are new.

    3. Anonymous16:36

      Hmm. This doesn't seem good. But totally understandable. It seems the only people flying these routes are buisness people, since companies can afford tickets

    4. JU520 BEGLAX16:57

      I bet that out of 7 new dest, 4 will be closed again.

      Problem JP has, they might hve foreign mgt bu these guys have no aviation background. Too many non sense decisions in the past.

    5. I hope they keep GVA and HAM! Would other routes could work for JP?

    6. Anonymous17:10

      What about LJU-PRG? How many passangers travel there?

  5. Anonymous15:20

    1. Which JP routes are currently operated by another airlines planes?
    2. Are these events exceptional or quite frequent?
    3. I'm particularly interested to know about the routes to Kiev, Moscow and Bucharest.

    1. Anonymous15:32

      1. Random, almost all routes
      2. Very frequent, 10 flights per day or even more
      3. Kiev: approx 50%, Moscow: 0%, Bucharest: 0% so far, but only a few flights operated since launch

    2. Anonymous15:39

      Wow it's really very frequent.
      Thank you. Much appreciated!

  6. što bi rekao meša selimović

    “četrdeset mi je godina, ružno doba: čovjek je još mlad da bi koristio penzionerski popust, a već star za studentski"


  7. Anonymous15:38

    This is a bit old fashioned. Ticket fares are already low in Europe provided that there is so tough competition. The only discounts are for infants.

    1. Anonymous15:41

      Speaking of old fashioned, they have a knack for this

    2. Anonymous15:49

      That was a good move. Many people (e.g. in Germany) prefer to pay cash.

    3. Whats wrong with this promotion? Haters of JP will in every single move JP makes find a reason to make drama out of it? Is this move unreasonable? Stupid? Insane? Whats wrong with it? When any grocery chain provides discounts for some particual social group, its ok? I mean ... why do u ever fucking care, they are not playing with tax payers money ... they can give tickets for free, if they feel so ... and this
      Decision is not even unreasonable.

    4. Anonymous16:21


      a) they are not making profit
      b) they treat their passengers like crap
      c) they have absolutely no strategy

    5. Anonymous16:52

      Hello Sloavio,

      I know you are a huge JP, which is fine. But just because somebody is giving their opinion doesn't mean it has to be right. Besides, what is actually wrong with being old-fashioned?

      They are indeed old-fashioned, here's why:

      i) Trying to built a mini hub with 50 seated aeroplanes
      ii) Offering payments in cash, where this it is slowly disappearing every year and completely disappear in Sweden.
      iii) Those types of discount are okay, if you fly long-haul. This promotes students to study overseas and elderly to visit their children.

      The strategy also is a bit unclear, opening bases in Poland, replacing LH on the MUC, FRA route in Albania and now leasing an aircraft to OS when they are short on them. That´s the reality. At the end of the day, JP still remains one of the best airlines in CEE.

    6. I am a huge JP what?
      I regularly fly with JP, since the owners changed, the C product changed as well. Food is better and not always the same. I am not a fan of JP
      Nor i hate it like most of people here. From
      Your post its not clear if u see me as JP hater or JP fan. I try to be objective and real about JP. I dont like their CRJ (but still prefer it over ATR), i hate that most of their evening flights are regularly delayed (but to be honest, it even happens quite often even with evening flight of OS, LH etc).

      I really hope JP survives coz i dont wanna be dependend on LCC with their stupid schedules (leaving or arriving in the middle of the night).

    7. Anonymous17:36

      stupid schedules???

      so you are flying the ordinary routes because the schedule of the
      Ljubljana - Kiev flight is terrible: arriving in Kiev at 01:40
      and departing from Kiev at 05.00. It's a terrible anti-business route.

    8. Well, i dont know about Kiev, but most of JP departures are not bad for connections in FRA etc.

      Its not just departure times, but also connecting option with LCC are not existing. Every airport should have a mix of legacy n lcc.

    9. Anonymous22:07

      Sloavio, a huge JP Sorry.
      Besides, it's only you the main LJU and SLO activist which is brilliant!
      Remember that this is a forum and not political or social war. We are all free to love JP, hate YM, critisize JU or to praise the revival of JA.
      The most important thing for me is that LJU is growing, has double digit growth and is on track of the 2 million mark.
      HV and U2 have both been extended in the winter, JP's new destinations too.
      If somebody thinks or dislikes or disagrees with the JP company policy then that's also healthy as it generates debate.
      At the end of the day, JP has passed through many struggles and it is now trying to prove itself as a serious airline and to promote Slovenia as one of the richest countries in the region.
      That said, I think Fraport are also very serious about LJU and is of their interest in converting it into one of the leading, regional airports of the region.
      I see LJU easily achieving 3 million within the next 5 months or so, following the global air traffic positive figures.
      LJU can also ironically compete with ZAG and you never know, one day you might have both airports "battling" neck-to-neck for traffic just like it is the case with SKP and PRN.
      We all should respect the other people's opinion and this is what makes this forum so cool.

    10. Agree!

      3 mio in next 5 months? Hehhehe inshallah!

    11. Anonymous23:58

      5 years :P

  8. Anonymous16:42

    This is a smart move. Especially for old people that compared to the rest of the region have very decent incomes.

  9. JU520 BEGLAX18:41

    If JP operates other aircraft then their own, can u claim free rebooking or even refund. And if rebooking, u cld claim delay. Anyone know?

  10. I will then sue them for discrimination, based on age. And I will win...

    1. U wont! Sue Spar for offering discounts for seniors. Lawyer here and believe me, not every discrimination is illegal.

  11. Anonymous14:00

    LOL, is there any comment from an airline employee that works in sales dept or ticketing? I guess not. All airlines in region have discounted fares for senior citizen and students. Some them are published, some of them are unpublished. That means that this fares are tailored made just for specific agents who have contracts with student association or special travel agents like SAGA holidays. If Adria is introducing this fares for first time they are fare behind from the rest of the airlines in the region.

    1. Anonymous19:06

      This simply cannot be true. Flights within Europe have become so cheap that no discount is applied. Also such type of "agencies" are already dieing. We are in 2018 not 1998.

    2. Anonymous17:36

      You know that OTA are online travel agencies? Or you are missing a point? There are thousands special fares available... corporate fares, senior fares, student fares. We are now talking about legacy carriers, not LCC.


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